Tell Me I'm A Wreck Alternate!


A/N: This is incest so if it bothers you then I'd rather you not read, but if it doesn't the read on~!

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Our lips connected, and it was like a fire engulfed my whole body searing and hot, but desirable. I pulled her close my lips moving against her still ones. I wasn't about to give up, but it appeared my efforts would be fruitless. And so after a few moments I pulled back and sighed preparing myself for a slap, but instead I heard clapping. I snapped my head in the direction of the sound to see a complete stranger in my home. I twitched.

"Who are you?" I demanded. He smirked.

"You don't fucking know?" He asked cockily.

"Obviously or I wouldn't've asked." He rolled his eclectically colored orbs.

"I'm Hidan, and just who the hell are you heathen?" I twitched again.

"I think you should know considering you're in my home." I quipped back.

"Really? This shit hole is your place? Fuck, Hinata, babe, why're you in this shitty house? And why the fuck was that girly bitch kissing you?" She swallowed looking at him.

"H-Hidan this is my cousin Neji. And…" I stood up ignoring the dull stabbing pain in my foot.

"Look I don't care who you are or what you are to her because you obviously can't be anything good for her considering she's so flust—" His fist connected with my jaw causing a sickening snap and the familiar taste of blood to fill my mouth.

"You're fucking trying to preach to the choir, asshole. You're the one who isn't doing my girl any mother fucking good. She's my girlfriend. If I catch your damn hands on her again there will be hell to pay. Knowing her she probably bandaged your piece of shit foot, huh?" He asked stomping down on my right foot of which was hurt worst. My only answer was an agonizing scream.

"I know your shitty little clans interbreed, but I'm her boyfriend and I don't take very fucking kindly to sharing with anyone. Next time you try anything with her it won't just be your stuck up jaw in pain. Got it, bastard?" He removed his foot and looked up at Hinata.

"Babe, want me to take him to his room?" She nodded looking away from me with tears in her eyes. He grabbed me and hoisted me over his shoulder, but not before smirking. We'd gotten half way across the house when he released a laugh.

"So did my Hina-chan leave that angry mark on your face asshole?" I just looked away as he set me on the bed rather gently. He laughed again.

"She did! But I'm fucking serious Hyuuga. Stay the hell away from my girl unless you enjoy being black and blue and unable to move." I just ignored the fact that he was there until he rolled his eyes and walked off. I closed my eyes thinking I should get some sleep considering I can't do anything else. Just as I was on the edge of sleep I felt someone tap my shoulder as the front door slammed shut.

"Neji?" I opened my eyes slowly to see Hinata hovering by my bed.

"I'm still staying here tonight. I'm sorry about Hidan. He's really actually sweet. I sent him home. I'll be on the couch if you need me." She began to turn away though I caught her hand just in time. My voice a whisper and my eyes closed.

"Don't… Stay…" My hand fell with a soft thump onto my chest as she climbed into bed with me after flicking off the lights. She was right next to me, yet so far away. I couldn't close the distance between us so easily, but in the end I'd win. Because I always get what I want, always…

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