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The ninth Chapter of WWITMS


***Harmony's POV***

Then I heard noises. I looked past my parents, and saw two girls gagged, bound, and shoved in a corner. I smirked. "So you finally got Weaselette, eh? Oh and who's that with her? Oh my god!"


***Mia's POV***

I sat there with Ginny, watching the rotten girl before me. For some reason, Death Eaters had surrounded us suddenly just a few hours ago. I remember the conversation with Ginny.


"This is very important," she said. "Guard this secret with your life." I nodded, knowing that if it was ridiculous, I would just tell people. It was Ginny. Neither of us liked each other.

"Okay," she started. She stopped, thinking out her words and laying them out in an understandable way. "Eloise… she's got a different name."

I frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I overheard her and Malfoy talking in the Owlery when I went past after Astronomy, and he called her Harmony-Eloise. Like she has two names."

"Harmony." I repeated. "Harmony…" I thought I remembered Voldy having a daughter from Eloise when we were supposedly "Muggles". But she said it was in a FanFiction or something. "Harmony…Riddle. Harmony Riddle. That seems familiar."

End flashback

Of course! It was the name! I watched the scene unfold. Voldemort was there, and he had greeted Eloise like a daughter. And he called her 'Harmony'.

"Harmony!" Voldy cried, and the two pieces of filth embraced.

"Daddy!" The little ferret squealed.

"Harmony!" came the cry of the third piece of filth in the family…if you could call it that. The stupid mother of little ferret-girl stepped forward from the shadows.

"Mummy!" The same ferret yelled.

Ginny struggled, made a groan, and sighed. The young head twirled and saw us.

She smirked. "So you finally got Weaselette, eh? Oh, and who's that with her? OH MY GOD!" The filthy little ferret snarled at me. "It's you." She said plainly. I nodded my head and scowled.

She turned back to her stupid parents, her eyes singling down on her father's. "Daddy? What will we do with her?"

"We, sadly, will get caught if we keep them much longer. We will release them with a memory charm about you being my daughter, and our home, and this trip. They will think they were lost in Hogsmeade because they snuck out. Sorry, sweetheart. But next time…you can do the honours. But only when we attack the school, okay?"

Eloise-no, Slytherin-no, my sister-no, Harmony-no, Riddle pouted. It took me a few thoughts to work out who she really was.

I couldn't believe those awful people. A wand flicked in my direction, and Ginny and I could speak.

"I can't believe you people! YOU! VOLDEMORT! Yes, I will say it! Being all nice to my sister even though you are such a heartless person! I mean, who does that? You are just a big, overrated, brainless sna-!" Ginny tapped me on the shoulder, and pointed to Riddle kid and Riddle mother. They were fuming. If looks could kill, I would be dead within a millionth of a second.

"Mum, take off the glamour, please." Riddle junior said, not taking her eyes off me until the final word, where she and her mother both looked at each other from their glares at me. They both looked away, and her mother nodded.

"Of course, darling." And flicked her wand, still glaring daggers into my face.

The littlest Riddle transformed.

Her eyes were a sparkling, brilliant green, like her mother's. She had Voldy's eyes when she had the glamour. The hair atop her head was long and straight. It was blacker than even Harry's hair. She was, I had to admit, beautiful. "Mum!" She groaned. "You know I don't like my hair straight!"

"But Harmony, it's so much neater than your normal hair!"

"But I don't want to be neat! I want to be me!"

"Fine." Her mother grumbled, and fixed her hair. It was now in soft curls. A sudden wind passed through and her hair blew in her face.

"Let's get these kids away, back to school." Voldemort murmured, and then they cast the charm on Ginny and I.

***Harmony's POV***

Daddy charmed the wretched girls, and took them back to school. Mum said she would let me stay home a few days. Daddy sent the Death Eaters away, but let Draco stay. That made me happy.

I skipped downstairs to get a drink, thinking about Mia. We had used to be best friends! And it technically was all her fault…just stopping being nice. I poured some water and gulped it down. Today I would be going back to school. I flicked my black, curly-ish hair over my shoulder, and went upstairs to pack.

Of course, I could use magic, for it was during the school year. The packing took about twenty seconds, and I hurried downstairs. I sighed as mum put on the stupid glamour. My beautiful hair…all hidden in a glamour.

Mum side-Apparated me to outside the boundary of school. I hugged her goodbye, and thought of the excuse I had decided on. I walked the rest of the way to school, making myself more dishevelled before I could be seen.

"Whoa-what happened to you?" Weasel asked, as he was the first person to see me. Urgh-the filth.

"Long story," I muttered. "Let's just get inside." We walked silently to the castle, ignoring curious glances from students. When we approached the castle, Weasel took me straight to Dumbledork's office.

"Professor, she just came in to school like this. She said it's a long story-I'm sure will understand, if you listen. I haven't heard the story but I think it's important to stopping the Death Eaters and Voldemort and the rest of those foul people so I think you should listen and-,"

"Mr. Weasley," Dumbledork said, putting his hand up. "Please leave. She has a story to tell."

Weasel nodded quickly, and left.

"Well Dumbledore, you see, it was the Death Eaters. They are going to attack a week from the Yule Ball."

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