Summary: AU. 5x03/5x04. His dying wish was to see his brother one last time. But maybe it was just too much for ask for.

WARNINGS: Temporary deathfic.

Dying Wish

(Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.)

Penetrating trauma to the chest. Pulmonary laceration. Damaged heart. Too late. We did the best we could. Very less time to live.

All those haunting words kept whirling in his mind like a hurricane, repeating like a bullet bouncing back, richochetting off the walls of his head, echoing constantly inside his mind. He couldn't bear the thought of losing any one of the boys, because they were like his own sons. And if you lose one, you lose the other too, right? He doesn't want to believe the words the doctor said, - He wants to believe that there is a way, that the doctor was wrong.

But looking at the kid, looking so pale, so small under the plain hospital sheets, so oddly young and old at the same time, the dark shadows over his sickly-white face told him everything they said were true.

The youngest Winchester isn't going to live for much long. The wound had damaged his heart terribly, courtesy of those damn hunters. He immediately recognized Tim and Reggie from that girl's description, Lisa? Lindsey? Whatever her name was. If he wasn't in this damn wheel chair, he would've punched those assholes' faces in.

He felt a pang of guilt churn his gut. If he didn't send those hunters to Sam, maybe none of this would've happened.

The twitch in the Winchester's hand pulls him out of his reverie and he feels a small smile stretch across his lips. He takes hold of his weak hand, squeezing his baby soft skin lightly. "That's it, kid. Open up your eyes." He encourages softly.

Sam weakly rolls his head towards the voice and scrunched up his eyebrows, his eyes still closed. He half-whispers, half-mumbles out his brother's name, his heavy eye-lids still protesting at being lifted. "D'n?"

"No, it's Bobby." He corrects gently and gives his hand another gentle squeeze.

"B'bby?" Sam whispers feebly. "Wh'r's D'n?" He mumbles indistinctly and it takes Bobby a few seconds to understand what he was saying.

Damn, he really forgot to call that idgit brother of his, and he knows for sure, Dean's gonna murder him for being even this late.

Sam's eyes struggle to open, and after a few hard tries, he manages to flutter them open successfully, but only half-way, revealing his hazel eyes through half-mast eyes. He hears beeping machines, he smells antiseptic, and he sees white walls and ceilings as he looks around, and he immediately knows that he's in a hospital. His whole body feels weak and aches, considering the beating he got from those hunters, but it was the pain in his heart that hurt worse than all the others, and plus, he also feels like he's dying. He turns his head to Bobby and squints through the blur still clouding his vision.

"Hey kid." Bobby greets softly. "Welcome back." He knows he isn't going to ask if he's okay, because that's a really stupid question for someone who's about to die in under a week. He feels his heart wrench violently when he sees a weak smile thrown his way, reminding him that he's never going to see that bright, dimpled smile ever again.

And he watches as that smile starts to fade slowly when he starts telling him about what the doctors said.


Bobby sighs softly as he wheels out of the room with his phone in his hand. He presses speed dial number one and puts the phone to his ear. The thought of the youngest Winchester dying was overwhelming enough for him, and he just can't imagine how Dean would feel.

The other line picks up after a few rings. "Hey Bobby." Dean greets him.

Bobby stays silent for a while, contemplating whether or not he should tell him.

He deserves to know. A small voice in the back of his mind says. It was his own.

"Bobby? You okay?" Dean asks worriedly on the other line.

Bobby bites his lip and sighs. "It's Sam, Dean." He answers softly. "You need to get here as soon as ya can."

"What - what happened?" He asks on the other line quietly, concern evident in his voice.

"We're in a hospital." Bobby looks at Sam's room. "He's askin' for ya. I'll tell you everything once ya get here."

Silence ensued on the other line, an internal battle that Bobby can sense and he knows Dean isn't going to say no to this.

But what he hears next shocks him to the core. Anger burning inside him like fire and at the same time, he was appalled by Dean's cold words and behaviour.

"Well, tell him I can't come, I'm sorry." He answers, his tone changing to hard and icy with coldness.

"Dean - what?" He whispers, appalled.

"I can't come running to him every time he gets hurt, Bobby. He's a grown up now and he doesn't need me anymore. His actions' of the past year had shown that. This whole separation thing? It was his idea, and he can't take that back like it never happened. I'm sorry Bobby, but not this time. You're there anyway, you take care of him." He says.

"He does need you dammit! That's why he's asking for you! That's why he wants to see you!" Bobby yells into the phone desperately.

"...I'm sorry Bobby." Dean says, sticking to his answer stubbornly.

"Don't do this Dean. He's - " about to die and you won't ever see him again.

But he doesn't get the chance to say the rest when the other line starts beeping. He pulls the phone off of his ear, shocked.


Bobby wheels inside Sam's room, who was staring at him with such intense hope glowing in his eyes and he just knows he doesn't have it in him to shatter it. He bites his lips.

"'S he c'ming?" Sam whispers weakly.

Bobby stares quietly at him and tries to swallow down the lie, but seeing him look so hopeful, and he knows the truth is gonna break him into pieces.

So he forces the answer out, wrenches the lie from his body and says it out loud.

"Yeah kid. He's comin'."

Something inside him breaks when he sees the utter relief and happiness on his face.

Okay, I know, I know. You guys hate me for making Dean like that, hell, I hate me, but trust me, he doesn't really know that Sam's gonna die, or else he would've dropped everything and ran to the hospital and he would've racked his brains trying to find a way to save Sam. :D And for any mistakes there, as you all might know if you have read my first fanfic that English is NOT my language and this is my second fanfic here. :) Review please, constructive criticism is welcome but I'll admit, I do bruise a little easily so...point them out in a kind manner, please? LOL. And I don't know much about all the medical-mumbo-jumbo stuff so excuse my nonsense.