A TEEN TITANS fan fic by Camlop/ZipZap2

GENRES: Humor, Romance

PAIRINGS: RobStar, BBxRae (accidental)

SUMMARY: Larry's back to whip up chaos! This time, he ends up accidentally getting Raven and Beast Boy shot by leftover arrows from the whole Cupid incident. Can Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire reverse the effects and get their teammates back to normal?


Raven groaned. She had been meditating in the Main Ops room, only to have her concentration shattered by Beast Boy's yell. The half-demoness swung around and shot Beast Boy an angry look, complete with clenched teeth, glowing eyes, and furrowed brows.

"I was meditating," she barked. "Where do you have the nerve to disturb me?"

"Uh… heh, heh," Beast Boy chuckled awkwardly, but he did not step back. "Sorry…"

She calmed down and approached Beast Boy, raising an eyebrow at the large cardboard box in his hands. "What's that?"

"Dunno yet," Beast Boy shrugged. He got an idea and wiggled his eyebrows at Raven. "Must be from one of my many admirers!"
Raven rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Was there anything else in the mail?"

"Just some herbs in a small flask, but I threw 'em out because it looked like trash," Beast Boy answered indifferently. When he saw the angry look on Raven's face, he raised his arms. "Hey! I was just kidding! They're right here."

He pulled out a flask of herbs from behind his back and Raven took no time at all in snatching it from him. Beast Boy busied himself by opening the box. He raised an eyebrow at its contents and then pulled out a note.

"'To: The Titans Boys,'" he read aloud. "'I hope these stank-arrows will make good pranking material. Stankball looks like fun, so I found these stank-arrows to give to you! Your friend, L.'" He looked confused. "Who's L?"

"Elle, like a girl, or L, the letter?" Raven asked, taking the note from Beast Boy's hands. He immediately snatched it back.

"The package is for us Titans Boys. Are you a boy? Didn't thin-" He paused and smiled mischievously. "Actually, that would explain a lot."
Raven growled, prompting an apology from the changeling, and she looked down at the stank-arrows. She turned and proceeded to the door. The pale Titan stopped and looked over her shoulder at Beast Boy as the doors slid open.

"If you shoot me with those, you're going to experience a whole, new level of pain."

Beast Boy still wasn't sure who sent the letters—after all, there were so many people in the world whose names started with 'L'—but he did know that he was definitely going to enjoy pranking Cyborg. As he set up a contraption in the hallway, Raven came by and saw what he was doing.

"Hey, Raven!" Beast Boy greeted, flashing a grin as he stood on a ladder adjusting some wires. "Wanna help me prank Cyborg?"

"Have you ever even pranked anyone?"


"Why not? It's fun!"
"It's not my thing."

Raven approached Beast Boy, and she couldn't help but notice he was tying some wires incorrectly. If he wanted the planted arrow to fire, he'd need to adjust a few things. She raised an eyebrow, which Beast Boy noticed.

"What? Am I doing something wrong?" the changeling asked, looking down at his teammate from the top of the ladder.

"Let me take care of this."

Beast Boy stepped down from the ladder, but Raven didn't need it. He stood behind her and watched intently as she used her powers to adjust a few things. A knot here, some loosening there…

The changeling heard footsteps approaching. He waved his arms frantically, though Raven couldn't see. A shadow appeared around the corner, but Raven still wasn't done. Beast Boy had to do something!
"He's coming!"

Startled, Raven gasped and stepped back, bumping into Beast Boy. She withdrew her powers as she attempted to regain her balance, but Beast Boy grabbed her and helped her stand straight. Just as the figure around the corner appeared, the arrow launched—but not at Cyborg.


Raven clutched her stomach, where the arrow had shot her and bounced off. But there was no "stankiness"—in fact, the only thing weird that happened was Raven merely shrugged it off… that, and her eyes were wide open as though something in her mind went awry. She looked silently at Beast Boy with her mouth agape.

"Yo! What just happened? Are you alright?" Cyborg asked, rushing over to Raven. He looked at Beast Boy, expecting an explanation. "This better be good, BB! You know not to mess with Raven!"
"I didn't. I mean, I wasn't trying to," Beast Boy stammered, rubbing the back of his head. "I got some stank-arrows in the mail from someone who signed as the letter L. But I guess they're dysfunctional."

"Or something else," Cyborg muttered, thinking as he tapped his chin. "What if this is some attack by a villain? This is bad!"
Raven pulled her hood over her head and she turned the corner, heading for her bedroom. Beast Boy and Cyborg looked at each other and shrugged, wondering what was going on. Suddenly a cloud of smoke appeared and after a few seconds of coughing, the smoke cleared to allow Beast Boy and Cyborg to see a figure.

"Oh no," Cyborg whined. "Not you again!"
"Hi, Beast Boy, Cyborg!" the midget figure greeted excitedly, bouncing in midair.

Robin turned the corner at that point. "Hey, Raven looks weird, did something ha-" Robin froze at the sight of the figure, and his face drooped. "Oh, no."
"Robin!" the figure shrieked, beaming at his alternate dimension self. "Boy, it's good to see you again! Oh, goody, goody!"
Robin scowled. "What are you here for, Larry?"
Larry calmed down, a nervous smile creeping onto his face. He sat down in midair, tapping his chin. "I, uh, sort of sent you guys a box of what I meant to put stank-arrows in, but I accidentally put in leftover arrows from… uh…"
"From what?" Beast Boy pushed.

"Or from who," Cyborg noted.

Larry grinned awkwardly as he ruffled his hair. "They're leftover arrows from Cupid."


"CUPID'S ARROWS?" all three of the Titans boys yelled simultaneously.

Robin stretched his face with his hands in agony. "Did the arrow do anything to Raven?"
"Um, well, you know how Cupid's arrows work," Larry began. "I'm sure you all remember what happened last time."

Beast Boy paled, but Cyborg looked like he was about to burst out laughing.

"You mean…?"

"You were the first one she looked at, BB," Cyborg said, smiling teasingly. "You know what that means, don't you?"

"We need to fix this," Robin said halfheartedly, rubbing the back of his neck and looking as though he were on the verge of laughing. Beast Boy and Larry were the only unamused ones. "Hopefully Raven's sane enough to figure out how to help reverse the effects." Robin turned and gave Larry a baffled look. "I thought you emptied out Cupid's arrows last time. What do you mean you had leftover arrows?"
Larry shrugged. "I'm not sure how I ended up with them. I just found them."

Robin shook his head with frustration. He obviously couldn't get answers—or help, for that matter—from Larry, so the Titans would have to fix this themselves. "How about you head back home and watch us work from there?"
Larry frowned. "I can try to help!"
"Remember what happened last time?"
Larry's face drooped and he slouched. "Alriiiight." He looked up and smiled. "Bye, bye, Robin!" And with a poof of smoke, he was gone.

The boys turned to face each other. Beast Boy's face was now red, and Cyborg and Robin were stifling laughs. Starfire turned the corner and approached them, smiling as she noticed their amused expressions.

"Good morning, friends!" Starfire greeted, beaming. "What joyous activity is giving you the laughter?"

"He-Raven-they-there's-arrows-Larry-there's—" Cyborg couldn't manage to get a sentence through, leaving Starfire baffled.

Robin calmed down, but there was still a huge grin plastered on his face. He turned to Starfire and explained the entire situation. Starfire looked worried, which grabbed Cyborg's attention and shut him up.

"Friend Raven has told me that she does not 'do love.' So this must be false love, correct?"

Beast Boy was the first to speak up. "There was Malchior, though. But that was…" his voice trailed off.

"Different, yes?" Starfire finished for him. Beast Boy nodded silently.

Robin and Cyborg's faces dropped into one of concern when they noticed that Beast Boy looked completely serious… but it looked like there was something else. Sadness? No, that wouldn't make sense…

Starfire tapped her chin dramatically as she thought. Beast Boy gazed off into the windows, looking at the ocean as the waves were lit up by the sun. The city skyline was off to the left, and everything looked peaceful.

The team leader crossed his arms, assuming a position of authority. He looked down at the arrow that hit Raven; it was on the floor. He picked it up and handed it to Beast Boy. Beast Boy reluctantly took it, and he examined the arrow, lifting it up to his face to see the details clearer.

"What should we do with the arrow?" Robin asked.

Beast Boy shrugged. "Throw it away."

"Maybe we should keep it in the meantime," Cyborg suggested. "We might need it to fix Ra-"


The team widened their eyes and looked at Beast Boy, who had accidentally pricked his finger with the arrowhead, which was shaped like a red heart. They gasped, and Robin snatched the arrow from him, snapping it in half.

"Why did you do that? You should've been more careful!" Robin scolded. He gave the broken arrow halves to Starfire, who promptly diminished it to ashes by blasting it with her eyes. "How do you feel? Do you have any more arrows? I really don't want to ask Larry—or Cupid—for more."

"There's a box with, like, four more in the Main Ops," Beast Boy said, but his voice sounded monotone, which was unusual—at least for him, it was. His eyes were widened. "And I feel…" His voice trailed off.

"Well?" Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire said simultaneously, crossing their arms.

"Um… I'm gonna go now," Beast Boy said, turning red again. He ran off to his bedroom, leaving Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire behind.

"Any clue what that was about?" Cyborg asked, unfolding his arms to scratch his head. Robin and Starfire shook their heads.