Author's Note: Originally the plot should've been Kise(Kuroko's brother), Aomine (Kise's boyfriend and Kuroko's friend), Midorima and Murasakibara(Bodyguards of Akashi), and Akashi (the mafia boss), following Kuroko and Kagami. However, I got carried away and I started to write their past first before the actual plot... before you read this story I warn you. Akashi would be acting fatherly. He'll be a bit OOC. So yeah...

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Akashi Seijuro was a man of absolute control and power, especially when it comes to his family. Not once in his entire life that one of his children disobeyed him. His children were obedient. His children followed and executed each of his commands and requests without questions and hesitations. Especially his son, Tetsuya Kuroko, the quiet open-minded son of his, Akashi was –and is- always impressed by the ideas and completed tasks of Kuroko. No matter how insanely difficult the work is Kuroko always surpass Akashi's expectation. This thought always made Akashi smile.


However, Akashi was having second thoughts.

One night when his eldest son, Kise Ryouta, along with his only daughter, Satsuki Momoi, barged inside his room, crying hysterically. Akashi asked as unintimidating as possible what was wrong. The two cried harder.

"H-He's the problem." His daughter answered between her hiccups. "H-He's abandoning us!" she cried, trembling on the word 'abandoning'.

"Who is abandoning us?" Akashi asked as he guided both of his eight year old children to the leather sofa. He sighed when the two cried harder. When the three were seated both child buried their face on their father's back who in turn looked like was doing a 90 degree bow while seating. The pose was very awkward and uncomfortable but at that time Akashi didn't mind. He had to calm down both of his children. Using his right hand he scooped Kise from the back and placed him on his right leg; he did the same with Momoi but this time he placed Momoi on his left leg.

The two clutched on their father's front shirt and cried. From time to time a line of mucus would drip down from the children and they would automatically –much to Akashi's dismay- wipe it off with their father's shirt. The two stayed like that for a few minutes. It was only after Akashi hummed a familiar tune that both children stopped crying. Kise and Momoi, looked up to their father with puppy dog eyes. A part of Akashi wanted to coo at that time but his self-control stopped him. He idly wondered: where was his youngest son? Normally, Tetsu-kun would be the one to help him when this kind of situation happened. He and Kuroko knew how much of drama queen, Momoi and Kise were. 'Probably, he is sleeping. Tetsu-kun loves sleeping.' Akashi thought.

"Why are you two crying?" Akashi asked as he tapped his right foot on the floor, making Kise jump up and down on his leg. This was a comforting gesture for the two. It was what their father used to do when they were upset. When Kuroko barely knew how to speak he called it 'A-ba-boo' at that time Kise and Momoi also liked the name so the three agreed to name the comforting gesture as it is.

"Because of Tetsu-chan." Kise said, sadly. Momoi nodded her head in agreement.

Akashi froze on Kise's reply his fatherly instincts going to a whole new level. "What?" Akashi said, darkly. He emitted a murderous aura as he thought of his enemies in his real business, the mafia. In a blink of an eye Akashi had both of his children off his lap. "Did some bad guy try to take –hurt him?" Akashi asked his voice straining on the word 'hurt'. Thousands of names of his enemies came inside his mind at once.

Momoi trembled a little at their scary father's behaviour. Upon seeing this, Akashi calmed himself. There was no point of showing his scary side to his children. It would only make his questioning harder. He sighed and asked in a calmer and comforting tone: "What happened to Tetsu-kun? Do you know where he is?"

Kise held Momoi's right hand, trying to calm her down, they both knew that their father wouldn't harm them even if he was that mad. "He's probably inside his room." Kise said as she felt Momoi's grip tighten.

Akashi raised a brow. "Is he alright?" Akashi asked as he went to his desk and dialled the number of the front-guards' mansion.

"Yeah." Momoi said as she looked down. "But he brought a stray dog and now he won't play with us!" Momoi cried. Akashi's right eye ticked. He worried for nothing then. Kuroko was inside his room with a stray dog. Safe.

Or maybe not.

Akashi's breath hitched as a particular scene in a movie played inside his head: a dog carrying a bomb inside its stomach then blowing up into millions of pieces. Akashi ran as fast he could to Kuroko's room; a curious Kise and a worried Momoi in tow. When Akashi arrived in front of Kuroko's door he knocked down with a mighty kick. Momoi shrieked while Kise laughed.

"Tetsu-kun, where are you?" Akashi said as he scanned the pale blue room. He then spotted Kuroko with the stray dog crouched behind a hamburger bean-bag.

"I'm here." Kuroko said while he stood up from his spot. He picked up the stray-dog and walked towards his father.

"Kuroko drop that dog, now." Akashi commanded. Kuroko blinked a few times before complying with his father command. "Good. Now go behind me." He said as he took out a pair of shears and a gun from his hiding weapon spot. Feeling uneasy and slightly scared at the sight of a gun Kuroko hid as fast he can behind him, leaving the stray dog.

"Sir!" Midorima's voice called from behind him.

"Midorima. I want you to take this dog's inside search for bombs and chips." Akashi commanded, while still pointing both of his weapons on the happy stray dog. "Do not hurt it."

"Understood, sir." Midorima said as his men went inside Kuroko's room. They tried to capture the dog but the dog ran to Kuroko who in turn carried the dog in his arms.

"Tetsu-kun, leave that dog."

"...No." Kuroko said as he hugged the stray dog closer to him. "He isn't bad."

"He's dangerous." Akashi said as he crouched down to Kuroko's level. He dropped both of his weapons on the floor.


"Tetsuya Kuroko." Akashi said, warningly.

"... I won't hand him. You'll hurt him." Kuroko shook his head. "He isn't dangerous." Kuroko extended his arms towards Akashi. "See." He said as he gripped the stray dog on its sides.

Akashi mentally sighed and let the stinking dog's face come closer to his face. "Al-"he said but was cut off when the dog licked him on the nose. Akashi almost giggled at the sudden contact but then he felt the dog's teeth bite his nose, lightly. He yelped lightly as he covered his nose with his right hand. The dog's bite wasn't deep but it gave him a wound. Immediately, his henchmen, Momoi, and Kise surrounded him. Kuroko stood in shock when he saw blood. Akashi noticed this and as fast lightning he wrapped his arms around his son. "Don't cry." Akashi said as he felt Kuroko tremble and let go of the dog. "I'm fine it's just a scratch."

"Sir that dog may have rabies." Midorima said.

"You're not helping." Akashi snapped as he accepted the clean towel Kise offered. Akashi turned to Kuroko who had his head hung low. "I forgive you, Kuroko. Now... will you allow us to examine the dog?" Kuroko nodded and hugged Akashi. Akashi took that as a yes and waved a hand to Midorima who captured the dog with ease. He dismissed his henchmen and told Momoi and Kise to go to sleep.

By now, Kuroko wasn't crying anymore but he sat on his bed; head still hung low. Akashi sighed as he picked Kuroko up and then ordered the maids to clean up Kuroko's room; gather Kuroko's toiletries and clothes and to bring them to his room. On his way to his room he called Momoi and Kise to comfort Kuroko. Momoi and Kise only responded with a nod and as fast as thirty seconds both child were already holding their favourite stuffed toy. Once the four of them reached his room, he immediately placed Kuroko on the bed and excused himself.

Akashi sighed as closed the door of his room. He was feeling a bit woozy and tired. He glanced at his wristwatch and noted that the doctor would arrive in a minute or two. He gritted his teeth as he walked towards the living room. He had some questions to ask about. Especially to the men who were assigned to guard the mansion for this day. If his guards weren't slacking off then this wouldn't happen in the first place. But a small part of Akashi ached when he thought of Kuroko.

Kuroko disobeyed him.

Kuroko disobeyed him for a dog.

It felt like rebellion.

Akashi pulled out his shears itching to throw it at a certain dog.

That incident happened about ten years ago. That incident may have been a small thing for other people but for Akashi that was big. That incident made him see that not all of his commands and wishes will be fulfilled.

And so...

The day when Kise announced that he was seeing someone. It made Akashi irritated. He made it clear that he wish for his children to finish their studies without distractions. He never specified what these distractions were, thinking that they were bright enough to know what it is. Despite his displeasure Akashi let it slide and requested Kise's partner to eat dinner tomorrow at a fine-dining restaurant. Kise refused but eventually he gave in.

The next day Kuroko, Momoi, and Akashi stood inside the restaurant's balcony, waiting for Kise and his girlfriend to come. They had been waiting for an hour. Kise hasn't called, yet, it made Momoi worry but Kuroko reassured her that nothing happened to their eldest brother.

Momoi sighed as she absently traced the design sculpted on the balcony's railings. She had been calling Kise for a while now but he always ended the call. It made Momoi want to shout at his brother when he arrives, but, thankfully, Kuroko calmed her down. She looked down from the balcony and saw a familiar mop of blond hair. Momoi almost threw the plant pot sitting innocently beside her when he saw Kise laughing and dialing a number on his phone.

The phone inside her bag vibrated.

"Hey Momoi-chii!" Kise said in his singsong voice. "I'm about to enter the restaurant!"

"You better be." Momoi growled as she saw Kuroko and her father leave the balcony. "I can see you from here. Where's your girlfriend by the way?" She asked sceptically as she spotted a dark skinned teen, dressed in basketball clothes, accompanying her brother.

"...Oh that? You mean my girlfriend? I don't have one." Kise said with a carefree voice.

"So you mean you were never in a relationship?" Momoi asked as she placed her elbows on the railings.

"No! No! No! I'm in a relationship." Kise said with a very irritating and happy voice. Momoi frowned. She squinted her eyes at her brother. She watched as Kise and the other teen cross the pedestrian.

"But is your partner with you?" Momoi asked and slightly hoping that her brother will say no.

"What? No. He's here with me!"

"... Did you just say 'he'?" Momoi said as she left the balcony. "Are you saying that ... you're..."

"THAT'S RIGHT I'M GAY!" Kise shouted so loud that she can hear him from the third floor. "Kise, you better shut up!" An unfamiliar voice shouted and the sound of 'WHACK' can be heard from the other line. "Oww... that hurts." Kise whined. "I'll be ending the call now, Momoi!" Kise said.

Momoi stood in shock as the words sipped into her brain... brother... boyfriend... male...

She stood like that for a few moments until Kuroko, who was dressed in a white tuxedo, approached her. "I believe that was Kise." Kuroko said with his forever monotonous voice.

"...Yeah. He's here." She said somewhat dazedly as she was guided by Kuroko to her chair.

"This is unexpected." Akashi said as he folded his arms in front of his arms. He had nothing against man to man relationships but the thought of Kise, one of his sons, is gay made a little part of him die. He felt like he hadn't rubbed enough his manliness to Kise. Still, Akashi will welcome Kise with open arms whether Kise is gay or not. Though, the thing cannot be said and done to Kise's boyfriend. Under the table, Akashi's fingers fiddled with his shears. If Kise's boyfriend –that motherfucker hurt Kise just once. Akashi would not hesitate to kill Kise's boyfriend.

"Please don't do anything rash." Kuroko reminded as he sat on his chair, breaking Momoi and Akashi out of their thoughts. Momoi nodded while Akashi averted his eyes on the stairs. In a few moments, they will see Kise's boyfriend. "It might upset Kise." Kuroko added.

Akashi imagined Kise's boyfriend to be one of those typical homosexuals he saw at the streets, wearing very revealing clothes, high heels, and -to Akashi's horror- make-up painted on their face.

Despite being physically inclined in the field of wrestling Kise still love it. So Kuroko imagined Kise's boyfriend to be bald, tall, and muscular.

Midorima, who was guarding the three by dressing up as a waiter, imagined the teen to be a nerd complete with glasses, braces and wild unruly hair.

The three males were pulled out from their trance when Kise and his boyfriend arrived. Kise waved at them. Momoi rolled her eyes and took notice of his black tuxedo wrinkled and dirty.

"What's up with the outfit?" Momoi asked as she stood up and walked towards the newcomers.

Kise laughed shyly, scratching the back of his head he said: "Well... He wasn't answering my calls so I searched for him." Kise's smiled twitched a bit. "I searched everywhere and then I remembered that this idiot loves basketball so I went to the park near his school and I saw him there. By the time I found him; we were late for our meeting... so I dragged him with him only wearing that." Kise said and pointed at his boyfriend's attire. "It's still my fault for being late, though. I forgot to tell him about this meeting. Sorry about that."

"You bet-" Momoi said but was cut off by Kuroko. "You're forgiven." Kuroko said as he gestured Kise and his boyfriend to sit with them. Once the three were seated, he looked at Kise's boyfriend and examined him. Kise's boyfriend is indeed tall, just the height Kuroko imagined it to be, but he wasn't super bulky or bald. His build was lean. His skin was smooth and dark. His eyes and hair were dark blue. All in all he didn't look like someone who preferred men over women.

"What's your name?" Akashi asked in a cold voice as he stared at the dark teen's eyes. He frowned when he saw the teen flinch under his gaze.

"Aomine Daiki." Aomine stiffly, feeling very uncomfortable under the red head's gaze. "Are you one of Kise's brother?" Aomine asked as he took a sip of cold water while trying his best not to tremble. A few moments he wasn't scared to meet Kise's family but after seeing Kise's red head brother; he was starting to have second thoughts. "How old are you? Fourteen? Thirteen? Twelve? You look young enough to be under fifteen." Aomine asked as he placed the glass of water on the table.

Momoi and Kise snickered while Kuroko and Midorima chocked.

Akashi almost threw his pair of shears at the 'Aomine Daiki'. "No. I'm already thirty-three years old." Akashi said, menacingly, intensifying his glare on Aomine. "And no. I am not Kise-kun's brother. I am his father."

"...Ah I see." Aomine laughed nervously. "I'm sorry about that Ki-" Aomine stopped in mid-sentence and thought what he should call the man? He didn't know the man's name. He only knew that Kise's family is not his real biological family and that none of Kise's family members had the same last name. 'Then I'll just call him-' "-Papa." Aomine called, earning five incredulous stares from Kise's family and Midorima. "I'm sorry did I say something wrong?"

"You called father Papa!" Kise laughed as he rolled on his seat. Momoi giggled at her seat while Kuroko's lips twitched.

Akashi growled and threw his pair of shears at Aomine. Fortunately, for Aomine, he was able to dodge the shears by a millimetre. "Do not call me Papa." Akashi sneered as he picked up the nearby salad fork. The rest of the dinner went like how Momoi imagined it to be. Akashi constantly throwing pointy objects at Aomine; Kise laughing his ass off; Midorima trying to calm his boss; Aomine luckily dodging their father's attack; Kuroko ignoring the rest; and Momoi trying her best to engage a conversation with them.

That happened a few months ago. Now, Akashi, Momoi, and Kuroko started to accept Aomine into their family. Aomine always tried to impress Kise's family –especially Akashi- because of this he always exerted all of his energy on every 'small' tasks and favours Akashi 'asked' him to do.

Aomine cursed as he punched the vending machine. The pack of potato of chips still stuck in between the spring of the machine.

Aomine glared and punched the vending machine again.

He was asked by Momoi and Kuroko to buy him a bag of potato chips. He wasn't going to fail them.

He punched the damn machine repeatedly but to no avail the stubborn bag of chips refuses to fall.

He sighed. He was getting tired and he had been assaulting the vending machine for more than a minute, surely, Kuroko and Momoi would be pissed. He couldn't make them wait for him.

After all he promised the two that he'll go with them to the new cafe that caught Momoi's eyes.

Kicking the contraption, Aomine cursed again. "Hurry up." An unfamiliar voice from his left said, breaking Aomine out of his own world.

Aomine looked to his left to find a teen almost as old and tall as he is. Aomine frowned and then rolled his eyes. He didn't care if the other teen would have to wait for an eternity to buy his food. Aomine only cared for his Momoi's and Kuroko's food.

"You wait." Aomine growled as he turned his attention back to the machine, repeating his previous actions with more force exerted. "Work al-ready!" Aomine growled as he punched the machine, adding more force per syllable.

"Do you want help?" the stranger asked when he saw Aomine's problem. Aomine looked at the stranger for a moment and then slowly nodded his head.

"The stupid bag of potato chips is stuck," Aomine said. "Maybe if we punch the machine on the side, it'll fall."

The stranger nodded and stood beside the vending machine. "We will punch it together. I'll count. 3 2 1!" At the mention of the number one both teen punched the machine with all their might.

The stranger and Aomine blinked when they heard three consecutive thuds from the vending machine. Aomine looked at the front of the vending machine to find three bags of potato chips. "Well... This is unexpected." Aomine sweat dropped as he picked up the food. "I only bought one. Do you want the other two?" Aomine offered as he held out the other two bags of chips.

The stranger beamed at him, obviously delighted to receive free food. "Thanks I'll be going now." The stranger said and then turned to leave but mid-way to it he stopped. "What's your name? My name is Kagami Taiga."

"Aomine Daiki." Aomine answered. "And thanks for the help."

"Don't mention it." The stranger said and then left Aomine all alone.

"Aomine-kun." Kuroko called as Aomine approach him and Momoi. "You're late." He said with a voice that Aomine thought was irritated.

"Sorry 'bout that Tetsu." Aomine said as he gave Kuroko the bag of chips. "This got stuck inside the vending machine."

Kuroko nodded as he and Aomine joined Momoi, who was seating on the bench. Kuroko opened the bag of chips and offered some to Aomine. "Thanks." Aomine said and then munched his food. "Hey Momoi you want some?" Aomine said as he took the bag of chips from Kuroko's hand and offer it to the pinkette.

"No thanks Dai-chan," Momoi replied weakly as she leaned on Kuroko. "I feel dizzy."

Aomine frowned as Kuroko checked her temperature. "You have a fever." Kuroko said with worry. Kuroko then motioned Aomine to stand up. "Can you stand Momoi?"

Momoi grunted and then tried to stand up but she stumbled forward. Thankfully, Aomine was fast enough to react and catch Momoi before she hit the ground.

"Thanks." Momoi said weakly as Aomine carried her piggy back style.

"We better go home and call a doctor." Kuroko said as they walked out of the park. Aomine nodded and followed Kuroko.


Too hot.

Momoi thought as she felt her throat tighten. Her eyebrows furrowed as she felt the temperature of her body rise. She clutched the covers of her bed, hoping that the discomforting heat would go away.

"The doctor said she'll be fine in a few days." A familiar monotonous voice from her left said as she felt a cool towel placed on her burning forehead.

"Is it something serious?" A worried voice asked as Momoi felt her right hand being clutched by a familiar calloused hand. "Please tell me that Momoicchi isn't suffering from something serious." The voice said again this time laced with pleading and more anxiety.

"No she isn't suffering from anything. The doctor said that she's maybe because of school work." The first voice to speak spoke again.

"That's good to hear." A relieved voice said and Momoi's hand twitched as she heard her father's voice.

"...Dad." Momoi called softly. She felt the grip on her right hand tighten. "What happened?" she asked in a very raspy voice.

"After you fell asleep at the park Aomine carried you all the way to our house and then the doctor came and told us that you're sick because of stress. Oh! And Aominecchi already went home." Kise explained as he saw Momoi's eyes open.

"I see." Momoi said as she looked around her. She saw Kuroko and her father sitting on her right and Midorima and Kise sitting on her left. "...I feel...tired." Momoi mumbled as she slowly into unconsciousness. A comforting hand petted her hair.

"Sleep." Akashi said, his fatherly instincts kicking again. Momoi wasn't the type to get sick, usually it was Kuroko who gets sick, and so when Kuroko called him informing him that Momoi was sick. He rushed home and left all of his business for the day hanging. And thought: Maybe, Momoi got sick because of the lack vitamins and nutrients inside her body? Maybe, he wasn't giving his children enough nutritious food? Maybe, they were skipping their meals?

He stopped petting Momoi's hair and then stood up, earning confused looks from Kuroko, Kise, and Midorima. He sighed and then excused himself.

'Hmmm... I should tell the cook to prepare only nutritious food.' Akashi thought as made his way to the kitchen.

The next day Kise and Kuroko almost gagged at the food served to them. It was green slimy and it was...moving.

Kise scrunched his nose as he poked the 'food'. "What is this?" He asked to the maid (who was standing farther away than the usual).

"Your food sir." The maid as she tried not to eye the scary blob lying on the plate.

"Is this even edible?" Kise asked. Kuroko stood up from his chair. "Oi! Kuroko where are you going?"

"Out. I think that I'll have a stomach-ache if I eat that." Kuroko said as he walked towards the door... only to be stopped by his father's henchmen. "What is the meaning of this?" Kuroko asked while cutely tilting his head to his right.

"I'm sorry sir but Boss said that we have to make sure that his children eat all of the special nutritious food prepared by the cook." Midorima said as he gently guided Kuroko to his seat. Midorima picked up the fork and knife and then sliced that 'thing'. Midorima then stabbed it with the fork and then plunged the food -as fast as he can- towards Kuroko's mouth.

Oh how Kuroko hated his father's fatherly side.


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"Did you hear that?" Kagami asked as he scanned the room. A feeling of uneasiness creeping inside him.

Kuroko stopped and then blinked. "I hear nothing you must be imagining things."

"I-I'm not!" Kagami stammered and then grabbed by the wrist. "Let's leave this place!" He then ran as fast as he could towards the door only to be stopped by a man, holding a pair of scissors.

Kagami gulped and then tightened his grip on Kuroko only to feel him gone. 'Well shit.'

The man then slowly lifted his head, eyes glowing in the dark. He glared at Kagami with so much hatred that Kagami started to suffocate. "You..."