"So you guys had a thing?" Zatanna sounded disappointed.

"It was just a kid thing..But over the years it could have turned into somehing else." Huntress eyes shut as her lips curled into an empty smile.

"What happened?"

"My mom-"

reconizing Speedy #018

"Its red arrow, damn computer." Huntress all of a sudden became really happy. She ran out the room Zatanna trailed after her. she had a dumb grin on her face that made Zatanna laugh. she ran to Red arrow and pounced on him. luckyily he caught her "Roy!" The team stared at Huntress. how does she know who he is?

"hey H what are you doing here?" Roy smiled.

She got off of him and just wraped her arms around his neck. "Witness protection."

He laughed "Great who'd you piss off this time?"

Huntress steped away and looked at him innocently "I didnt do anything. cross my heart."


"How do you guys know eachother?"Robin asked watching how cozzy the two were.

Roy answered "We kind of grew up together, with Black canary training her, and Oliver always being with Canary, I went everywhere she did."

"Yeah Roys like a brother i never wanted or needed."

he put his hand on his chest "Ouch that really hurt kitten. Its okay deep down i know you love me."

She shoved him then tosseled his hair "You know I do speedy."

"Hey its red arrow now."

she thought about it "Nah i like speedy better." "What are you doing here?" Something flashed in Roy's eyes "I need help! aghh! get it off of me!" He fell to his knees.

Huntress was at his side tears where in her eyes. "Whats wrong?"

"I'm so sorry. i cant control it." he pulled something out of his pocket.

"Its a designator!" Robin instantly grabbed Huntress and shielded her from the chips of rock that came flying towards us. A big hole was in the side of the base. One hit piece of rock Robin head hard "Agh!"

"Robin! are you okay?" Huntress was crying now. she hovered around him trying to keep his head leveled. Robin looked around and everybody else was either knocked out or trying to help the others. Artemis, Miss.M and Zatanna were hurt. Kf and superboy were running back and forth trying to check both of them . He couldn't hear anything but a ringing noise as his vision started getting blurry. Someone was standing behind huntress. Who is that? is it roy? No. He looks so familiar to Robin. He wraped something around Huntress waist. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. She was terrified and he could see it. Robin tried to move but he couldnt. Damn arms work! He yelled at himself.

"Its okay i'll be fine." she's lying. The man pulled what was wrapped around her and something swung them back then they where gone. "Huntress!" Robin's voice broke. His eyes stung as he looked through the hole in the wall.