The Uncovered.

To Wally, the superhero life and his speedhealing were perfect for covering the scars and injuries his father was inflicting. Set like a month after Auld Acquaintance. I don't know what his Holidays schedule is…. So let's say he's on holiday.

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Wally grunted, taking the fist to his jaw and stepping back with the force behind it.

He could dodge it. Easily. He could even get an ice-cream from the deli around the corner and come back in time to do a little dance before the punch would even land. But, as it was, he took it. Just like he did every other night. Because his father was angry, just like every other night, and Wally refused to let the anger become directed to his mother. So he made sure, just like every other night, that he was the first thing Rudy saw every night when he got home so that he would be in the line of fire. So that no one else got hurt but him (and possibly his father's fists when they made contact with the wall… or Wally.)

The punches were getting worse and his father no longer profusely apologizing afterwards in the morning. Instead, he refused to look Wally in the eyes. But yet he still drank, he still got angry, and he still threw those punches just like every other night.

And Wally could deal with it like no one else. Because he was a speedster, and he thanked his stars that he was. That Barry was. Otherwise, the bruises and the scars wouldn't heal so quickly and he'd be stuck with more lies or excuses like "Fell down the stairs, slipped on some ice, ran into a wall…" and so on. He figured he'd probably used up every excuse possible already just so he didn't have to tell them the truth. That every night, he'd come home to a wonderful mother who was always cooking something spectacular, then his father would come home drunk as a skunk and take his frustrations out with his fists on Wally. Every night, Wally just took it and covered it up in the morning, ignoring his dinner on the table, even though his mother still set it out for him every single night.

Wally was pinned on the wall in the hallway, ignoring the pain in his left arm. He could tell it wasn't a break, but damn it still hurt. His father was cursing, cursing at life or him or something, but it reached deaf ears. Like every other night, Mary was still cooking (mostly because Rudy would threaten to kill either her or Wally lately if she stopped cooking at all, but also because Wally begged for her to just stay out of this because he could take it. Because he could handle it, and there was no need for her to become injured too)

Wally, biting his lip, couldn't stop the cry escape his lips as he dropped from the wall when his father let go of him. That's when the kicks began, making contact with his ribs as Wally lay on his side, curling in on himself. Wally gasped in pain, winded as his father finally stopped. Rudy grunted and walked away, and the soft lull of the television reached Wally's ears. He groaned, curling in even more on himself. His body wanted to just reject every food he had managed to scoff down before the daily occurrence and just hopefully shut down, but, like every other night, Wally managed to get up. His left arm cradled across his chest, holding it as he took the struggle to get up. He took in deep breaths. His father had possibly bruised or even broken his ribs. Wally couldn't tell, but that didn't bother him. He leaned on the wall, breathing heavily. Now that would definitely be sore for a while. In speedster times, anyway.

Alright, all he had to do was act normal to the kitchen, grab some painkillers and water, kiss his mum goodnight and be off to a sleepless night. He pushed himself off the wall with his right hand, taking a step to catch himself. He turned slightly and took another step, not able to stop the sharp intake of breath as he did so. Encouraging himself, he made it through the arch in the hallway, making it to the kitchen. He walked to his mum, kissing her cheek and muttering a goodnight. She slipped the painkillers and a small bottle of water into his jacket pocket.

"Thanks," He mumbled, managing to somehow walk back to his room. He collapsed on the bed, a wince escaping as his wounds didn't appreciate it. He broke the seal for the tablet and opened the lid for the bottle, popping the tablet in his mouth and swallowing with the water. He repeated with another 3 tablets.

Tucking himself in with his cradled ribs and arm, he stared at the wall. And like every other night, he didn't get a wink of sleep. Rather just blanked out from the world and lost from its clutches.

Morning came, and Wally watched the green digits on his alarm. Like every other day, he waited for the digits to read out 7:00 AM, the time he got up on a Saturday to visit the cave. Yeah, maybe it was holidays, but he really didn't want to just lay there in bed for another nine hours. Kicking his blanket off, he rolled out of bed and, instead of catching himself, he landed on the floor with an 'umph'. He then took in a sharp intake of breath as the pain came back, only dulled because he had completely let his mind wander into mysteries unknown. He pushed himself up with his right arm, sitting there. He was hungry, like every other day, and slowly wandered out of his room to the kitchen. No one else was up, which was completely normal. He grabbed out a big bowl and poured in the cereal, adding milk. Shoving a spoon in, he began chewing it down.

He only set it down when it was finished to take a shower. Turning on the water, he undressed and stepped inside, the warm water already refreshing him slightly. He stood there for about ten minutes, letting the water wash away any worries for a bit. He washed and stepped out; changing into the clothes on the floor he had set out. His usual attire- a yellow undershirt, jeans, trainers and the red jacket. He took a glimpse in the mirror and winced.

He opened the cupboards under the sinks, grabbing out some concealer. He covered the dark rings under his eyes, already looking better. His arm still hurt, just like his ribs, and he went to the kitchen again to wash the bowl and grab some more painkillers. Swallowing them down, he placed the now finished alfoil wrapping that held the pills in the bin. He stored a candy bar in his pocket, and the concealer, and scribbled down a messy note on a post-note.

'Off to the Cave.


He no longer wrote 'Love you', because he wasn't sure if it was true or not anyway. Well, not to one particular parent anyway. It was replaced with a little lightning bolt instead. He stuck it on the fridge, grabbing the spare keys and shoving them in his pocket. He placed on a smile, the mask falling back into place. He nodded politely to some familiar faces that actually woke up at early hours like this, and he continued on his route. Making sure no one was following, he slipped into a closed down café. Going through to the dusty kitchen, he opened the phone box. No one had bothered investigating, so no one questioned the peculiar item.

He stepped in,

'Recognized. Kid Flash, B-03" The computer announced, before he was casually walking out of the zeta into the cave.

The pills were, thankfully, taking effect. His ribs, appearing headache and arm were already feeling much less painful. Not as less painful as he'd like, but it was something, at least. He was greeted by the familiar smell of pancakes.

Oh yes, he was definitely feeling better.

He knew his body would protest against any fast movements, so he walked to the kitchen. Besides, his ankle was still healing after his father managed to twist it. Now that one took a lot of explaining to get out of, especially since he hadn't even been on patrol that week. Lucky thing he was so 'clumsy' and covered it with a trip down a flight of stairs. From the on, Artemis teased him about just using the elevator.

Plopping on the seat, his mask slipped for a second as his ribs protested. It took all the courage he had not to cry out as he realized he had done that way too quickly for his ribs to manage without protest.

M'gann turned, "Hey Wally," He slipped the mask back up just in time. "Morning. Mhm, say, those pancakes look good. Not as good as Artemis, but you know, still good," He grinned, knowing his feelings were now wide in the open and he honestly didn't bother denying it. M'gann just laughed slightly as Conner walked into the room, a kiss in greeting. And the best part was Wally felt nothing at all but happiness for the both. Well, actually, he could feel the pain in his ribs and arm, but that didn't exactly count in the emotional department.

An hour later, and the entire team was there. Wally was standing next to Artemis as Black Canary walked in. They had all been reported to come at the cave at 8:30, but they were always early.

Dinah didn't waste time with introductions. It was announced there would be combat training between pairs. Wally was to go with Robin.

Right, of course. It just had to be the mini-bats. No problem. He just needed to keep his awareness sharp and make sure the bats did not land anything near his ribs or arm.

He and Rob were going up after Superboy and Artemis. Knowing how Artemis liked her concentration, he kept his mouth shut, but was cheering her on silently as he raised his fists in the air. Her swiftness was winning, but then Superboy seemed to come back with another move. She countered swiftly, before Dinah called 'Time!'

Wally shuffled on his feet, a little unsure. Dick was smiling slightly, pacing around the ring. Wally did the same, begging the bats didn't hit anything already sore. Because he didn't need to become even more injured before tonight. The computer announced the beginning, and Robin sprung up. Wally, seeing what was coming, quickly sped out to the opposite end. Robin knew he couldn't exactly change route in mid-air, and flipped before landing back on his feet. Wally didn't want to be on the offensive. Hell, he didn't even want to be in this stupid battle.

Robin noticed something was off, seeing how the teen's weight was slightly shifted onto his right. He wasn't advancing- something he usually did.

'Oh well, I can work with something different,' Dick thought, advancing towards Wally. Wally, frowning, stood still and waited for any throws.

So Robin threw. He went for a sloppy swing around the head, which, for heavens sake, Wally could've dodged. He could've moved. He could have countered.

But he didn't. Instead, he simply crossed his arms in front of his face. And that's when Dick changed the swing, a more sturdy and solid swing at his ribs.

And Wally should've dodged that. He should've moved. He should've quickly just somehow countered- like he always did when Dick pulled that move. But he didn't, and Dick narrowed his eyes.

Wally was screaming. Internally, at least. Because Dick had thrown that punch –and damn it, he's dodged that stupid move plenty of times, but he had just blanked out- and it had landed right on his ribs. And the pain was multiplying with each breath he tried to take. He took a step backwards, his eyes widened slightly. Oh, it felt like his father had just gone and thrown some bricks at him or something and then stomped on his chest. It just hurt.

Dick took a step forward. Because the punch was not that bad. He had thrown worse at Wally, but the speedster usually came back bouncing, even after a second of hurt registered across his face. But that was the problem. Wally wasn't bouncing back. He was struggling to inhale and his right arm was clutched protectively over his chest. Robin's eyes narrowed. He had seen that. He knew how that felt. Because the way Wally was reacting, it meant his ribs were already bruised up. And Robin had scored a very sore spot.

And then something else struck. Speedsters had speed healing. Which meant that maybe if Wally had acquired the injury a week or so ago, he wouldn't be clutched over in pain. But he was.

And Robin frowned. Because something was off. He couldn't remember any villains in their past weekly missions landing a spot on Wally. Or he'd be moaning for pineapple juice and nachos. Which meant that Wally must've done something stupidly idiotic, or something else was at hand? Or, maybe, it was just a fight in Central.

But either way, Wally was still struggling. Dick took another step forward, keeping his eyes locked coolly on Wally. The room around them seemed to disappear. Wally straightened up slightly.

Damn it. Damn it. He could feel Rob's eyes on him, and he cursed mentally. Because he could see the gears turning in the boys head, and it meant he was figuring something out. And usually, the bats didn't even need time to figure something out.

'He could be piecing it together,' A little voice in his head said, and he bit his lip. No. He had kept it hidden. He would keep it that way.

"S-Sorry. Cold sort of got a good throw in," Wally managed, straightening up and smiling slightly.

Robin's eyes narrowed, but he nodded. "You good?" He asked, with a response of a nod.

"Wally, go get some painkillers. That's time anyway. Alright, Rocket and Zatanna!" Dinah ordered, and Wally just rolled her eyes, mumbling a

"Yes, mother" Wally mumbled. But no, he couldn't take a painkiller. It could mean an overdose if anything. Even with his accelerated metabolism, it could still be a little risky to take any more within the short time period. So he shuffled to the kitchen instead, snagging a left over pancake and dousing it in syrup. His ribs hurt with every movement, but the food was making him feel a little better. He turned when he heard soft, familiar footsteps. He smiled as he saw Artemis walk up, hands on hips. She let her hands slide around his waist, her head resting against his shoulder.

He involuntarily let out a cry of pain as she shifted, his ribs, once again, protesting. Loudly.

Artemis frowned, "What's going on?" She demanded, her hands once again finding her hips.

"Told you, babe. Cold just got a lucky shot." He shrugged, the pancake now finished.

"And you've taken the painkillers?" She asked sceptically. Because if he had sore ribs, he wouldn't run so quickly. And that means he couldn't have made it to the medic bay then to the kitchen within the very short period of time.

"There's no pain when I'm around you." Wally knew it was cheesy, but it brought a laugh to Artemis's eyes. She ended up shoving him gently though. "Hey!" He protested, catching himself with his right arm.

Artemis noticed. "What? Something wrong about your left side? Or have you just got two left feet?" She teased, but the question was clear. 'Tell me now, what's up?'

Wally shrugged, "Hey, you know I'm Mr. Right," He had to laugh at how bad the attempt was.

"Right," The word was dragged out, and the couple turned to see the Boy Wonder standing there, arms folded. "You're hurt." Robin pointed out the obvious.

"Only my pride, Boy Wonder," The speedster smirked, his right arm going to his heart and pulling a face.

Both of the Gotham teens shook their heads in bemusement.

He had thankfully gotten away without any questions. Although he didn't miss the question on Artemis's lip as he kissed goodbye, standing in front of the zeta. She was staying longer to have some time with Zatanna, but he had to get home.

"I'm fine," He lied, but the mask was holding. She just nodded.

He gave another kiss and he grinned, "I could get used to this,"

"Aren't you already?" She smirked.

"Never." He went for another kiss. His attempt was futile as she basically shoved him to the Zeta. "See you later, Wall-Man," She chuckled as his arms flailed slightly as he was Zeta'd off.

That night, Wally just stood there, blanked out –exactly like in the combat training- as his father repeatedly smashed his fists on Wally.

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