After a literally exhausting fight against Phobia, the Titans dragged themselves back to Titans Tower. They were ready to slump into their beds and pass out as soon as they made contact with their pillows. But there were two people in the tower who weren't prepared to let that happen…

"Wonder Girl?" Robin asked as he stepped into the Main Ops room with the rest of the team; Cyborg had detected two people in the tower. "Can we make this quick? We're about to pass out; we just defeated Phobia."

Wonder Girl smiled, glancing at the floating baby next to her. "Cupid, you ready?"
The baby nodded, and he swooped towards the Titans. "Okay, who's Raven?" The hooded figure stepped up. "And Beast Boy..?" The green changeling walked up to Raven's right. Cupid smiled at the two. "I now pronounce you husband and wife—just kidding!" Cupid added quickly so the Titans wouldn't kill him. He pulled out an arrow, but instead of a heart, it was just a spearhead that happened to be made out of pure gold. "This won't hurt."
"Dude, whenever people say 'this won't hurt,' it hurts!" Beast Boy retorted tiredly. Little did he know, Cupid had already shot him with the anti-arrow. Beast Boy looked down when he heard the clack! of the arrow hitting the floor. "Oh. Was that it?"
"Almost!" Cupid said, smiling as he swooped down to grab the arrow. He reloaded it into his bow, aimed it at Raven, and fired it. It bounced off her leotard and she raised an eyebrow. "Done! How do ya two feel?"
"I feel… like I did before the incident." Raven wrapped her cloak around her.

"Yeah, same," added Beast Boy.

"Alright, how do you two feel about each other?"
The two Titans blushed, but only Wonder Girl and Cupid noticed; the other Titans were behind the pair and they couldn't see their faces.

Raven and Beast Boy looked at each other awkwardly. "The same before the incident."
"Well then," Cupid said, turning to Wonder Girl. "My job here is done! And make sure all my leftover arrows get destroyed; I don't want them falling into the wrong hands again." With that said, Cupid zoomed out of the tower, heading back to his home.

Wonder Girl turned to the Titans, smiling. "This must have been an awkward experience for you all!"
"Actually, I think we put up with it quite well," Raven commented, smiling slightly.

Beast Boy scratched his head and looked at Raven. "Hey, Rae, how come you didn't get all giddy-giddy for me like the others did last time Larry wrecked havoc? I mean, I've seen you around Aqualad. I've seen the way you and Starfire look at him." The mentioning of Starfire brought Robin to his full senses; the Boy Wonder was completely awake and alert now.
Raven shrugged. "I'm used to hiding my emotions."
Beast Boy frowned. "Yeah, but when you're happy or in love or whatever, your powers don't go haywire like they do when you're angry or really upset."
"I…" Raven paused, but she sighed, defeated. "I suppose you're right."
"Ha! I will forever remember you telling me I was right!" Beast Boy cheered, pumping a victory fist. The other Titans laughed.

Raven rolled her eyes and she turned to go to the kitchen. "I'm going to get some herbal tea."

Meanwhile, Wonder Girl turned to face the rest of the Titans. She put her arms on her hips. "I'd love to stay and hang around for a bit, but Amazon's calling me. My sis is visiting, and she should be there in a few hours. So I gotta blast!"
The Titans nodded and smiled. "Thanks for your help!"
"Honestly, I cracked up when you first explained your situation," she told Robin, smiling. Beast Boy grunted. "Er, sorry, Beast Boy, but I think anyone and everyone would."

After Wonder Girl left, the Titans were gathered together on the couch watching a horror movie—well, the credits, anyway. Raven had passed out of exhaustion towards the end of the movie—she fought the exhaustion, but she didn't want to go to her room and so she lost the battle—which resulted in her falling asleep. The sleeping mage was dozing away, and although she was sitting, she was leaning towards Beast Boy. She wasn't actually resting her head on his shoulder or anything, but it was close enough to make Beast Boy's stomach flop around. He didn't move.

On the other end of the sofa, Robin and Starfire were cuddling. Robin's head kept drooping along with his eyelids, but he would suddenly shoot up, his eyes wide. Starfire had somehow regained all of her energy, and she was popping mustard-soaked popcorn into her mouth happily as she watched bloopers next to the credits play. Cyborg was yawning often, which made Beast Boy do the same.

"Alright, y'all," Cyborg boomed, standing up and stretching out his arms. Raven shot up, startled by his voice. "I'm headin' to bed. Looks like Starfire's the only one really awake here."

Raven looked at the spot she had been snoozing on, and her face turned crimson. Quickly she pulled on her hood and stood up as Cyborg left for the door. She glanced at Robin, who had successfully fallen asleep. The empath's gaze then turned to Starfire.

"Star, you should carry him to his room," Raven suggested. Starfire nodded, smiling, and she set the bowl of popcorn aside to do so.

Raven and Beast Boy were the only ones left. The changeling rubbed his eyes, which were slightly red.

"You should get some rest."
"So should you," Beast Boy replied, slightly grinning. "You were the one sleeping really close to me. You sure Cupid fixed everything?"

Raven blushed again. "Were you hoping he didn't?" And with that said, the empath hurried out of her room; the faster she got to her room, the faster she could get some Z's.

Beast Boy stared at the shut Main Ops doors. What was that supposed to mean? He had to admit, he wasn't the smartest, but Raven could've tried to not be so… cryptic.

Sighing, he reached over and grabbed the remote, turning off the television. Maybe he could catch his sleep here on the sofa… it was pretty comfortable. Before he knew it, his eyes were shut and he was dreaming of zombies. Oddly enough, Raven was leading the army of zombies… but the zombies were attacking a giant, evil chicken.

…Okay, this was definitely the weirdest day ever. At least he didn't kiss Raven.

Bad timing to think of that. In his dream, Raven kissed his cheek, which left him freaking out. Sigh.