MERRY CHRISTMAS! I have tried so hard to get this up but I didn't relise how little time after everything I have to do. So here you guys go. Enjoy!

It had been a rough day for Barney. His best friend left him in the pouring rain. Quinn left him when he told her he couldn't go through with the wedding. He let the wedding recepetion to continue to allow his friends to have fun. But if he was honest with himeself he felt like utter crap. Ted, on the other, had better luck. When he walked Barney back inside the church he bumped into the owner of the yellow umberella. Her name was Daisy and she was pefect. She had brown hair and the bluest eye's he has even seen. He spent most of the night with her. Talking, dancing, laughing. He has never been so happy in his life. He walked over to Barney when Daisy went to the restroom. 'How are you doing buddy?' He said patting him on his back. 'I've had better days.' He said with a sad smile. Ted sat down next to him. They both watched as Lily and Marshall played with their baby boy. 'Why can't it be that easy, you know? Fall in love with you best friend, get married, live happily ever after. Why can't I have that?' Barney said looking at Ted with the saddest eyes he has ever seen. 'You did.' He said simply.


'Yeah, really. We sat down, we had the talk. Barney's my boyfriend know.'

'And Robin's my girlfriend. I know it sounds nuts but it feels good to say.'

'We're both affraid of committment but the fact is we also can't live without each other.'

'And if the alternative is not being together then its worth taking this risk cause..she's awesome.'

'He's awesome. He looks nice in a suit.'

'She can handle her soctch.'

'He's my boyfriend.'

'And she's my girlfriend.'

'Ted I have to go.' Barney said standing up. 'Btw. Make sure you kiss her.' Barney said with a wink. Ted smiled a little. His eyes got covered up by someone's hands. He pulled them away from his face and it was Daisy. 'Hey!' He said facing her. 'Hey. How's Barney doing?' She said walking around the chair and sitting on his lap. 'Better, I think. He's acutally gone for a walk...I think.' He said with a slight confused look on his face. 'Hey lets play a game. Try collect as many bottles of wine off the tables as you can.' He said tickling her sides every so slightly. 'What does the winner get?' She said with a giggle. 'Wait and see.' Ted replied with a wink. She jumped and ran to the nearest table that had some wine. 'Hey cheater!' He said leaping from his seat.

Barney ran out the front door of the church and headed towards the main street flagging down a cab while he did. He jumped into the first cab that stopped. He told the taxi driver the address of the apartment building and waited. His heart pounded in his chest and a smile appered on his face. He couldn't believe what he was doing. A few short hours ago he was going to marry someone he thought he loved. He knew he didn't but Quinn was a safe choice. Robin was something completely differenet. As much as she hurt him and as much of a jackass he was to her he had never stopped loving her. The cab stopped suddely outside the apartment building. He threw a random amount of money at the taxi and jumped out. He ran as fast he could to her apartment. He got outside her down. He stood there for a moment to catch his breath and then knocked.

Meanwhile back at the church the reception had finnished. Most of the guest had left, many went to the hotel cross the street. Only Daisy and Ted had stayed at the reception hall. They were both sat on the dance floor drinking the bottles of wine they managed to collected. 'You know I really enjoyed tonight, Ted.'

'Me too, well apart from my best friend calling of his wedding, but everything else, with you, was awesome.'

'We should do something like this again. Hey give me your phone.'


'So I can hit myself over the head with it. What do you think I want it for?' She said laughing. Ted passed his phone over to her and she put her number in his cell. Then took his number out of his phone and put it in her's. 'Now I can call you.' She said with a smile. She stood up, picked up her shoes and began walking away when her phone rang. 'Hello?'

'It works.' She turned around to see Ted stood up with the phone against his ear and a smuge smile on his face. She walked back over towards him and pushed her lips against his.

Robin was sat on her sofa looking at an old photo album. It had pictures of her and her friends. Before Hurricane Quinn. There was a photo of her and Barney. It was on Halloween. Barneys arm was wrapped around her waist and she was kissing his cheek. She smiled at the memory. She almost jumped out of her skin when there was a knock at her door. She put the photos down on the coffee table and walked towards the door. 'Barney?' She said shocked.

'You're Canadian.' He said firmly.

'Erm, thanks for the reminder? What do you want Barney?'

'You're Canadian,'He contiuned as he walked into her apartment, 'You're a gun nut. You're crazy and loud.' He paused for a moment. 'And thats what I love about you. I love they way you laugh, the way you drink your soctch, the way you go all canadian when your drunk.' He could see that a small smile had appered on her face. He moved closer towards and continued. 'I love how I can talk to you about anything, I love the way you're eyes twinkle when you cry. I love everything about you that you don't. You're the most beautiful women I have ever met. Dude your WAY more then a ten.' She laughed at the way her said 'way'. 'I love the way you laugh at my jokes when no-one else does. I you.' He looked at her straight into her eyes. She pulled onto his tie and kissed him. It took him by suprsise but he imbraced it. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her in ever so slightly. Robin pulled away suddenly. 'Wait. What about Qui-'

'We broke up. I told her that i couldn't marry her cause I couldn't trust her. And even though I thought I did, I didn't love her.' He said smiling. 'Not as much as I love you.' Robin smiled and pulled him in for another kiss.

Hope you liked and how amazing was Monday's episode. I have watched the last ten minutes over and over again because its just so perfect. THEY ARE ENGAGED AND IM HAPPY AND THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESTENT EVER AND AAAAARRRRRRR!

P.S Hope you guys survive the 'end of the world'.