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Chapter 1


Eloise walked the corridors of her school, looking at artwork hanging, and girls going to the bathroom, listening to their teachers, scribbling notes, taking spelling tests, and all the other usual subjects like maths, religious studies and english. She sighed, wishing she were walking the halls of Hogwarts; the school and setting for most of the adventures in her favourite book series, Harry Potter.

She imagined many students hurrying around to their classes, eating their lunch over conversations in the Great Hall, and she could even imagine Snape teaching Potions. She longed to be walking to a Charms class, not to Japanese after a music lesson. The tune from the Greek piece was stuck in her head, and her finger throbbing from the amount of plucking she had done on her Double Bass.

Up, down-down, up down, down. Up, down-down, up down, down. Up, down-down, up down, down. It went in Eloise's head, and she pushed it away, making herself think about what homework her Japanese teacher had given out.

"Sayonara Sensei!" Her class said happily, glad to be going out to snack time.

"Sayonara Minasan!" she replied, but she looked annoyed with the class, obviously they had been talking a lot again, and Eloise just shook her head. She walked over to the teacher, and she handed her a sheet of cardboard, which had Japanese words and phrases on them, which had to be cut out and have the english meanings written on the back.

She would have rather had been in Potions with Snape taking points off her house than be going out to snack, she had to talk about a story she was writing, and her friend Mia wouldn't stop talking about it.

She got home that night, knowing that today was letter day-the day Harry Potter got his first letter that his Uncle Vernon had ripped. After her shower, she noticed on the stairs a sign that said "H" on the top, and "9 ¾" underneath. Hogwarts Express! Platform 9 and ¾! She thought, thinking about how strange it was, when her parents didn't know anything, and her sister kept on saying "Did you really put it there?" but Eloise always said the truth. Her sister demanded that she checked the letter box to see if anything was in there. Eloise tried to assure her that magic wasn't real, but her sister said to check the letter box anyway.

She walked up in the cold, wrapping her fake Gryffindor robe around her, shivering from the cold. She opened the lid of the letter box, and there was just an ad for a pizza place. "Told you!" Eloise said to her eight-year-old sister. She was eleven, and was really dying inside her, knowing that she would be stuck learning Japanese instead of Defence Against the Dark Arts.

She heard a screech, and saw an owl flying towards their house. She frowned. She never saw owls in her little suburb called Essendon in Victoria, Australia. But yet the owl came closer and closer, until it dropped something onto Eloise's head. Her sister had already left her, and she picked the package up from her head carefully.

Miss Eloise Elphinstone,

The front garden, 56 Market Street

Essendon, VIC, Australia

Said the front in green ink. "Oh my god! What the hell?"

Eloise ran inside and up into her room, ignoring the calls from her family, and ripped open the letter with the Hogwarts seal. She let the words sink into her mind. She was invited to Hogwarts School Of Wizardry and Witchcraft. "Oh my god." She said, and got ready to have a shower, putting the letter in her locked safe.


Mia trudged back to her seat to get out her maths book. She was so bored since she already knew how to add fractions with different denominators. She thought about how much more fun class would be with her best friend Eloise, but she was in the other class. She desperately wanted to talk to Eloise about a story she was writing, no matter how much she knew that Eloise didn't want to. She also needed to know how she was going with their Muggle Quidditch uniforms. They had formed a Quidditch team, Mia being a beater and Eloise calling Seeker before she could say anything. They had other girls from their year, Eloise's sister as an extra and a girl called Claire's older sister. Eloise had also called designing the uniforms, so she had just gone with it.

Oh how she wished Harry Potter was real. All the fun the two of them could have. They had named themselves The M&Ms, her being the Blue one, Eloise being the orange one.

She went home, did her usual after-school jobs after a very long and boring day. She then went to soccer for her brother. It ended after many hours, and she had missed her contact time with Eloise. She saw an owl approaching her as the session ended, but it was holding two things. It dropped a letter in Mia's lap, and she saw writing in green ink, saying the address of the soccer practise. Who knew? She thought. Hang on… Hogwarts? Oh my god! Mia stood up, wanting to tell everyone about her letter. But she then read that it was against the wizarding law to reveal magic to Muggles. Sighing, she pocketed the letter and walked to the car with her family.


Eloise walked into school for her music rehearsal on Thursday morning, having spent Tuesday and Wednesday quiet about the letter. She wondered what she would do when she couldn't play her beloved Double Bass, see her friends and cuddle her dog. She pushed these thoughts aside as a school friend called Ruby approached her.

"Hey Eloise!" she said sleepily. Eloise couldn't help but smile at her tiredness.

"Hey Squirrel!" she replied good-naturedly. She had been nicknamed "Squirrel" after everyone learnt her obsession for the animals.

"Antarctic Squirrel," she laughed. Eloise sighed. She was very close to Ruby and her obsession for Squirrels. Because she was blonde, a white Squirrel (or Antarctic Squirrel) was her nickname between the two. They walked into the room that they held rehearsals in, and Ruby started to unpack her Viola. It was a string group; Junior Chamber Strings. They were playing a miserable song, bringing Eloise's unhappy thoughts back. But she pushed them away when they were about to finish, and started sight-reading an action piece.

She walked into class after rehearsal and was told that they would be having an incursion where they had to programme robots, Lego robots, to be exact. Eloise was excited to do the activity, and she quickly got Mia and two of her other friends, Anne and Elena in a group with her. But the real fun started when they had to name the robots…


"That's an awesome name!" Mia exclaimed.

"I know, right?" Eloise replied.

"No! Not Draco!" Elena whined.

"Too bad!" Eloise said, giggling and pressing the 'next' button on her laptop. Elena sighed, and Anne just looked away while rolling her eyes. Mia knew what she was thinking, and told her not to.

"Anne," Anne sighed an identical sigh to Elena's. Mia laughed when Eloise said that she had made their robot, Draco, run around in a heart shape. Mia knew very well that Eloise liked Draco Malfoy, even though he was a fictional character. Or so Eloise thought… But Mia and Eloise were the only two people who knew she liked Harry. Maybe she could get with his son… if he had one.

She pushed all thoughts of Harry Potter out of her mind as Eloise let out a huge gasp for air after Draco had ended his heart at her feet. She blushed, and Mia felt herself smirking. What would she do if she knew he existed?

They made Draco do a pathetic Nut Bush dance and a really out of time Hokey Pokey. They watched as one pair, the giggling girls Kairo and Louisa as they showed how they had made the shaking part in the Hokey Pokey. It was very amusing, and everyone laughed. The teacher even filmed it! Mia desperately wanted her robot to be filmed. Her favourite part was when they made him (or it) say hello and goodbye.

But finally, the incursion ended, and they had to say goodbye to their robot.

"Goodbye Draco!" Eloise said sadly, stroking the robot.


"August 31! Finally!" Eloise exclaimed. "Come on, mum! Let's go!"

Eloise's mum had tears in her eyes. "I'm going to miss you," Eloise told her mum that she would too and that she promised to write to her every weekend about what had happened.

The plane ride was boring, but she went to Diagon Alley with her mum and got her stuff. It looked just like it did in her imagination and the movies. She left her wand until the end, and the third wand she tried was the one she would use forever. I have my own wand. I'm going to Hogwarts. I'm a witch, Eloise thought excitedly. Her mum was a Muggle so she couldn't get through to platform 9 ¾ , so she left Eloise at King's Cross Station.

"Love you, see you at Christmas!" she said sadly.

"Bye mum. See you at Christmas!" Eloise replied, hugging her mum. "I'll be fine." She added, and her mum nodded.

She walked through the barrier, and onto platform 9 ¾. The engine of the Hogwarts Express was steaming and people were buzzing about. She loaded her trunk, new snowy owl and bag with robes inside onto the train, keeping her robes and iPod touch in her hand and pocket. She sat down in a compartment when another girl walked into it.

"Eloise?" the girl asked. Eloise pulled down her hood, and so did the mystery girl.

"Mia? Oh my god! You too?" Mia nodded. She sat down next to Eloise, and a red-headed Gryffindor boy with a shiny prefect badge came in.

"Sorry, this is a prefect only compartment. There are some more down there." Eloise breathed in, realising who the prefect was. She and Mia took their stuff and went to look for another compartment.

They walked down the carriage, all loaded with prefects. They got into another carriage and looked into the first compartment. Eloise turned back as soon as she had looked into the compartment.

"Mia? Is that who I think it is?" Mia turned back and nodded. "Well, in the story everywhere else was full, so… we have to go in." Eloise's eyes widened. They turned and knocked on the compartment door. Mia saved Eloise from stuttering by speaking.

"Um, would you mind? Everywhere else is full." The two boys inside the compartment shook their heads.

"It is fine." said the boy who lived. "Bertie Bott's?" he offered. Both girls shook their heads.

"Unless there's a chocolate flavour..." both girls said in unison. Ronald Weasley picked out a small plastic bag.

"I save every one of them, take one." He offered Eloise and Mia a bean, and they both took one, popping them inside their mouths.

"Mmm…" Mia said, and Eloise spoke up.

"You're Harry Potter." Harry nodded. "And you're Ron Weasley." Ron nodded slowly.

"How did you know that?" Eloise started to stutter.

"I-I just… I-I just k-knew."

Eloise looked at Mia as she rolled her eyes. Eloise had never been good at talking to strangers, or anybody a bit famous-ish. She leant towards Mia and spoke into her ear.

"What's it like sitting across from him, huh?" she whispered.

"Like I've been shoved in one of my best dreams." Mia whispered back, and Eloise smirked. Harry looked at her uncertainly, and she smiled at him. "Don't smile at him!" Mia hissed quietly into her ear. Eloise smirked again.

"Why can't I be nice around the boy who wouldn't die?"

"Boy who lived, Eloise." Mia hissed. "Boy who…"

"Wouldn't die! If he had died we wouldn't be in such a big mess. There would be no 'big war'. It would be a minor war." Eloise looked at Mia seriously. "Trust me, I'm not lying. I'm so obsessed that I know every important detail, but I'm still working on memorising the mini ones…"

"Can you please stop whispering, it's a bit… disturbing."

"Sorry!" Mia said. "We'll talk normally now." She raised an eyebrow at Eloise. "Won't we, Eloise?"

Eloise rolled her eyes, but then smiled at the pure-blood and the boy who lived. "Of course, Mia. Because I follow every order you send my way."

"Sorry about her," Mia said, directed more at Harry than Ron. "She's got a…" she looked at Eloise, who was looking out the window and humming a tune. "Mental disorder."

"I do not! I'm just like Luna!"

"Luna?" Ron questioned.

"Girl in Rav-first year, like us. She does this kind of thing."

"So," Mia said, and Eloise knew she didn't want to have this argument… again. "What house do you want to get into?" Harry answered first.

"I don't know."

"I wouldn't mind Ravenclaw, but then I would have high expectations. Not Hufflepuff, that's like where all the droobs go. I'm definitely not going to tolerate being in Slytherin, so I guess I'd go in Gryffindor. The only thing I'm scared of is spiders, so I guess that would be the place for me."

"You'd both be good in Gryffindor! I would be surprised if you both weren't." Eloise added. "Mia?"

"I think Gryffindor."

"I want to be in Ravenclaw! I absolutely love blue, I consider myself smart, and then I wouldn't be with any 'droobs' either, no way would I be in Slytherin, but Gryffindor doesn't really catch my eye." Eloise stated matter-of-factly.

I girl opened the compartment. But not just any girl. I bushy brunette with honey-brown eyes called Hermione Granger. "Has anyone seen a toad?" she sighed. "A boy named Neville's lost one." Eloise resumed her smirk.

"No, but I know where it is. Neville's toad is in a compartment with people called Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe and Blaise Zabini. They're not being particularly nice to it, either."

Hermione thanked Eloise, and left to tell Neville and get the toad from the people in that compartment. "How did you know that?" Ron asked curiously.

"Well," Eloise looked at Mia. "Should we tell?" Mia nodded.

"We may as well."

"Ok. Your lives are like a prophecy. They were made into a book series. We can change everything, make things go better for you. That's how I knew. I read the books. Actually, I was quite interested in your first adventure at Halloween. Until I read about the stupid weed thing that hates fire, sunlight and warmth. By the way, you should get to know Hermione, the girl who was just here. She'll be a great help to the both of you."

"Wow!" Ron exclaimed. "What house will I be in?"


"What about Harry?"


"Um… what are their names? Oh, right. Malfoy, Zabini, Parkinson, Crabbe and Goyle?"

"All Slytherin. But Blaise is meant to pretty un-Slytherin like."

"And," Mia said. "She likes one of them."

"Mia!" Mia smiled sweetly.

"Come on, if we are going to be their friends, which we should,"

"Yeah, because you like one of them!" Ron turned away.

"They should know if you are falling for a Slytherin."

"There is nothing wrong with him! Okay, maybe a bit. But he's still awesome." Eloise looked out the window dreamily.

"I'll be fine with it unless she's falling for a Malfoy." Eloise blushed. "Oh hell." Ron muttered. Eloise smirked to herself. Ron looked her strangely. "Look out or you'll be in Slytherin too."

"Oh, come on. I've got no cunning. I find it very hard to be rude, unless it's to Mia."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Well," Eloise stated. "She told 15 Muggles that I like Draco Malfoy. And this random dude called me Mrs Malfoy. But I'm eleven!" Eloise shook her head. "I wish the Unforgivable curses weren't unforgivable."

Mia rolled her eyes, in sync with Harry and Ron. Soon the train ride ended, and they got off, having changed into their first-year robes half way through the trip. Mia and Ron fell asleep, and Eloise and Harry had an engaging chat about Muggles.


"Harry? Harry Potter?" The Great Hall went silent, but was soon followed by whispers. Harry walked timidly to the Sorting Hat. It was placed on his head, and after a few minutes, it yelled Gryffindor. He walked towards the cheering Gryffindor table, and sat next to Ron.

"Draco Malfoy?" McGonagall asked. Draco walked confidently up to the Sorting Hat, which said Slytherin before it had properly touched his head. Ron looked at Harry disdainfully, just like Eloise had imagined and the movies had shown. Draco smiled at Eloise on his way to the Slytherin table, and Eloise turned to hide the small blush that was threatening to spread on her cheeks.

"Eloise Elphinstone?" McGonagall asked, and Eloise walked up, almost as confidently as Draco. It did the same thing to her; used half a second to decide. But she was placed in a different house.

"Ravenclaw!" the hat yelled, just as it had done for Mia.