Night of the Kyuubi's appearance and the masked mans plan unfolds:

"Minato you can't do this to your own child" Hiruzen Sarutobi, 'God of Shinobi' and 'the professor' pleads to Minato Namikaze 'Yellow Flash of Konoha'. Minato pauses, looking out the window of the tall Hokage tower and looks upon his half destroyed village with a tear slowly sliding down his face as he realises the hard and arduous path his own flesh and blood must walk. "I will not put this burden on any other child of this village or family, it must be Naruto, I know in my heart he will one day bring peace to this dark ninja world we live in, Master Jiraiya believed it too be me, but I will pass on not only my own will of fire to my son, but he will carry the strongest and most evil of all bijuu, just like his mother and Mito Uzumaki before him. Yet unlike his mother and Mito he will not lock away this power, he will harness the Kyuubi and tame the untameable, he will be the fire that lights the way for this village in the dark times that will come as he has strong Uzumaki and Namikaze blood flowing through him." Minato slowly turns to Hiruzen with a hardened glare that would make men any lesser then the third pass out from fear. "Hiruzen, I am no fool I would ask my son be seen as a hero, but I know the fate of Jinchuuriki is an incredibly hard one. You must promise me that you will watch over my son, I don't care if you are busy with paperwork, I don't care if you are in a meeting with those despicable council!" he continued boring holes into Hiruzen nearly making him quake in his shinobi sandals. "You will find time for my son and treat him as your own because I will not let him suffer the fate of loneliness if I can help it." He finished softly. "Minato I will protect Naruto with my life and treat him as my own, I will strive to keep him safe and happy and will not allow harm to befall him I pledge this with my life" as he looks directly into the Namikaze's eyes with determination and resolve. Minato looks thankfully at Hiruzen and sighs "thank you Hiruzen, I know it will be hard but do your best, I will be watching from above". But before Minato flashes off at the speed of light a baby's cry breaks the small silence that the room has and both shinobi look at Minato's bundle carried in his arms with sympathy and watering eyes. "SShhhhhh my son, it's ok, your father is here, he will protect you" he soothingly breathes out while rubbing circles on the child's back to settle the crying baby. His eyes harden again as he looks up to Hiruzen. "Good bye newly reinstated Third Hokage" Minato says with a hint of humour as Hiruzen rolls his eyes good naturedly which quickly turns to sorrow and replies " Good bye my boy" giving him a hug "I will see you in the afterlife when the shinigami comes for me" .

And with that said and done Minato uses his famous Hirashin and flashes through space and time to the battle field where the Kyuubi rages, hundreds trying to battle this creature that towers over the forests of Hi no Kuni at the eastern wall of the village that is virtually gone and surrounding village houses and buildings reduced to rubble. He looks at this destructive yet slightly majestic beast that is a limitless ball of chakra attempting to destroy his home by the command of the masked man. "The masked man will pay for his crimes against the village and my family, Naruto will stop him and resolve this broken lands constant war and violence". Some of the soldiers see him on the battlefield and begin to cheer and cry out in happiness "Lord Hokage! He is here, he will defeat this wretched demon!" shouts of agreement followed and the morale of the ninja on the battlefield increases dramatically.

"All of you, back away as far as you can and be prepared for anything! I will defend our village with my life" Minato shouts as he begins to ready his Shiki Fuin to bring the God of Death. After all of the ninja have cleared out, the great demon fox looks down at Minato and chuckles evilly "and what will you do young mortal? I could squash you right now, Hokage, pathetic! Get out of my way so I can find that despicable mortal who was controlling me and DESTROY HIM!" the fox finishes with complete and utter malice bringing out so much killing intent that all the ninja and civilians in a kilometre radius fell to their knees in fear and hopelessness. But not the Yondaime, he stood with even more vigour and determination looking this monster of utter destruction, able to destroy mountains and create tsunamis with the flick of his tail. "Kyuubi I will not try to stop you with words, but I will not allow you to bring further harm to my village or its people" this brought renewed interest in the fox as he looked down at the only mortal in existence besides his last two jailors to ever stand up to him, the strongest of the bijuu, and he wasn't even locked in his jail anymore. "Human, I must commend you for your resilience and determination, but I will crush you like a fly and this village, I am the strongest of the Bijuu what can you possibly do to stop me?". As the Kyuubi finished his speech Minato had finished creating a barrier around the beast but not only that he looked to his left as he heard a roar of battle see none other than his love, Kushina "Minato I can't hold him long with my chakra chains, I'm already weakened from him being pulled out of me!" she was severely weakened from the bijuu being extracted from her and barely standing on her feet, her long beautiful red hair plastered to her delicate face and head, her blue eyes pulsing out determination. An altar appears under the little baby Naruto and Minato and Kushina both smile with sadness at the son they no they can never see grow into a man, never take to school, never tell him stories before he goes to bed and never be there to comfort him if he has a bad dream. Tears leak from both their eyes when Kushina slowly trudges towards her son and husband "Hey there little Naru-chan , its mama, I just want you to know before we leave you that we love you very dearly and that we wished it could be different and that we could see you grow, but know that I will always be in your heart forever with your father by my side-" she is interrupted by a huge roar of fury that shakes the entire village " FOOL! I will not be sealed inside your child! I have just been allowed to be free-" Kyuubi is then also interrupted by Kushina and glared at with so much killer intent that even the demon fox second guesses his chances at fighting a new mother. " CAN IT YOU OVERGROWN FUZZBALL! I'M TALKING TO MY SON WHOM YOU WILL BE SEALED IN AND I DON'T CARE IF YOUR THE SHINIGAMI HIMSELF YOU WILL BE TRY TO BE NICE TO HIM UNLIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING YOU HAVE EVER CROSSED PATHS WITH OR I WILL COME FROM DEATH ITSELF AND-" " Kushi-Chan I need to have a final word with the Kyuubi before I summon the shinigami" Minato interrupts his wife which he is returned with a killing stare. After clearing his throat and shaking off his immense fear he looks back up at the towering kitsune and says "Fox, I know you want to be free like any other animal in this world, but I cannot allow this as the masked man WILL come back for you and control you, but what I need from you is to bond with our son, help him and become partners to help rid the world of that man who will undoubtedly bring despair and war to the lands" as he finishes this the fox looks at him incredulously and narrows his eyes to slits " You want me, the most powerful bijuu in existence to cooperate with a foolish mortal boy! NEVER! I will destroy that sharingan wielder and rid his clan of existence!" the fox roars with fury and malice. "No you will not Kyuubi because he will control you again and use you to destroy the elemental nations; I cannot and will not allow this. I tried to reason with you but why would I do that with the great kitsune." He says with a hint of sarcasm and amusement. And without further adieu finishes summoning the death god himself and begins pulling only half of the bijuu into his only son when his wife puts her hands onto his and starts pushing the last of her chakra into his hands to strengthen the seal " Minato I want you to seal the whole Kyuubi in Naruto, and yes you're wondering why, but firstly, I want to be with you, I do not want to leave you within the belly of the shinigami, you will come with me to the afterlife so we can properly watch over our son but secondly and most importantly sealing only the yang part of the Kyuubi will effect Naruto's chakra in a terrible way when he grows, only the Kyuubi's yin chakra can balance it and aid in both him and the Kyuubi working together to beat this masked man, so I will lend the last of my life to the shiki fuin with you to seal the other half into Naru- Chan as well as a bit of my life force so I can witness our sons life be with him even in death, which you will also do". Minato saw resolve in his wife's eyes and abided by her wishes sending all of the great Kyuubi no Kitsune into the body of a small child, which after the quick ritual, gave him 3 whisker marks on each cheek. Minato looked down on his now passed wife and smiles sadly knowing that she was dead but also comforting in the fact that he will join her shortly, and with the his last dying breaths goes to his son and starts to put the rest of his and his wife's chakra into his sons seal to strengthen it and be there for him if he ever nearly breaks the seal or he attempts to harness the kyuubi to its full potential. "Naruto my son, I am terribly sorry for the burden I must leave you but like your mother said, know that we love you and will always love you and be there for you" he starts to breathe out haggardly and he starts to heave " As my first and last present I give you my last Hirashin kunai that I saved for you to learn so you can protect your precious people Konohagakure no Sato. You are destined for greatness Naruto, I love you." And with that the great Yondaime of Konoha died.

Cheers erupted around the village between shinobi and civilians alike and all ran to the site to see a huge crater from the barrier, a fallen hokage and his wife along with a crying baby with marks on its face. People began to sob and weep for the fallen Kage and come to the conclusion that the demon that was sealed into the child had taken over him by the markings on its face. People began to blame this little child that is the "Kyuubi incarnate" and call for its blood and inch toward it to achieve their goal until a lone young jounin with gravity defying silver hair with a slanted hitai-ate jumped down and stood protectively over the crying child and with a deadly tone stated "If you come near this boy I will kill you." One brave enough replied " Get out of the way we are going to rid the world of this demon spawn for taking away our Hokage-" when he was interrupted by a booming voice they hadn't heard in quite some time " SILENCE!" Sarutobi Hiruzen roared over the huge crowd of shinobi and civilians alike. "You will not touch him, he is a hero who has taken on the burden the Yondaime has given him" murmurs were heard around the crowd when people to shout out "NO he isn't Lord Sarutobi, he is a demon and must be dealt with!" cries of agreement followed until the god of shinobi himself screamed with righteous fury "BE QUIET! From this day forth a law will passed, if anyone speaks of this incident to the boy or tells the next generation they will be executed immediately, if anyone speaks of the boy's jinchuuriki status they will be executed IMMEDIATELY!" after his speech all members of the crowd were completely silenced but fuming except one depressed and sorrowful young jounin who stood over his sensei's dead body weeping. Sarutobi slowly walked up to the crying boy and picked him up then looked out to the crowd "You will all begin rebuilding the village and helping to strengthen Konoha back to its prime. MOVE!" everyone scurried back to the village and immediately began the reconstruction of the village while bringing the dead back to bury. Hiruzen looked back at the baby then used shunshin to get back to the hokage tower placing the baby onto the couch in his reinstated office and continued to stare at the baby and spoke softly " this will be a hard journey my boy, but I know you will get through it".