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Akashi grew up as an orphan. He had no real friends until the age of eighteen; he never knew his parents, -if had any- siblings, and relatives. He never took his relationships with his dates seriously.

All in all there was no one he was close to and Akashi preferred it that way. He believed that if someone was to get close with him, his loneliness would only infect and spread to that person. But that thinking of his changed when a purple haired classmate of his and his green haired neighbor tried to break the barriers that he built around him. The two wasn't successful with their mission; they weren't –and would never ever be- able to completely break down the barriers surrounding Akashi, but they were able to leave a few scratches and cracks on the barriers.

And for the two this is a big accomplishment. Anyone would also treat this as a big accomplishment since it was almost impossible for the Akashi Seijuro to trust and (slightly) open up to someone. People thought that the day when Akashi start trusting and opening up to someone would be the day when hawks turn white and pigs start to fly. Midorima Shintaro and Atsushi Murasakibara proved that belief wrong.

After experiencing a life or death situation Akashi slowly started to trust the two and this made the two genuinely happy that when Murasakibara realized that Akashi was slowly opening up; he ran as he fast he can towards an ice cream and bought green tea ice cream for Akashi. At this gesture, Akashi felt truly happy and satisfied since he knew that the day when Murasakibara buying sweets would be the day when hell freezes over. That night, after the Murasakibara's gesture of kindness and friendship, Akashi reconsidered the idea of letting anyone breaking his barriers.

After a year of 'befriending' the two, Akashi delved deep to the dark black world called as 'Mafia'. Akashi did his best to hide his involvement of the mafia with the two but after a month or so Midorima started to get suspicious with Akashi's avoidance but he didn't question Akashi's avoidance, though. He only started to question when he and Murasakibara was kidnapped by yakuzas. When they were kidnapped the two were questioned. Even if the pair knew that their lives were on the line, the two never answered any of the questions, because something told that if they answer questions given to them, Akashi life would be in danger.

When the two friends didn't answer even if after they were tortured made the boss of the yakuza mad; the boss was about to shoot Midorima when Akashi and a number of black suited men came and started shooting the yakuza; though the two never saw this since they were gagged and blindfolded. It was only when Akashi removed their blindfold that they saw their captors lying on the floor, blood flowing out of their body. Midorima almost puked while Murasakibara almost fainted, keyword almost. When Akashi saw the discomfort of the two he instantly clasped each of his blood stained hand on their shoulders and looked at their eyes, one at a time.

"I'm sorry for involving you I know that you two want to live a peaceful so if you want I can detach the two of you to my life. I can erase every information about the three of us being…friends." Akashi said monotonously but deep inside he felt his world crumble. "I'm sorry." Akashi apologized and for the first time ever he hugged the two. This time he didn't speak with his confident or indifferent voice. This time he spoke with his soft and caring voice. A voice that they thought Akashi never possessed.

The three didn't move for a long time and none of Akashi's subordinates talked and interrupted the three as they dragged the bloody bodies of their enemies out of the room. The heavy silence only broke when Murasakibara and Midorima hugged Akashi back, earning a choked sob from Akashi.

"I don't know about four eyes here but I still want to be friends with you." Murasakibara said as he tightened his grip on Akashi.

"Would you really believe that I would stop befriending you? After the amount of effort I gave just to befriend you… Of course I'll stay with you even if you're part of this dangerous world." The eighteen year old said as he patted Akashi's head. "And if you'd allow us we also want to be a part of your side so that we can protect you and you can protect us."

After the whole ordeal with the yakuza Murasakibara and Midorima decided to be Akashi's personal bodyguards. Here they learned that Akashi involved himself with the mafia thirteen months ago and that Akashi became the left-hand man of a mafia boss, after serving his mafia family for three months. Akashi served his famiglia as the left-hand of the boss for ten months and then became the boss of his famiglia. He became a boss because when the boss, Kuroko Kai; Kuroko's Kai wife, Mizu Azul; the right hand man, Kise Ryouichi; Kise Ryouchi's wife, Mai Dira; Momoi Karichi, trusted friend of Kise Ryouchi, and him, Akashi Seijuro, the left hand man was holding a meeting; were attacked by the cops. The police was able to kill all of them except for Akashi but Akashi didn't leave the unscathed, he received two shots to the chest; three to his left arm and one shot at his neck. Luckily, Akashi was able to survive, and after a few weeks of recovering and grieving, his famiglia voted him to be the next boss of their famiglia.

Akashi didn't turn down the offer, since he knew that his boss and Ryouichi would be glad for him if he took the offer. So, he took the offer and immediately appointed Murasakibara to be his right-hand man and Midorima to be his left-hand man, none of his famiglia members opposed to his appointment, much to Akashi's satisfaction.

Akashi Seijuro thought that being the boss would only be the work that his boss left that him. Keyword thought. After being discharged, Midorima and Murasakibara the sentence that Akashi never thought that would be said to him, was said to him.

"You're going to be a father." Midorima said as if it wasn't a big deal.

"Excuse me?" Akashi said, using his slightly-surprised- confuse -and-irritated-voice . "I think I didn't hear you right. I think I heard you say that I'm going to be a father."

"That's what he said." Murasakibara said, as he sucked his grape flavored lollipop. "You're going to be a father."

Akashi shook his head as he looked at his left where Murasakibara sat. "I've never done it with anyone before so how could I be a father?"

Here Murasakibara raised a brow. "You're still a virgin?" He asked, incredulously. "I thought with the number of dates you had and not to mention with that look of yours you would've lost you vir- Oof."

"I am still a virgin thank you very much." Akashi growled as he karate chopped Murasakibara on the side again. "We are only nineteen; I think being a virgin isn't a crime. Besides, you two haven't done it with anyone, yet." Akashi expected the two to confirm his proclamation but was only met by silence and Akashi knew that the silence this wasn't a good idea. "… You two aren't virgin anymore." The red haired teen said with slight annoyance as he carefully placed his almost-healed right arm on his lap.


Seeing that the two wouldn't answer, Akashi decided to change the topic. Never mind if the two wouldn't answer for now, Akashi could pry the answers out of the two in the near future, after all he is Seijuro Akashi. "Anyway, how did I become a father of a child?"

"Actually, you'll be a father of three children." Midorima answered as he adjusted his glasses. "You see, Kise-san's son and Kuroko-sama's son is left orphaned and as what was stated in the wills of Kuroko-sama will and Mizu-san's will and stated if Kuroko-sama and Kuroko-sama's wife dies, leaving their only child alone, then the next-boss of his famiglia would automatically be the legal guardian of his son. This is what Kise-san will and Kise-san's wife will said, though Kise-san and Kise-san's wife said the boss of the famiglia not the next of the boss. Momoi Kairichi's daughter is also now an orphan since Momoie-san died during the encounter and his wife died because of child-birth. Momoi Kairichi's will the same contents with Kise-san will and Kise-san's wife will."

"I don't want to be a father. I'm only nineteen." Akashi shook his head as he not only felt the burden of being of mafia boss, but also the weight of a father of three children, weigh him down.

"Please reconsider about this. I know that you don't like children but didn't you also grow up with parentless? Do you want other children to suffer the same pain you suffered when you were a child? We all know being a father at the age of nineteen is a big responsibility but think about it. Kise-san, Kise-san's wife, Momoi-san, Kuroko-san and Kuroko-san's wife entrusted you with their children. Are you going to turn them down? After all the trust and good things they did to and for you." Murasakibara persuaded, all the time he looked straight into Akashi's eyes. "Please reconsider." The tall teen said as he stood up from his seat.

"I-I…"Akashi for once in his whole lifetime couldn't find his voice and confidence. He wasn't acting like himself. He felt useless and vulnerable. Suddenly, he felt a hand cup his right shoulder; the red-haired teen around to see green intense eyes staring back at him. Akashi was lost in that gaze; he saw thousands of feelings contained in that gaze. After a minute of staring, he felt Midorima's grip tighten.

"You're confused right now." He said not breaking his eye-contact with Akashi. "Losing Kuroko-sama and Kise-san, taking the position as the head of the most powerful mafia in Asia, and discovering that you're potential foster-father isn't easy. Everyone would find it hard if they were placed on your position so I suggest you should rest for the day. We will be expecting your answer regarding your adoption to the children tomorrow." Midorima said, gently. "The car would arrive in a few minutes we should get out of this room and go to the hospital lobby." With that said, Murasakibara helped Akashi walk to the hospital lobby.

Akashi didn't speak when they waited a few more minutes for the car to arrive; he didn't speak all throughout the car ride; he didn't speak when they arrived at their legal office, it was only then at midnight he called Midorima and Murasakibara that he finally spoke.

"Can I see the children tomorrow at nine in the morning?" Akashi requested as he sat on Kuroko-san's office chair, his elbows propped on the table; fingers intertwined together, and chin resting on top of his intertwined finders. The pose in Murasakibara and Midorima opinion suited him perfectly. Especially the room they were inside in.

"Of course." Midorima said. "Where do you want to meet them?"

"At my old apartment."

"Is that all?" Murasakibara inquired.

"Yes. Dismiss." And with a flick of his hand Murasakibara and Midorima left.


The next day, Akashi stood in front of his old apartment. There was nothing striking or special about his old apartment. One would think that his old apartment would be built lots of secret passages and stashes, but really, he never installed anything there. Akashi heaved a sigh as he opened the door only to be tackled by a yellow haired child.

"Cawh you!" The yellow haired child as he gripped Akashi's left leg. "You meannie!" Here Akashi raised a brow and then his eyes widen we felt the child munch his leg. "Zomwie Kise Ryou-chan eat yow bwains!" The child proclaimed while cutely chomping his left leg.

"What the he-" Akashi was about to shout but was interrupted when a pink blur ran towards him and then attached itself on his right leg. Akashi looked down to his left to see Kise Ryouta, son of the once-right hand man of his famiglia, muching his left leg. He looked to his right and saw Momoi Satsuki, daughter of Momoi Kairichi, munching his other leg.

"One year owd Zomwie Momoi Sa-chan too!" The pink haired girl said, gripping his right leg, harder.

Akashi heard a snicker from above him. He looked up to see Murasakibara staring back at him. Ignoring the two munching children, Akashi narrowed his eyes at Murasakibara, he gave him the look of you-are-so-dead which only Murasakibara responded with a shrug. Akashi narrowed his eyes further. Murasakibara is so dead.

"My, my, this is a sight to see." Midorima said as he stepped out of Akashi's bathroom. "Do you also want to play? They look like they are having lots of fun." Midorima looked to see where a leather couch was placed. There were three maids and a light blue haired child wearing a poker face, seating on the couch, watching the exchange between Akashi and Murasakibara. The light blue haired child shook his head at Midorima and then buried his face at the nearest arm of one of his caretakers. It was clear that the child was shy and uncomfortable.

"Hello." Akashi greeted the three maids, who instantly blush when they were greeted. "Thank you for your hard work but your job ends here for the day." He said. "There are cars waiting for you outside, they'll take you home."

"H-hai." One of the three maids said as the three stood up and excused themselves. The maid, who spoke earlier, was about to get out when the blue light haired child stopped her. The maid smiled and then looked at the child. She lifted the child up and said. "I'm sorry Tetsu-kun but I need to go home now." The little child shook his head, muttering a 'dun wanna.' "Now Tetsu-kun, don't be like that we will see each other tomorrow." The maid scolded as she bounced the child on her arms.

"Pwomise?" The child questioned as he held up his left pinky up. The maid chuckled.

"Pinky promise." She said and then latched her right pinky to the child's left pinky.

"'Mmm 'kay." The child said as he was gently placed down. "Bye."

"Bye." The maid waved to the child and then turned towards the other occupants of the room. "Tetsu-kun is a bit shy, so please be gentle with him." She bowed; waved again at Tetsu-kun, and then followed the other two maids.

"Hello there." Akashi greeted with a (creepy) friendly smile as he gently and awkwardly (Kise and Momoi is still latched on him) approached Kuroko. In the background if you listen attentively you can hear two snickers.

"Hi…"Kuroko greeted shyly while still keeping his poker face on.

"I'm Akashi Seijuro."

For the entire day, Akashi played with the three children while Murasakibara cooked and Midorima guarding the apartment (not that no one was guarding the apartment Midorima instructed a number of his henchmen to patrol the area for safety precautions.). Akashi, Murasakibara, and Midorima would never admit but the day when they spent their time with the three children, they had lots of fun. It was something that the three rarely felt so when the day ended; they said goodbye to the three children and then went home.

By the time they arrived home, Akashi dragged his two friends towards his study room.

Akashi sighed. "Alright. I'll adopt them but I don't want to suddenly reveal this to them. I order the two of you to prepare the children's things and tell them that they are moving here. If they resist ask them why they refuse my offer, and when you find out why they don't want to go, bribe them. If they want to bring someone or a pet here then let them be. As long as the person is someone who could be trusted and that the pet they'll be bringing over wouldn't be loud and big. If they question why they will be staying here, tell them that their parents want them to stay here and … I know that none of them know that their parents passed away so if they ask about their parents… then just tell them that their parents joined the stars. Or something close that. I'll tell them when they're older what happened really happened to their parents." Akashi ordered. "Dismiss."

"As you wish." The two bowed and then was about to leave when they heard Akashi call them again.

"These children are innocent I don't want to involve them with our world, I know that their parents tried their best to hide them too. If possible make everything as unsuspicious as ever. Also, these children are still young so their memory of their parents is still blurry. I want every remainder of their parents to be hidden or if possible destroyed. I want them to know that their real father is me."

"Isn't that too much?" Murasakibara said.

"Yes. I know that my last order is too much, and I bet that if Kise-san, Momoi-san, and Kuroko-sama are still alive they would kill without hesitation, but I have to fulfill my task as their father and as the head of our famiglia. I have to do this. I know that even if the parents of the children would disagree; they would understand me. If the children discover what really happened to their parents at a very early age… There's a high probability that they wouldn't enjoy their childhood –and maybe their entire life." Akashi said.

"Alright." Midorima said. "I hope you're picked the right choice."

And with that said, the two left Akashi alone.


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Akashi was signing papers about his company's budget when his cell phone rang.

Akashi paused and looked at his phone that was lying on top of his office desk. He rarely received a message from his phone. All of his were calls for him were either directed to his secretary or Midorima. Only a few contact numbers can call his phone. So when his phone rang he could only think of two possibilities the phone was either an emergency or a call from one of his children.

He gently laid down the papers as he picked up the phone. He pressed the receiver button and waited for the person, from the end of the line, to speak.

The other was silent for a few seconds and then a high pitched childish voice spoke, "Hello? Hello~~ Father! Are you there? Hello? Ne~~~ Tetsu-kun this phone might be broken!"

'Ah. Kise.' Akashi thought.

"I'm here." Akashi replied as he unconsciously fiddled with his shears. "Why did you call me?" He asked. Kise didn't answer him instead he whispered something to Kuroko that Akashi couldn't here properly. "Ryou-kun?" Akashi called when Kise wouldn't stop whispering to the silent Kuroko.

"Ryou-kun father is still on the phone." Kuroko's soft voice faintly spoke from the other line. "H-Huh? Oh yeah! Father, are you still there?" Kise asked, turning his attention back to the phone.

"Yes I'm still here." Akashi said, finding amusement at his eldest son's antics. "What is the purpose of you call?" Akashi asked as he leaned his upper body on his office desk.

"P-purosh?" Kise asked, his tongue twisting in a very odd way. "What is that?" This time it was a curious Kuroko who asked from the other line.

Akashi smiled a little as he placed his shears down. "Purpose. It means the reason why you did an act… it's an aim or a goal." Akashi answered, hoping that his explanation to the two seven year olds was clear.

"…I see." Kuroko said while Kise nodded his head (not that Akashi can see it).

Akashi cleared his throat and then repeated the question for the third time. "Why did you two call?"

" Well… we want to ask you some questions." Kise answered.

"What is it?" Akashi asked as he looked at the wall clock, dully noting he'll leave the office in two hours.

"What's your favorite food? What's your favorite colour? What's your favorite song? What's your favorite TV show? What's your favorite dessert? What's your favorite cake flavor?" Kise asked in a single breath. "And… what time are you coming back today?" his eldest son asked, huffing his last question.

Akashi chuckled as he heard Kise pant for air. "Slow down. You asked me too fast that I couldn't even understand a word that you said."

"Mmmm… 'Kay." Kise panted. "Tetsu-chan will ask."

"Alright." Akashi said. He heard a cough and a 'give me' from the other line.

"What's your favorite food? What's your favorite colour? What's your favorite song? What's your favorite TV show? What's your favorite dessert? What's your favorite cake flavor? What time are you coming home? " Kuroko asked slowly.

Akashi frowned at the random questions fired to him. Were these the same questions that Kise asked awhile ago? He sighed and then answered, "I don't have a favorite food, song, dessert, or cake flavor. I like watching news shows, the color red and I'm almost finished with my paperwork so I'll be home in three hours." Akashi answered. "Why are you two asking me these kinds of questions… hmmm? Are you up to something that I don't know of?" Akashi asked in a somewhat teasing voice.

"N-No! Of course not! We are so not up to something." Kise laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

Of course he already knew what his children were up to. His birthday is just around the corner and knowing his children they'll try to outdo their surprise birthday party they arranged last year. Akashi let a small smile lit his face as he recalled his last year's birthday.

Kise hogging all the chocolate cake.

Momoi and Kuroko secretly tasting the icing's cake, by poking their small fingers on the cake's side.

Kuroko, Momoi, and Kise sleeping under the table.

A drunk Midorima throwing up on the floor.

Ah yes… sweet memories indeed.

"-her? Father?" Kuroko called, breaking his father out of his train of thoughts. Akashi blinked when he heard Kuroko's voice calling him. "Are you still there?"

Akashi ran a hand on top of his crimson head. "Tetsu-kun, I have to go now. Bye." And with that he ended the call, averting his attention back to work.


"Ne~ Tetsu-kun, what should we do?" Kise whined as he placed the phone on the coffee table. Today he, Momoi, and Kuroko were facing the biggest problem of their lives. A problem so big that they weren't sure if they could solve it.

Kuroko looked at him and then blinked. "I don't know." Kuroko simply answered. Kise groaned at this; Kuroko wasn't helping him solve their problem.

"Well I don't know what to do!" Kise grunted as he plopped himself on the nearby hamburger beanbag. "Where's Suki-chan?" the blonde asked. Normally, it would be Momoi who would be worrying and thinking of what to do about this kind of problem.

"Here!" Momoi shouted as she entered Kuroko's room. Kise smiled at his little sister as Kuroko pointed space beside him, inviting her to sit next to him. Momoi happily accepted the offer with a smile. "I thought of something!" Momoi said once she had found a comfortable position to sit on the bed. Kise and Kuroko looked at her with interest, silently telling her to continue. Momoi's smile widened as she placed the backpack, she had been carrying, beside her. She unzipped the bag and dug her little hands inside it; after a moment or two she pulled out a box full of colored markers, a pack of colored papers, a glue stick, a pair of safety scissors, and three small whiteboards.

"That again?" Kise asked, eying Momoi's belongings with slight annoyance. "Are we going to make another birthday card like last year?"

Momoi looked at him and then puffed her round cheeks, making her cheeks look rounder than the usual. She felt a little annoyed at the tone Kise used on her. "Well do you have other bright ideas?" She countered, folding her hands on top of her chest.

Kise rolled his eyes. "Well I was thinking maybe we should do a dance number?" He suggested as he recalled a particular dance number he saw on TV. "Or… maybe we should act something?" he said as an afterthought.

"I think we can't practice for a dance number or a drama. We don't have much time so left. I think that birthday card would be the easiest thing we could do." The eldest of the three suggested as he sat himself beside Kise who in turn sulked. Seeing Kise's sulking, Kuroko added: "I think that your ideas are great Kise-kun but we don't have much time left to do it."

"I think that was a great idea too! But we don't have" Momoi said as she leapt out of the bed. "Anyway, could we make hundred of origami stars and put them inside a jar?"

"Yeah! That would be a pretty gift Suki-chan!" Kise agreed as he pumped his fist on the air. "Who votes for a birthday card and origami stars for father's birthday?" Kise shouted as he pumped his other fist high on the air.

"I DO!" The three children shouted happily and pumped their fists high on the air.


"What about the cake?"

"Cake?" Momoi said dumbly as she stopped on drawing their father's birthday card. Kise's question slowly sinking into her mind. "Oh no! The cake!" Momoi shouted. "We forgot!" She and Kise shouted in frustration.

"How can we forget the cake?" Kise grumbled as he placed the safety scissors, that he held, on the floor. "How can we forget the yummy goody cake?"

"Yeah. How can we forget about the cake?" Momoi whined.

"Father's birthday is today too! He'll be coming back in a few minutes!" Kise panicked as he pulled his hair out of frustration.

Kuroko watched his two siblings groan and blame themselves for forgetting something so important. 'They should blame me too.' Kuroko thought as drew a cake on the whiteboard that he borrowed from his sister. 'I forgot about it too.' Kuroko said inside his mind as he erased the cake he drew. 'Wait cake…' Kuroko's eyes widened as he thought of something.

A big rare smile appeared on his face.

"I thought of a solution." Kuroko said with the big rare smile still plastered on his face. Momoi and Kise stopped on their tantrums and then looked at their youngest brother. Noticing that he had their attention Kuroko said, "Listen we only have few hours left before father comes home and we promised ourselves not to spend father's money for his party so we can't buy a cake or make one. So… I thought maybe we could…."


Akashi inwardly smiled as he saw finished signing his last paperwork for the day.

Today he was showered of gifts by his underlings, employees, acquaintances, allies and people who wanted something from him. A bottle of wine, an expensive wrist watch, a book, a shogi board, a pair of scissors… and more gifts that Akashi couldn't remember. A lot of people gave him gifts today.

Even some of his enemies gave him a present -though unlike the gifts given to him from his employees, underlings, allies, acquaintances and people who wanted something from him- he either received a death threat, a bomb, or dead body of an animal. Akashi didn't mind the gifts he received from his enemies anyway. After knowing what his enemies gave him; he made sure to give his enemies a gift as a sign of thank you.

Akashi smirked.

Today is his birthday.


Inside the dimly lit living room, the eyes of a red haired man sat on the maroon sofa, glinted mischievously. Midorima, who stood by the man's side, gave him a manila envelope.

"This is the report for the previous encounter of our men with the Seirin police." Midorima reported as he watched his boss open the envelope. "Five people got hurt during the encounter: two freshman high school students; one male senior police officer and two of our subordinates. The damage on our men is not serious. They are only suffering a few broken ribs and mild concussion. They are now being treated by our doctors.

"There was minimum public damage during the encounter. Thankfully, the encounter happened at midnight and the street was deserted. Aside from the two high school students, no other innocent civilian witnessed our encounter with them." Midorima continued as Akashi quietly read the report.

There was a minute of silence and then Akashi spoke, "what about the civilians? Are their wounds serious?" Akashi asked as he carefully put the papers back inside the envelope.

Midorima shook his head. "One of the two civilians named Ryo Sakurai is only suffering mild concussion while the other civilian named Ginjou Takeshionly suffered a broken arm."

"That's good." Akashi said, relieved that the two innocent civilians didn't weren't hurt badly from the fight. He had this principal not to involve innocents when it comes to mafia business. "Tell Mura-"Akashi said but stopped when he heard two delighted squeals outside the room. One moment he was sitting on the soft maroon sofa and the next thing he knew he was tackled on the floor by Kise, Kuroko, and Momoi.

"WELCOME HOME!" Kise and Momoi shouted in unison as they tightened their hug on Akashi. "Happy birthday!" Kise greeted as Kuroko held out a clear glass jar full of colorful origami paper stars to him.

"For me?" Akashi asked as Momoi and Kise, who had been sprawled on Akashi's chest, roll off him and land on the carpeted floor.

"Our gift." Kuroko said as he insisted Akashi to take the jar.

Akashi patted Kuroko on the head and then took the small gift. He muttered a small thank you which made Kuroko feel really warm inside him.

"I'll help you stand!" Momoi volunteered as Kise helped Kuroko stand up.

"I think that there's no need for that." Akashi said as he felt Kuroko get off his legs.

"But I want to!" the pinkette whined as she placed her little hands on the back of Akashi's head. Akashi sighed.

"Alright." Akashi said, defeatedly.

"Yay!" Akashi then felt two new pair hands snaked under his side's back.

"We wanna help too!"

"Alright, alright, you two can help too." The red head said as he felt the trio gently push him upward.

After a few minutes of Kuroko, Momoi, and Kise helping their father to stand up.

"You're heavy." Kuroko said in a dry tone after helping his father stand up.

"I know." Akashi said as he felt a small hand tug his free hand. He looked down at the source of the hand to find that it was Kuroko holding his hand.

"C'mon! We prepared something for you!" Momoi said as she and Kise ran towards the door.

Akashi then looked at Kuroko who said, "I'll be dragging you now." And with that Akashi found himself being dragged outside the living room by his smallest son.


When Akashi Seijuro entered the study room he was greeted with a very messy and bright sight; messy because colorful balloons, big fluffy pillows and confetti were scattered everywhere. Bright because three neon colored banners were hung on the walls. One banner was neon blue and a smiley was messily drawn on it, beside the blue neon colored banner was the pink neon colored banner and the words birthday was messily written on it, and to the right of the pink neon colored banner was yellow neon colored banner. The yellow banner was so bright that when Akashi first laid his eyes on it; he felt his eyes burn. It was so bright that the sun's brightness could be put into shame.

Thankfully, Midorima gave him his sunglasses so he could look at the yellow banner without burning his eyes. Okay maybe even with the glasses he felt his eyes burn but at least the pain of his subsided a little. Akashi squinted his eyes more to see child's drawing of a man who looked like he was laughing evilly.

"Is that… me?" Akashi asked as he pointed a finger to the direction of the yellow banner. Kise nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah! I made that drawing." Kise said, proudly.

"…Am I laughing?"

"Yep! I drew you how you always look like when you laugh! Midorichi told me that I did a really good job! He said that my drawing looks exactly the same with your face." Kise grinned. "It's a masterpiece isn't it?"

No. Would've been Akashi's answer but when he heard Kise asking him in his proud voice. He couldn't have the heart to say 'no' to his youngest son. "Yes. It's a masterpiece." Akashi lied through a force tight smile that he wore. "Thank you. I appreciate your effort." Akashi said, this time he wasn't lying. Akashi, truthfully appreciated his children's efforts.

"Glad to know!" Kise said and then handed him a blue birthday card. Akashi looked at the front cover of the card and saw the words 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' in black ink. He peered curiously at the three. Akashi then gently opened it, reading the contents of it.


Thank you for buying me books. Thank you for always combing my hair when its messy! Thank you for tucking me in every night. :-D


The handwriting was messy and barely readable but Akashi didn't care. The short simple letter really meant a lot to him. "Ryou-kun, Suki-chan, Tetsu-kun." Akashi called softly as he slowly averted his eyes to the three children standing near him. He crouched down and then embraced the three. "Thank you."He said a big genuine smile blooming on his face.

"Y-you're welcome!" Momoi stuttered as she wrapped her small little arms around Akashi. She was surprised by the sudden hug she received from their father. "Anyway~ Time for your cake!" Momoi shouted as she and Kuroko broke away from Akashi's hug. "Tadaa~" Momoi sang as Kuroko produced three small whiteboards from her bag. "Here's the cake!"

Akashi and Midorima looked at Momoi curiosly. As if sensing the confusion of the two Kuroko explained.

"This year we promised not to spend your money for your birthday party so we saved up our own money to buy you gifts. We didn't earn much, though, considering that fact that we only get our money from our allowances and washing 'Alexander'. The money that we had was only enough to buy us three rolls of cartolina paper and a pack of colored papers. So that's there's no food being served right now." Here Kuroko looked really apologetic. "And about your cake, Dad. We forgot to buy you one. We were so busy with making you origami stars that we forgot the cake." Akashi heard two 'sorrys' "We only remembered it a few hours before you came home. So… we aren' really prepared…"

"But we –Tetsu-kun- found a way to make you a birthday cake!" Kise chided as he also broke from Akashi's hug and ran towards Momoi and Kuroko.

"Yeah!" Momoi said as she gave one white board to Kuroko and another one to Kise. The three formed straight line before him. "So, here's your cake!" the pink haired girl shouted as she, Kuroko, and Kise flipped their whiteboards in unison.

Momoi's white board had the words 'Happy Birthday Dad!' written on it; Kise's whiteboard had the each whiteboard had the drawing of six cupcakes, and Kuroko's whiteboard had the drawing of birthday cake. "Why thank you Suki-chan, Tetsu-kun, and Ryou-kun." Akashi said as the three formed a semi-circle. "This is really pretty."

"We know." Kise said as Kuroko produced a red whiteboard marker from his pocket. The teal haired boy then drew a small flame on the tip of the birthday cake's candle.

"Blow the candle." Kuroko said as he placed his whiteboard a few inches away from Akashi's face. "…please." He added when he saw the hesitant look on Akashi's face. He knew that his father would be hesitant to do a silly act but Kuroko also knew that Akashi never turned a request from him, especially if he said the word 'please'.

And just like what Kuroko predicted. Akashi sighed tiredly; looked at him in the eye and smiled. "If you say so."

"Close your eyes first!" Kise reminded as he dropped his whiteboard and then covered Akashi's eyes with his little hands. Kise counted up to twenty, waiting for Akashi to finish wishing his birthday wish. "Done?" He asked curiously as he felt Akashi flutter his eyes open. Akashi nodded. "Good!" the blonde grinned and then let go of Akashi.

"Blow the candle!" Momoi shouted happily as she bounced on her spot.

"Of course of course." Akashi chuckled. He 'blew' the candle and then erased the flame.

Once, he had erased the flame, everybody inside the room sang 'Happy Birthday'.

That night, Akashi didn't think about work; instead he focused all of his attention to his three children.

He watched Kise dance as Kuroko and Momoi sang.

He watched the three imitate him, Midorima, and Murasakibara.

He watched the three cheer when Murasakibara showed up with a birthday cake on his hand.

But most of all he watched, all of them laugh, joyously.

That night, Akashi experienced, a simple yet memorable birthday.

That night, Akashi let pure a smile bloom on his face.

It was the best birthday he ever had.


Author's Note: Alright! Chapter three is done. Hahaha… I'll tell you the truth when I was writing chapter two I wanted to write an omake, so I wrote Akashi's Birthday scene and then the next thing I knew I was already writing another OMAKE! Man, my attention span is so short. Oh and I'd just like to share the fact that 'the Kuroko drew a birthday cake on a whiteboard and then Akashi blew the candle' scene is inspired by my class' tradition. My class had this idea to celebrate everyone's birthday without spending too much money. So, every time one of our classmates celebrates her birthday, we draw a large cake on the chalkboard and let her blow the cake. Sometimes, we would even draw party-poppers. I thought that it was a cute idea so I said: "I want to write an omake about that."

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