Proper Path to Glory is now PPTG: The Director's Cut.

This version will be taken down, except for this page, which will link to the revamp and serve to guide anyone following/favoriting this story to easily find the new version.

The basic story and earlier chapters remain the same, save for some expansion of scenes and fleshing out of characters a bit more. Also a bit of polish, so the earlier chapters read more like the later ones. Those who have read the story, Chapter 15 has been changed quite a bit, so at the very least, you may want to reread that one

To those of you following this story, leaving awesome reviews, and PMing me wondering just WTF was going on for the past two years, my deepest apologies. You enjoyed it and I've left you hanging – Gomen! I hope you will find the updated version with additional chapters and a roadmap to the finale, adequate compensation. I pledge to update in a timely manner, keep up the action and the feels, and the SWU love.

Link to the new: afte fanfiction dot net, copy/paste the following:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, reviews, natters and gromishes. And thanks for coming back to finish the ride. I'll do my best to make it a memorable one.

Peacepeace everyone. All the best and welcome back. Or simply, welcome.


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