The team walked to the trainig station waiting for Canary to arrive.
"Maybe she's not coming today." stated after waiting for about 20 minutes, it was strange for Black Canary to be so late.

"Sweet vaca!" Kid flash said gladly before turning to head to the kitchen.

Reconqzing Batman 02.

Kid whinned as he slumped walking back to the team. "So much for a vacation.." He mumbled to himself.

"Canary's going to be late she had to handle with..Uh her own little problem. Which I will now pass down to you." Batman walked past them to the monitor. A screen projected show a picture of a teenage girl with raven haired, wearing a tight jumpsuit style that covered her whole body, with a white line that covered the zip, running down from the neck, it came with dark purple combat boots and a long black billowing cape with white lining, (A/N basically Helena Bertinelli modern Huntress costume, scaled down) it came with a dark purple pointed mask, the points went just past her eyebrows and dark purple padded elbow length gloves. "Her name is-"

"Huntress." Robin clutched his fist at hearing her name. The team looked at him in shock.

" She can hunt me anytime." KF said admiring the girl in the picture earning a slap over the head from Atremis. "Ow! What was that for."

"Well obvisouly if Batmans giving us a job to what exactly?" Artemis asked turning her attention to Batman.

"The league and I need you too watch her well we search for her mother, Catwoman." The team went wide eyed except for Robin.

"Great so we're her baby sitters?" Super Boy asked not liking the idea of watching over some girl.

"If thats how yoiu want to see it, then yes." He said crossed his arms. "Any questions?"

"Yeah. Why do we need to watch her again?Not that I'm complaining I mean wow look at her." Kid Flash drowled a little.

Artemis slapped him on the arm. "Hello? She's dangerous."

Kid rubbed his arm. "Would you stop hitting me!"

"Nah its too much fun." She smirked at him with a devilish stare.

"You guys could think of this as a sort of vacation."

Kid Flash perked back up. "Really? Sweet!"

"What do you mean vacation? I thought she was dangerous?" Aqulad asked.

"She is." Both Batman and Robin said in union. "Huntress is a simple theift, not showing any sighd of being more then that. However she is a quick learner, I'm concerned that if you start training infornt of her she might pick up on some. I just need you to watch her, study her-"

"Oh yeah this is going to be my favorite mission." Kid Flash being rewarded with a threatening look from Robin. "What?"

"She might even reveal something to you guys. Keep your Idenites a secret at all times. Zatanna change everyone into uniform.

Zatanna nodded and closed her eyes, "Egnahc sehtolc otni ruo smrofinu," chanted Zatanna. Within mere moments, the group was changed and their identities secret.

Reconizing Black Canary 13

Next to Canary was a petite young girl wearing a bling fold over her pointed mask, her long curly hair went past her shoulders. "Was the blind fold necessary B?" Canary asked undoing Huntress' blind fold.

"We can't risk her knowing the location of the base." Batman said authorizing Huntress' entrance.

Huntress blue eyes scanned the room landing Robin who crossed his arms with a glare. "My my Bird boy how you've grown." She bit her bottom lip with a seductive wink.

Canary let a low giggle. "I should warn you guys she's alot like her mother."

"You know catwoman?" M'Gann asked.

"You could say that. Canary an my mom go way back. But she gave threw it all away." Huntress said bitterly.

"She gave it away to raise you. She made the right choice." Canary rested her hand on her shoulder.

"Her decision's is why i'm in this situation.." Huntress mummbled while Canary gave her a curious look. She shook her hand off. Her eye's still not leaving Robins.

"She is alot like her mother. Which is why you must be on guard at all time." Batman said noticing the tension between the two teens.

"This is stupid! Why can't we help you find catwoman! Huntress isn't a threat!" Robin broke her glare turning his frustration to Batman.

"Got to say Rob i'm a little hurt. I always considered my self very lethal." She smirked exposing her claws.

"Easy H." Canary sighed placing her hand on Huntress shoulder.

"You need to control your anger. I know this is a personal matter to you. But it imp-"

"Important to us? Or you girlfriend? Psh talk abouy personal matter." Robin's fist clutched.

The team gasped at the harsh tone Robin gave Batman. Never ever has anyone spoken to him like that. Batman snarled. "I'll talk to you later." He walked to Huntress. "You will stay here until futher notice. You will not engage them, Trick them, ans you will NOT leave. Understood?" He asked darkly.

"Yes Sir." She did a salute with a smirk.

Black Canary tried to hide her laugh with fail. However one of Batman's famouse bat-glares silenced her. When the two hero's started to part from the cave, out of ear shot. "Why is this so important to you? Bruce Helena isn't your daughter, is she?"

"No she's not. But you know what she's capable of, Although I don't think she'd do anything major, but I don't like the thought of her on the streets alone."

Canary sighed. "True, she is her mothers daughter."

A flash of light appeared then the vanished.

The team examined Huntress, her eyes not leaving Robin.

"So I'm Zatanna." She gave an awkward wave.

"I'm ." She stepped forward with a small smile.

"Artemis." Artemis nodded.

"Superboy." Conner crossed his arms.

Wally zoomed by her side with a smirk. "Name's Kid Flash, But for you babe i'd be anything." Huntress left Robins star turning to KF with a seductive smile. 'He'd be easy, to distract.' Huntress thought to herself.

"I'm Aqualad."

Helena's eyes darted toward him. "You smell like fish?" She walked closer to him. "Atlantean?"He nodded as her smile widened. "Oh my favorite." She came closeto his face. "I could just eat you up." Aqualad stepped back his face turning red with anger.

"Easy girl." Zatanna said. "I don't think he plays that game."

Huntress pouted. "You guys are no fun."
"I am." Kid flash said

Huntress Smiled cheching out Kid Flash. "Kid Flash right?" She asked.

"Mmmhmm" He smirked eyes wondering over her body.

"Don't tell me super speed right?"

"Oh yeah."

"Nevermind then."

"Aww wait what?" Kid asked baffled.

"If you start fast you'll be first to finish, and that would only leave one of us happy."

Kid flash looked down in embaressmnet his cheeks flared as he stepped away from her.

Atremis laugh echoed through the cave. She leaned on Huntress to balance herself. "I like you. Someone with a GOOD sense of humor." She barley was able to say as she laughed harder.

"Enough! I say we lock her in the holding cell, stop this stupid bickering." Superboy yelled getting annoyed with Huntress' attitude.

"Aww come one supey don't be a party pooper." She whinned stomping her feet for dramatic affect.

Artemis wrapped an arm around Huntress. "Come on. Me and Zatanna will watch her." Artemis begged the team.

"No! she's going in a cell!" Robin growled

"Whatever you guys are being Molto noioso. "

Kid Flash face showed confuesion. "Mol, molto what?"

"It means very boring in Italian." Her and Robin said at the same time. She smirked at Robin making him glare.

M'Gann linked the team up telepathecly. "I don't trust her."

"I don't know she's pretty cool,I like her." Artemis said.

"What?" Robin asked furious. "She's a villian, I'm with Miss.M she can't be trusted."

"She's hot is what she is." Kid Flash said looking like he was love drunk.

"She is dangerous and you will be staying away from her." Robin said pointing a finger at KF.

"Dude! why?" He whinned.

"Agreed, she already has you wrapped around her finger." Aqualad backed Robin up. But right now, we have instructions for Batman to keep an eye on her. Obviously, there is more to this. Batman knows what we are capable of. He wouldn't give us a mission as simple as this if there was not another angle to it"

"You know its not nice to talk about some so she can't hear." Huntress whinned.

"How'd you-Nevermind Artemis, Zatanna you two keep an eye on her. Something goes wrong its on you." Robin scoffed walking away. He was frusturated. Even the thought of her in the cave made him feel on edge. She's always had this effect on him. God why is Bruce doing this to him! He knew what went on between the two. Could his mentor really be seductive by that woman do baby sit her daughter, well she went around doing god knows what? "Ugh!" Robin punched the wall, he heard mummbling coming from the montoir room.

"This doesn't feel right.." Admitted Superboy. "Should we really be spying on them?"

"You are more then welcome to leave." Kid Flash said not removing his eyes from the screen.

"Maybe a few minutes.." Superboy sat back down.

"Hey, I did see her first though." Kid scoffed.

"You're out of luck in that departmant Wally." Aqulad said. "She seems rather taken by Robin, same with Robin by her."

"Are you joking? They hate each other! Don't know how someone could hate her though. Babe's got the whole package." Kid laughed.

"He could just be hiding it." Superboy stated.

"You mean how Wally does with Artemis?" Aqualad said with a smirk.

Supeboy laughed with him however KF didn't find it as hilarious. "What is that suppose to mean?"

Robin coughed loudly causing the three boys to jump in startlement. "...This is awkward... Hey Rob...How long you've been there?" Kid asked.

"We … uh," began Kid Flash as he exchanged awkward glances with the two other boys. They all seemed to be shifting uncomfortably and guiltily. "We … were just … monitoring the girls making sure Huntress doesn't try anything." said Kid Flash. The other boys quickly nodded in agreement.

Robin scoffed and pushed past them. He saw the three girls laughing and just doing eachother's nails. "They seem fine. No need for you guys to be spying" He glared.

"Come on Rob pull up a seat." Kid offered hoping he would.

"No its wrong.."

"You're not interested in what they're talking about?" Kid arched a brow knowing he had his best friend right were he wanted him.

Robin grabbed a chair and glared at the screen. "Fine but I don't condole to any part in this."

"Alright! Soups turn up the volume!" Kid flash grinned leaning abck in his chair.