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If you wanna talk, I'm right here.

She never thought she would see this day come. Not in a million years. The day that the love of her life walked in and told her and her friends that he was getting married. The words came out of his mouth and hit her like a tone of bricks. As much as she wanted to be happy for both of them, she couldn't. She was scared to admitt to him and herself that she still had feelings for him. As she, Lily and Marshall walked over to the happy couple everything slowed down. She stood there and watched her best friends embrace both Quinn and Barney. She could feel her eyes well up. But being Robin she kept her emotions to herself. She blinked away the tears and walked up to Barney whilst Lily, Quinn and Marshall went into the nusery. 'So last chance to run away together. Doors right there.' He said breaking the tension.

'Yes, start a new life.' Robin said laughing

'Head for the boarder.'


'Nah, Mexico, Canada sucks.'

'Well you're one quarter Canadian so logically that means you quarter suck.'

'Im a 100% awesome and you know it.'

'Yeah i do.'

'Look i hope this isn't weird or anything because..'

'Barney,' She said said interupting him.

' Im, Im really happy for you,'


'Really,' She said giving a small smile

He pulled Robin into a deep hug. She wrapped her arms around his neck and took in his embrace. He kissed her softly on the top of his head. 'Don't screw this up Stinson.' She said pulling out of their hug. 'I'll try not to.' He repiled with a soft sigh.

An hour later and the whole gang, with the absent of Ted, was sat in MacLaren's. Robin didnt seem to focus on any of the conversations that was held between her friends. As soon as they mentioned the words 'Baby' or 'Wedding' Robin zoned out. It wasnt that she didnt want to be apart of the celebration of the engagment or the swooning over the new baby Eriksen. She did. But something in her heart told her it wasnt a good idea. Every so often she would feel a nudge from Braney making sure she was okay. And every so often she would feel better for a few secounds. But with another swig of scotch her troubles came back to her. She started to feel like the 'Third-Wheel' within the group. It wasnt they same as it was seven years ago. A engaged couple, a guy looking for 'the one' and two people that was scared to committ. Now the engaged couple beamce a marrried couple with a baby. The guy that was scared of committment was getting married. And the one that was still looking for the one, well he was still sticking to his guns and was still looking for her. And then was Robin, she was still in the same positon as she was all them years ago. Whats wrong with me? She thought to herself. She downed her last bit of scotch and started to get up. 'Where you going Robin?' Lily asked her. Damn it! She thought. She thought they was to deep in their conversation that they wouldnt notice her get up and leave. 'Erm, I've got to be up earily..for work , so I thought I would go and get some rest.' She lied. She couldnt sit there anymore and feel like crap. 'Okay sweetie, well me and Marsh walk you out, we need to put Marvin to bed.' Lily said sliding out of the booth. 'O..Okay.' Robin heistated. As much as she loved Lily she knew she would try and get why she was so upset out of her. As soon as they statred walking out Robin could feel a tear come down her face. Crap. she wiped it away before Lily or Marshall noticed. 'Are you okay Robin?' Marshall asked putting an arm around her shoulder. Well done Scherbatsky. 'Yeah, I'm fine Marshall I'm just...tried thats all.' She said giving him a weak smile. She knew that he didnt believe her but he left it there. 'You know if you wanna talk, we're right here.' Lily said from the other side of her. Oh crap. This led Robin to a flashback.

'Hey tuts how about a ride?' A voice shouted from the car window. Robin climed into the back of the car not knowing who it was. 'Oh, Hey Robin its you.' It was Barney. 'So is this ride a way to apologize for this morning?' She said looking at him.

'I'm sorry I never apologize,' He said 'And why would I.'

'You kidding me!' This led her to explaining the events that took place earlier that morning.

'What you really had something to talk about?'He questioned

'Yes, I have spent the last six years in this city focusing on my career all for nothing, some lady nearly got me killed, Mury Povich stole my cab. I swear This city is starting to reject me like a bad organ transplant. Everyone keeps saying that im not a real New Yorker, well maybe I should stop trying.'

'Robin I had no idea you..'

'No its all my fault for thinking you might care.' She said to him firmly 'Ranjit would you stop the car.'

'Stopping the car.'Radjit said.

'No dont stop the car.' Barney inforced

'Not stopping the car.'

'Seriously stop the car.' Robin said sternly

'Seroiouly stopping the car.'

Robin began to get out of the car when Barney started to talk her agian. 'Look wait, wait. Hold on if you wanna talk, i'm right here.'

There was a moment of silence at the back to the car. As much as she wanted to talk to him she was still very pissed off at him at the same time. So all she said was, 'Carrots and Peas.' and then she left.

Not wanting to leave the conversation like she did last year she replied with. 'Thats guys, it means alot. It really does.' She said pulling them both into a brief but sweet hug. They waved her goodbye as she got into the cab. What would that conversation lead to if she didnt get out of the car? She thought to herself at the back of the cab. Alone.

If you hadn't guess it yet the episode from where the flash back came from was indeed Subway Wars. Hope you enjoyed it.