(Psych Ward of the hospital-3 days after Uchiha Massacre)

A room in the hospital was dedicated to the last Uchiha and the 'demon child'. Many who learnt of what had transpired had attempted to harm the boy so many times that the Anbu defending the room couldn't possibly count. All were demanding the boys blood for they believed it to be him until the information was released that Itachi Uchiha had destroyed the entire clan making Sasuke the last Uchiha. Once it had happened the Hokage had rushed over to see if his surrogate grandson and the young Uchiha were ok. To his relief they were alright, but had suffered psychological trauma that would send any and everyone insane. He was afraid, as was everyone else as to whether Naruto would wake up a different boy from the trauma as he had suffered trauma similar and over a longer period of time, but this instant and nearly eternal genjutsu could have tipped him over the edge for the worst. Sasuke Uchiha although suffering from the trauma and seeking possible revenge, could overcome it as he had all the money he had inherited and all the villagers as well as shinobi would support him. But Naruto had no one and nothing besides the Third who could and would help him, but there was only so much the Hokage could do for the boy.

No one was in the room currently to see Naruto sketching like he always did, not really thinking about what it was he was sketching because he was within his own thoughts Why did Itachi wipe out his clan? It doesn't make sense, I could feel his remorse and sorrow, but then where was that evil and foreboding feeling really coming from? If it wasn't Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan like he thought it was...no way ! NO WAY would HE be there Yes boy, it was Madara, I think you and Itachi were the only ones that will ever know he was there. I believe he aided in destroying his clan which in fact helps us because that clan was a no good rott- Ok foxy-Chan I understand you hate the clan ok? But if he was there how come he didn't want to try and take you from me? Maybe he couldn't feel you? As to that I am not exactly certain but we cannot think about that, now is the time to train and become strong, I know you have been doing your fuinjutsu and light exercise but you are entering that ninja academy soon but it will not be enough to keep Madara from wreaking havoc on the elemental nations. We must prepare and to do whatever it takes to become strong and destroy him and yes 'protect your oohh so precious village' but to also to not allow him to control me again- but also stop him from taking my family, no matter how disconnected, I promised the old man I would look after them no matter how strong they are individually-he ended with his thoughts while sending the image of himself using his claws as quotations.

I understand Kyuubi, but we need to do this in secret from everyone except jiji, we can't trust anyone else and we I don't have a sensei- Why would you need a sensei the fox loudly interrupted in his head When you have the strongest chakra being in existence whose been alive for 9000 years? Good question, you any good? To which the fox just snorted I was torching entire forest expanses with my fire techniques before your grandfathers grandfather was suckling on your grandfathers grandfathers mothers nipple...-You totally lost me there foxy-chan...anyway as soon as we are out of here I will continue with fuinjutsu study as well as practising Shogi and basically in taking as much knowledge as possible but I will have to start training on my body and taijutsu and besides the grand fire ball jutsu, I got nothing- We don't have to worry about ninjutsu as I can't give you any of mine because they are all above B ranked so you will have to get your control up and reserves up even though your reserves are high its better if they grow even more! Also at the moment I have calculated that you can only use 1 tail of my chakra efficiently which is quite the feat for a runt like you. No matter but I will be teaching you a taijutsu style that you will practise until you drop. UNDERSTAND! SIR YES SIR! Good now...nice drawing but I hate that eye more than I hate the clan themselves

Naruto came out of his thoughts and realised he had painted a perfect Mangekyo Sharingan, it looked intimidating and it brought him back to the haunting images and bloodshed he had to witness. He tried to shack it out of his thoughts but it was the first time he had ever seen anyone die so vividly and so many at once. It made him want to vomit or cry, whichever is first. But he knew he would have to strive past it to reach his goal and protect the village like his Jiji. He turned to look at the other bed to see Sasuke also awake staring at the image he had painted

"I will kill him Naruto, I swear it, I will not stop training, fighting and I will certainly not die before I destroy him. I don't care if isn't the right path, he slaughtered my entire family, you saw it and I can tell even you will continue to have nightmares about it and they didn't even have any connection to you. I watched my family die hundreds, if not thousands of times. I watched as my brother decimated my cousins, aunties, uncles and my own mother and father. I will kill him and restore honour to my fallen clan, this I swear" he ended with resolve and unstoppable fury. Naruto just looked at him in pity and sadness, this boy had become like him, alone and lost, losing everything he ever cherished. He could understand why he was doing it. But by god he would try to stop him, if it was the last thing he did, this boy was his friend and he protected his friends from even themselves " I understand Sasuke, but if you truly want to kill your brother then train, fight and survive to destroy him. But then what will you do afterwards? Where will you put your hatred? I might be 8 years old but I haven't been innocent from the real world since I was 3 years old. You have a chance at continuing a good and happy life, while I do not. Do not waste it; your family wouldn't want you to dedicate your life to killing your brother but to revive their nearly extinct clan. Think about it and whatever your decision I will respect it. But the second you endanger this village and its people, I will kill you..." Naruto finished by narrowing his eyes and staring back into Sasukes soul to see it in a very dark state, one that would be hard pressed to come back to the light, but he will try damn it!

Sasuke just looked at Naruto and realised that although having a shy and protected exterior, Naruto was...he couldn't explain it but he knew that Naruto was different, strong, and for a clan less orphan probably the only person on this planet to understand him but still keep fighting, but how? IT DOESNT MATTER! He would never deviate from the path of revenge, he was now an avenger and he could not continue his life without retribution. His father, his mother his whole fucking FAMILY WAS GONE! And he would not let the murderer go no matter what. He would grow strong, with the hate and revenge to somehow attain the eyes Itachi had and send him into the depths of hell! But why does Naruto have such a passion for this place? With only the little time spent with him I could feel the fear and disgust reflected in the villagers...maybe his parents did something really bad? Who knows, my path in life is set.

"You may be right Naruto, but it is the only thing that will ease the hatred in my heart, I don't want the pampered life that will come with being the last of my clan, all I want is revenge-" he looks away from the sharingan eye to see Naruto staring intently at him with those piercing sapphire eyes " Sasuke, your heart will never lose the pain of loss, if you ever do kill your brother there will be a void in your heart. I have thought of revenge many a time but I know that it will only lead to more pain. Just remember, I am your friend, although you are my only one I strive to help and protect those that are precious to me. I understand if you-...you don't want to be my fr-r-iend because I will only..." he was showing too much weakness in his voice, he lowered his head and couldn't bring it in himself to lift it, he just didn't like the thought of losing his first and only true friend because of his status and also because of his need for revenge"...I will only bring you more pain. You don't understand now but having me as a friend is a bad thing even to the last of the Uchiha. We can see each other in the academy and whenever you need my help I will know- don't ask me that either." He finished and looked up to see Sasuke looking at him with a cold look but Naruto could see the quizzical look if he searched further he could also see sadness.

"Why Naruto? You are the only person that understands me but why would you and I being friends hinder me?" because I have a demon in my gut and people can't tell the difference between me and him he wanted to say that so badly but he only said "Maybe one day you will know, but for now it doesn't matter, now is the time for training to become the best ninja we can be but Sasuke, please, do not be so cold and closed off. Other people will undoubtedly have no idea what you're going through, everyone in this village might not understand you but they want to help you, and the time will come when I am further ostracised and we will be split apart-but remember that I will always be your friend and always understand. Just try to make friends and accept that help, you never know you might make a new family with new people that can comfort you when you need it...please" Naruto finished while leaking a few tears

" Naruto I don't understand! I want to be your friend, you're the only one I have right now-""NO, you don't have to understand I told you, the time will come when we can be friends but right now associating with me is not the right thing. How about this-we can be friends but when we graduate from the academy as leaf genin we can be best friends without any worries!" he said with a grin for which Sasuke managed the first smile since the massacre " Deal, but also to add to that deal because we can finally become friends for real you have to show me your face" he said with a shit eating grin " B-b-but I-My-um-face-errr...fine, but ONLY YOU! NO ONE ELSE!" he all but screamed

"Deal-" Sasuke held his hand out and Naruto shook it " Deal" and then Sasuke abruptly pulled Naruto out of his bed and hugged him out of nowhere " Thank you for saving my life Naruto, I don't know what would of happened if I never met you, and we might not be able to be friends in front of the villagers or shinobi for whatever reason but I will be your friend I promise." And with that Sasuke let go after showing his true colours, smiled widely and then laid back down on his bed slowing receding back into his cold shell. Naruto just looked at him and couldn't believe that Sasuke would ever smile after the ordeal, which made him smile madly and he went back to his sketch pad only to remember the one he was going to give to Sasuke, it was a picture perfect image of Naruto on the side giving a thumbs up to Sasuke who was currently performing his best Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu. He ripped out the page and handed it out to Sasuke while using his soon to be famous eye smile.

Sasuke turned with his returned cold demeanour for it to slowly evaporate after seeing the sketch and Narutos 'smile'. Naruto motioned for him to take it " Naruto I thought you don't let anyone see your sketch book let alone give them one of your pictures..." Naruto just eye smiled again and said " Just look after it because after I draw something I'm hard pressed to redo it" Sasuke just nodded and returned to looking at the image and a ghost of a smile appeared. Maybe, just maybe I can find something other than all the hate that resides in me...no! Itachi said to defeat him I must acquire his eyes through hate...

He was quickly pulled out of his thoughts "Sasuke, it is time, I can feel they are coming for you. When they come in here do not say or do anything to me. This is the last time we will see each other until the academy in 2 months time...good-bye...niisan" Sasukes eyes widened after that but quickly darted to the door when two chunin came in with a look of pure disgust when they saw Naruto but it quickly changed to pity when they saw Sasuke " Uchiha-sama we were ordered by the council to remove you from this room with...him...please come with us" Sasuke looked at the chunin that was looking down on Naruto with so much hate that the room dropped 10 degrees " I believe he has a name and you will speak it if you want me to leave this room with you" he finished with a dangerous undertone. Naruto was flabbergasted, no one besides his jiji ever defended him...maybe he was right in calling him niisan(big brother) this quickly turned into a teary eye smile.

"...Naruto..." the chunin ground out with anger. And with that Sasuke got up and walked out with the chunin, but not before turning and giving his last true smile, that would not be seen for years to come and mouthed the word to Naruto 'otouto'. Sasuke was then shuffled out of the room and Naruto began to cry tears of joy. I have someone else who is part of my family, my jiji and my niisan...

Naruto himself was pulled out of his musings when his Jiji came through the door flanked by dog and another Anbu with a cat mask and he thought he could see some purple hair. "Naruto, are you ok my boy?" Hiruzen walked up to Naruto and took him in a tight hug " I was worried sick about you and have been waiting for you to wake up...how do you feel?" but Naruto didn't reply first he looked at dog and waved with an eye smile but then looked at Cat with a questioning look and back at his Jiji " Naruto its ok that is Cat, she like dog is one of my most trusted Anbu remember" he poked him in the belly " you don't need to be scared" Naruto scowled at this but then replied " Ok...well I feel ok but every time I close my eyes jiji I see all the dead people...and...and..." he started sniffling at the end " And they keep asking me why I let them die and why I didn't help them. Jiji they come in my dreams now and all of the dead people I see always say WHY!" he finished and was now completely sobbing, he couldn't do this with Sasuke in the room, he didn't want to look weak in front of his new niisan but his jiji would look after him.

" Shhhh its ok Naruto my boy, it's ok, you couldn't do anything you are just an 8 year old boy and Itachi was a Anbu captain even if he was only a teenager. You will be fine my boy..." Naruto looked up at his jiji with tears leaking down his face and dropping onto his scarf "But jiji I couldn't help them or be their pillar like you said, I was trying my best to save Sasuke but we still got hurt, maybe you passed the will of fire on to the wrong person jiji..."

Hiruzen just looked at the boy before him, he cared more about saving the others and Sasuke than himself, if this boy didn't have the will of fire than nobody did. "You are wrong Naruto, the will of fire burns so bright within you that it lights up the whole village, you put yourself in harm's way for a future comrade and suffered from the strongest genjutsu in existence only to think about how you couldn't save the others, if you didn't hold the will of fire than no one in this entire village could either" he finished with his trademark grandfatherly smile and Naruto brightened up after hearing this, feeling his guilt slowly fall away while in his grandfathers arms. "Thanks jiji, but also jiji I was going to ask you if you could enrol me into the academy this year so I can be with Sasuke! And also I don't want to be weak anymore and you're the strongest in the village so you can help me get stronger to help the village that you have for so long, because you know you're getting old and I'm going to have to takeover soon!" he said while bouncing up and down on the bed out of his jijis arms.

Cat was just thinking that her commander/ leader of the village was going to explode after that comment like he did for anyone else that questioned his age and leadership but too her amazement he just laughed and replied "Naruto my boy lets go to my office, Cat please sign Naruto out of the hospital under my orders and Dog you can accompany me to the Hokage tower since it is little Narutos birthday 3 days ago and I hope he didn't forget about it" the third said with a twinkle in his eye. And to tell you the truth Naruto completely forgot about his birthday because of the massacre and being in a hospital for 3 days.

Hiruzen hugged the young boy to his body and used shunshin to get to his office as did dog. " Ok Naruto now since I haven't given you anything substantial since your 4th birthday I'm going to give you a VERY special staff given to me when I was young by the monkey king of the time, Son Goku (a/n not the Goku we know and love the mythology Goku king of monkeys where our favourite orange wearing saiyan got his name from and funnily enough the myth where he also got his power pole from).

The Third unsealed a small pole that was half as tall as Naruto now, " My boy this staff is special, here take it and see Hopefully the staff accepts him like it did me until Son Goku passed and the weapon refused me, thank god at the same time I got Enma or my bojutsu study would be for naught. Naruto cautiously took the orange staff off of the Third with Dog watching in the background. The weapon began to lightly hum and Naruto could feel his chakra running through and felt like the weapon resonated with him and without him even knowing how he knew what to do he exclaimed " Power pole EXTEND!" and with that command the pole grew in size to be the perfect size for him to fight.

His eyes widened and so did the Sandaime and Dogs "HOLY CRAP JIJI THIS IS EVEN MORE AWESOME THAN MY FUINJUTSU BRUSH!" Naruto screamed to the heavens and the other occupants in the room had to sweat drop at this. "Naruto this is not a toy, this a weapon and must be used accordingly" Hiruzen chided " from now till when you start the academy we will be training every night in Bojutsu, but you cannot tell anyone because if I was shown to favour you I could get into a lot of trouble, but I'd rather be your sensei and help you grow than you sit and not do anything in the academy because I know you hate sitting around and listening to someone else, you like to be independent and learn yourself and that is commendable. So what do you say?"

Both older occupants kept staring at Naruto as he just stood there looking at his new bojutsu staff and then looked at the Hokage with stars in his eyes and started bouncing up and down like he always does when he gets the chance to learn new things " OH MY KAMI JIJI YES YES YES I GET TO LEARN FROM THE HOKAGE AND BEAT PEOPLE WITH MY NEW POLE AWESOME!" he shouted even louder than last time. Almost immediately afterwards he stopped jumping and apologised "sorry jiji I was just excited that I get to learn more! But when do we start?" Sarutobi had a grandfatherly smile "We will start tomorrow night but you better get home my boy so you can rest up, you must be prepared but when you get to the academy you will not be allowed to inform them of any training from me...oh and Naruto" just as Naruto was turning to dog as they were going to depart " If you complete the training I need you to do I will teach you a jutsu you will love, and just for a hint it's a fire one, and a very hard one at that"

And just like that Naruto's determination sky rocketed while he had stars shining in his eyes and bouncing on each foot just teeming with pure excitement but before he could scream with joy he was abruptly taken away from his Jiji via shunshin by our favourite anbu captain. " Aww Dog- Ojisan I didn't get to say good bye to jiji properly and tell him how excited I was for the new fire jutsu I will learn if I get all his studies and training down before the academy" Dog looked down at the young blonde and replied " Did you say something?" Naruto just looked at him with a pout but said "Fine be that way Dog-Ojisan" (is friendly term for uncle so like 'Uncle Dog').

Just before Naruto could sulk and walk through his front door Dog put a hand on Naruto's shoulder, gently spun him back around and said " Happy Birthday Naruto, this is a little something I thought you would like better than your scarf" held out to Naruto was a face mask that matched his dark shinobi clothing. Even bigger stars than when he was told about a new jutsu emerged "DOG-OJISAN THATS AWESOME! ITS LIKE SHARINGAN NO KAKASHI FROM THE BINGO BOOK THAT I STOLE FROM HOKAGE-JIJI AND HE IS MY 2ND BEST HERO BECAUSE HE IS SO AWESOME AND HE WEARS A MASK JUST LIKE THAT BUT MY 1ST BEST HERO IS-"Naruto suddenly stopped himself when he realised he had just told his self-proclaimed uncle that he stole from his grandpa and a bingo book no less as well as spouting out his other hero besides the Yondaime.

Dogs eyes widened at the unexpected outburst and he chuckled at the irony of the situation and noted to himself to one day surprise Naruto with his 'awesomeness' but wanted to know why he got a bingo book and why he was his hero . " Naruto why did you steal a bingo book from Hokage-sama and why am I-err-is Sharingan no Kakashi you 2nd hero?" Naruto just looked up at Dog after fumbling as usual after telling him he stole the bingo book. " Well I was curious about how good other people were and I also wanted to know how cool jiji was and I found out he is super cool! He is S-ranked and they call him 'God of Shinobi' that means jiji can beat anyone up! He is my third best hero!" Kakashi lightly chuckled at the irony of the third being Narutos third favourite shinobi until Naruto continued ranting " But then I looked up one of the older bingo books so I could find my first best hero the Yondaime or 'Yellow Flash of Konoha' and they had a flee on sight order on him and he was the first ever ninja to have SS rank! Which then lead me to finding he had a student who was super cool as well with this face mask that I soooo wanted instead of my scarf! AND NOW YOU GAVE ME ONE! The only thing cooler would be if Kakashi gave it to me!" Kakashi was holding in his laughter but he was also kind of flattered but the irony was just too good. " Alright now run along Naruto, training starts tomorrow so be ready and I will see you soon, stay out of trouble." Kakashi/Dog waved and did a two fingered salute before leaving in a poof of smoke.

Naruto was still star struck from having his mask and didn't even acknowledge Dog leaving or getting to say thank you, he quickly vowed that he would later and removed his scarf and swapping it with his new mask that was reminiscent of a silver haired Cyclops. The only difference between them was Naruto didn't have a hitai-ate covering one eye and his hair was only partly gravity defying but sunny blonde. " Boy hurry up and get your body recuperated so we can prepare for our constant training, and I nearly forgot to tell you that besides your bojutsu, fuinjutsu and learning a new taijutsu style you will also start hard physical training!" and once Naruto heard this he was practically bouncing and glowing with joy "YES! FOXY-CHAN TRAINING IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME AND WE ARE GOING TO BE IN THE BINGO BOOK AND BE SSS-RANKED AND NO ONE WILL STOP US TO BECOMING HOKAGE-" "CAN IT BRAT! But yes we will definitely be in that feeble book of yours to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy, especially that Uchiha scu-" "Yeah yeah foxy-chan Madara this, Uchiha that, get over it so we can train and be awesome like Hokage-jiji.

Why does he always inter-fucking-rupt me KAMI DAMN IT ITS ANNOYING! Ah well guess sleeping will shut him up " Silence and go to bed boy, for your dog masked friend was correct, training begins soon, and I must say that mask makes us look very mysterious and hopefully the female population of your kind will find you attractive so you can-" "Uhhhh Foxy-chan what are you saying? Will girls like me better and be my friend because of my mask?" Naive boy, Kami's sake please don't let me be the one to do the real birds and bees talk! " Don't worry your feeble child mind and go to sleep"

( 8 weeks later, first day of the new academy graduates)

Naruto was running from his home to the academy at an average pace, his new weights that he had received from bushy-brows sensei were slowing him down dramatically. He had his gear on and his favourite mask he got from dog-ojisan and he was practically shaking from excitement, it was his first day of the ninja academy, but his jiji said he wasn't allowed to show his true extent of his skills but besides that ace the place.

(flash back)

"Naruto, remember you cannot show your true power for they will want to graduate you earlier and put you with older people, I want you to stay with people your age. But also remember about the will of fire, it also comes into play with the classmates, be the best person you can be and like I always tell you help people that are in need"

(Flashback over)

As Naruto was running over the roof tops at his slower than normal speed he thought about how he was going to see Sasuke niisan and Sakura-chan but remembered that Sasuke and him couldn't be true friends in public because of his current jinchuuriki status and the repercussions that could happen if villagers made stupid and ignorant accusations if they were seen together. He still remembered how he vowed to protect Sakuras innocent soul but he was now spreading that to everyone in his year group. Although he knew there was a high chance the kids whos parents spoke ill of him would probably bully him, he was comfortable with the fact that Sasuke would always be there even if not very close. His older brother figure, even though he knew had a bit of unstable mind at the moment, always had him at ease.

Naruto actively wondered if the people in his class would be nice, he heard from his jiji that a lot of the clan heirs were in his class and that he should be respectful and nice towards them. Continuing to run towards the academy he remembered all the training he had gotten in the past two months. His fuinjutsu skills were coming along nicely and he was practicing with experimental pranks that no one could trace him to like having a seal with a blunt kunai shooter with balloons filled with paint. The village was in an uproar because of him and his jiji had paperwork in mountains. He was proud that he was now dubbed the 'Prankster King' by shinobi and civilians a like but he lost a bit of flair when he realised they don't know it's actually him. Besides that his bojutsu skills were quite adept for only being two months of solid training but his jiji said he was a natural and had to double take to make sure he wasn't seeing a sarutobi in disguise training under him. His staff, 'power pole' was on his lower back hanging horizontally always at the ready. He discovered that he can put chakra into the stick and change its form to whatever he thinks of as long as there is enough chakra and creativity and he had mountains of both.

His taijutsu style he was being tutored by the fox was an introductory what kyuubi said was called 'Deceptive Fist' and was a very unpredictable and feinting style. It incorporated the foxes and Narutos unpredictability with his agility, stamina and strength. The introductory was coming along well and he had most of the katas down to the tee. His physical training was gruelling and his body would basically shut down after training from dawn till midday with no breaks for food and rest until the time is up. He would do 1000 kicks with each leg and 1000 punches from each arm a day as well as 500 push-ups, 300 squats, 500 sit ups and other assortments of exercise. After all this hellish training he would run around the whole village 5 times which is how he met Bushy-brow sensei.


Naruto was running full pelt around his home village after his intense training session, after his 3rd lap he was wondering why every 10 minutes while he was running a green blur would stream right past him at unseen speeds, so when he heard the blur coming he moved in the way of it to try and take a good look, before the green blur smashed into him it came to an abrupt stop to be none other than Konoha " Noble Green Beast". A tall very muscle packed man wearing a green body suit with orange leg and arm warmers with a shiny bowl haircut sporting a massive toothy grin that nearly blinded the blonde. But what he nearly missed was his HUGE eye brows. His impulse took over and he said "Wow Bushy-brows sensei you run DAMN quick" and after he spoke he put his hand over his mask and thought he went too far and already made another enemy to his seemingly endless list.

He was in luck because the man gave him what looked like a good guy pose and said "YOSH! Youngling my youth burns bright and I run to spur my springtime of youth and become as youthful as possible!" he yelled nearly pushing Naruto away with soundwaves " Tell me boy, are you also running around the village to spur your youthful flames?" and Naruto could only look at him and reply again on instinct and say " What? Did you say something" totally unsure if he did because he really couldn't make sense of it. The man started crying anime tears "A YOUNG HIP BOY! YOU EVEN HAVE A MASK, ANOTHER KAKASHI IN THE MAKING GAH!" Naruto eyes widened at this "you think I can be the next sharingan no kakashi? AWESOME!" he shouted nearly as loud as guy. "Well no matter, your springtime of youth is still burning bravely...-"he looked expectantly at Naruto "my names Naruto" the man looked back with eyes blazing "YOSH Naruto! Your youth continues to brighten our village, you are the first young shinobi aspiring to train so vigorously before the academy and as such I must help stoke the flames by granting you a gift as we explode our youth by running around the village! Oh and if you were wondering, this handsome and devilish face belongs to none other than MAITO GAI!" he finished yelling to the entire universe, and probably getting them all to hear it.

Naruto thought he was insane but then realised besides his quirks he was a very strong shinobi, before Naruto even finished 1 lap he had already completed at least ten, he was running at crazy speeds! "You have a present for me bushy-brow sensei?" Gai went straight back into his blazing good guy pose "YOSH NARUTO! I BESTOW UPON YOU CHAKRA WEIGHTS! They are weights that are governed by how much chakra you place in them and can reach nearly any weight! Use them to stoke your youthful flames and become a worthy shinobi! I must get going youngling so I may continue to run in my springtime of youth! Have a good day and we shall meet again, but until then stay YOUTHFUL!" and with that he had already thrown the weights to Naruto and rocketed off and unbelievable speeds. " Woah" is all Naruto could comprehend.

(flashback end)

Naruto was insight of the academy and he was so pumped it was unbelievable. As he got closer and closer he could see parents dropping their kids off and teachers ushering kids in. When he landed right at the front people turned and saw him and instantly whispers started And so it begins he thought as he slowly walked through the front gate into a courtyard with a single swing in the corner hanging off a large tree. All the adults were staring at him in disgust and fear and he could already tell the younger people were starting to catch on in different ways. When he realised EVERYONE was staring at him, the adults obviously in hate and the kids in indifference but for some reason all the girls had slightly glazed looks that he wasn't quite sure of. He could sense the evil and ill will of most of the adults but the kids were all a slew of different emotions like they didn't know which ones to choose. He honed in on two, one was innocent and pure and he could sense happiness and he looked and saw Sakura standing with her mother and she looked as angelic as ever he honed in on another signature souls emotions and saw Sasuke standing on his own while girls were ogling him and parents trying to suck up to him.

Naruto walked up to him slowly and a lot of eyes scanned to follow him, as he made his way over Sasukes emotionless face went into a amused smirk, which was the first change in his face in quite some time. " Nice mask" Naruto could only blush lightly and scratch the back of his neck in a nervous fashion when most eyes were on them " I-um- It was a gift, should we go inside" Sasuke merely nodded and Naruto swore he could hear someone say " he is trying to control the last Uchiha"

Naruto sighed at this and knew that publically acting friendly would not end well. As Sasuke and he were the first to walk into the building they went to the class room they were assigned and had to wait at it for their new sensei to come. As they both stood and leaned on the wall they both stayed quiet until " Naruto, I hope you haven't been slouching about the past few months" he said with another amused smirk and Naruto got a bit fiery and replied " I definitely have not, I have been training like crazy and I bet I am stronger than you niisan". Sasukes eyes widened at the end and Naruto realised what he said " I-um-sorry I-err- I..." he fumbled and mumbled in his trademark way.

Sasuke just looked at him and then a true yet ghost of smile came to his face " Chill Naruto, its ok" Naruto looked back up and eye smiled to him with genuine happiness and Sasuke continued to slightly smile back and Naruto could feel his dark soul slightly brighten. Sasukes mood when straight back to emotionless with a bit of brood on the side when the rest of the class slowly turned up and lastly a man with standard shinobi gear, tanned skin with a scar of the bridge of his nose and a spiked pony tail come from the back of the group " Alright calm down kids, let's go in the class and get started" he walked past everyone and opened the door and walked in. Sasuke and Naruto were closest to the door and went in first "Take a seat where you want for now" the man they assumed was their sensei said. Sasuke led Naruto to the upper back left row and was about to enter it when Naruto asked " Can I have the window seat?" afterwards he pulled out his sketch pad and implicated to it and Sasuke understood and with a curt nod allowed him through. He knew Naruto would like to draw inspiration and day dream by looking outside the window to the world and he didn't mind.

As they both got seated the others had slowly entered the class as well. The two quiet boys eyes went to the front of the room when the heard loud moving and shuffling and saw all the girls basically fighting to get that last seat in Naruto and Sasukes row. And what would be known as the fangirl war had officially started. Both Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other with a raised eye brow and then just shrugged it off. A random girl that looked like a civilian had quickly snuck in the seat and all the other girls had whined and complained by sensei had order them to their seats. The rest of the students had sat down but the girl sitting next to Sasuke had already started ogling at him already. Naruto was confused by this but ignored it.

"Hello new students, my name is Iruka Umino and I will be your sensei for this class, this is my assistant Mizuki" and a averaged sized silver haired guy walked in with his chunin flak jacket in and waved to the class before eyeing Naruto then quickly moving on so as not to get caught staring hatefully. " I will call out each of your names and tell us your likes, dislikes, dreams for the future and such". Iruka started going through the names, first there was a kid named Shino who liked bugs and wanted to become a good clan head and shinobi, then there was a chubby boy named Choji who liked food and also aspired to be a good clan head. After a few people he didn't remember Sakura was called out and said she liked flowers and also looked towards Sasuke and blushed like the girls before her. This made Narutos heart clench and he stiffened a bit. Sasuke noticed what and why but didn't voice it as to not distress his friend. After Sakura a girl named Hinata barely said anything because her stuttering and mumbling was worse than Narutos when he was socially distressed. Then a boy named Kiba who boisterously called out his name and how he too wanted to be an outstanding ninja and clanhead and seemed very cocky and arrogant. It kept going until a boy named Shikamaru just replied with a slight "troublesome" and then went back to sleep gaining a tick mark on Iruku-sensei's forhead. After sleepily and sluggishly introducing himself it finally came to Sasuke. Iruka looked towards him and prompted Sasuke to start he just emotionlessly stared back at everyone and their sensei and simply said " Sasuke Uchiha" and then relaxed back in his chair as to say that was all he was going to speak. After this most of the girls in the class except Hinata squealed and giggiled until Iruka then looked to Naruto and he reluctantly and nervously looked at Sasuke while everyone stared at him expectantly. Sasuke prompted him to go with a slight nudge and he said " M-my Name is Uzumaki Naruto, thats all" he finished slowly and methodically, he didn't know it yet but his voice was coming along quite smooth and perfect. All the girls including Hinata this time sighed dreamily to his voice and Naruto didn't understand what was happening. After him a few more introductions happened but the last one, from a blonde pretty girl called Ino was also another clan heir but not really wishing to become the next best one.

"Alright introductions are over, now we will begin the work for the next 4 years to come in the academy, and finally, welcome on behalf of all the staff, study hard and practise to and you will all become splendid shinobi to defend your home" And so the academy days had begun, but Sasuke just ignored everything as he would just study it when he wanted to while Naruto had already studied the curriculum from classes that were only run in war time so he was already miles ahead. They both just looked at each other and shrugged. Naruto began to sketch and Sasuke began to brood.

And so it truly begins.