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Gwaine was first to break the silence by a boom of laughter.

"Well" he began looking at all of us, a grin on his face, "this isn't something that happens everyday"

"This isn't funny Gwaine" I snapped unintentionally.

I glanced back at Merlin who was staring around at all of us and upon seeing Gwaine's smile; he erupted into a fit of giggles. I rolled my eyes. Great, he was still annoying even in child form.

"Maybe we should... you know talk..." Leon trailed off gesturing towards Merlin.

Gwaine nodded enthusiastically in understanding (still with that stupid grin) and said cheerfully "Oh right, well, hello Merlin!"

I rolled my eyes for the second time.

"Hullo Gwaine" A high pitched voice rang out.

"Ha, he remembers me!" Gwaine exclaimed.

I turned back around to find Merlin with a frown on his face.

Reaching out I murmured to him, "You alright Merlin?" my voice laced with uncertainty.

Looking at my outstretched hand, he grabbed it and hauled himself up until he was standing.

"Arthur," he said and I resisted the urge to smile at how cute he sounded. "Where are we? Where's Gaius?"

He began to look around biting his lip.

"Uh oh, the waterworks are gonna start" Gwaine snickered. Leon smacked him over the head. "Well fine then Uncle Leon, tell him where Gaius is" he snapped glaring at him.

Elyan snorted, "Uncle?"

"Well, in this situation, I've decided that it is our job to look after him so we are his uncles" Gwaine explained with a twinkle in his eyes.

Merlin seemed to like this; for he had stretched his arms up and shouted "Uncles!"

"See?" Gwaine said with a smug look about him.

I rolled my eyes a third time.

"We don't have time for this. Right now, we're meant to be heading back to Camelot with a heap load of game, not a four-"

"Five!" Merlin corrected holding out his hand to show his five fingers.

"Okay five year old Merlin. How are we meant to explain this to Gaius, to the King?" I asked them rhetorically.

Silence retorted back.

Sighing I stood up and looked down at Merlin.

"We'll have to make up some story" I announced.

"Yes; that we found a boy in the woods-" Leon began.

"He had gotten lost-" Gwaine interrupted.

"And we sent Merlin to the villages to find out some answers-" Elyan suggested.

"And won't be back for a couple of days-" Percival added.

"And so we decided to take the boy to Camelot to keep him safe. Yes! That's it!" I finished, grinning.

We were brought back down to earth when we heard a cough. Said cough belonged to the child on the ground, playing with dirt. I crouched down again to his eye level.

"Merlin? Do you know who I am?" He nodded.

"Do you know of Camelot?" Another nod.

"Do you know that you are, or were, my manservant?" Nod.

"Do you know-?"

"I think your repeating yourself a bit there Sire" Gwaine snorted.

"Shut up" I hissed. Could he not tell that now wasn't the moment to be a joker? He held his hands up in surrender.

"Okay Merlin, what do else you know?" I asked.

Merlin opened his mouth, then closed it and frowned. For a moment we just watched him struggling to form the right words until the knights all said in unison: "N'awwww"

"Isn't he cute as a five year old?" Gwaine crooned.

I rolled my eyes but smiled a little.

Finally, Merlin looked up with fear in his baby blue eyes and shook his head.

"Great" I sighed.

"Well," he said in a small voice, "I'm your servant?" he asked me and I nodded encouragingly. "And... we... were hunting!" he exclaimed and stared at me for approval.

I nodded again and he smiled triumphantly and we cheered casually. Our celebration soon ended and he shook his head in defeat.

"That's all" he said sadly.

"Oh, it's alright Merl, we'll get you back to your normal self in no time" Gwaine said and ruffled his hair.

We all nodded in approval and Merlin flashed us a smile. We first just had to figure out what had caused this...

"Perhaps Gaius will know something" Elyan said, as if reading my thoughts.

"Should we tell Gaius?" Leon asked.

"Well Merlin is his ward, he has a right to know" Percival pointed out.

Upon hearing the name Gaius, Merlin's head snapped up.

Running a hand through my hair, I hoisted Merlin up so he sat on my hip, knowing it would be quicker than letting him walk on his own small legs.

"Come on then, let's go to Gaius," - At this he smiled widely – "and hopefully he'll know what to do."

Elyan and Percival picked up the game we had managed to shoot and Leon picked up the gear whilst Gwaine had started to entertain the child that was trapped in my arms by pulling funny faces to which Merlin replied with a shrill laughter that rang in my ears. And with that, we headed back to Camelot praying that this mess would soon be cleared up as fast as it had come along.

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