This story gets better please give it a chance and enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Um can you tell us about this secret mission again?" Upham hesitated looking down at his gun.

The seven soldiers were walking through a French field the green grass was so high it was making tracks behind them from where they originally stepped. Reiben, Jackson, Mellish, Horvath looked at Upham and gave him a sigh all at once.

Don't you ever listen? I don't even know why you joined are squad; can't we go back and get someone else who is less annoying, Miller?" Reiben the New Yorker soldier moaned.

Yeah" Jackson added "We were actually a good squad until he came along!"

Mellish and Horvath looked at each other and nodded not wanting to carry on with the conversation.

"Why are you guys harassing the guy, he might just have misread what Miller said!" Wade mumbled loud enough for the rest to hear.

Upham was looking at the grass regretting he started this conversation. Even know Upham has been with the squad a few hours he never really had friends when he was younger he always had his head in a book instead of going out to play, people always bullied him because he was intelligent. The squad started arguing, interrupting each other like a bunch of old married couples. Miller stopped walking and turned around.

"FUCKING SHUT UP EVERYONE!" Everyone looked at Miller with their mouths open just about to say there next sentence but stopped.

"Our mission is to find a French teen girl she does not speak much English so we'll have to bare with... We need her to stay alive because she has something to do with the Germans invading France...That's all I know so far, SO DON'T ask me any questions because I hardly know anything either!" Miller said changing his tone of voice on the important parts.

The squad looked gobsmacked! As Miller turned around to walk on he mumbled "No one listened then" The squad followed. After a few minutes of walking with awkward silence Upham spoke.

"Uh well I could always help with the speaking" Upham quickly said, speed walking to Miller.

Miller and the rest of the squad ignored him. They all came up to a small village that looked like it had been blown up there was rubble everywhere with half sides of houses still standing, there was also a lot of small walls about.

"Go behind that wall" Miller pointed to the entrance of the village.

They all ran to the wall then kneeled down straight away. Jackson heard footsteps pass not far away from the wall he was at, he looked over the wall to make sure it was not any Germans but it wasn't it was a little family of four running with their brown old looking suitcases, the girl looked about nine she was holding hands with a little boy who looked six. Jackson was always a family man he loved how families stayed together. When he was a little boy he never had a family that's why he always stayed at his friends' house so he felt like he was part as one.

"Jackson!" Horvath shouted as the squad was moving out.

Jackson realised he was still watching the boy and the girl struggling to catch up with their parents.

"Sniper in the church, Jackson we need you! Miller's orders" Mellish shouted.

Jackson ran to the next wall to his squad and set up his sniper, he placed it onto the top of the wall then got his necklace out, it was a cross he kissed it and prayed to himself.

"Hurry up, Jackson we have not got all day!" Reiben shouted. He moved his gun to make Jackson think he was about to shoot the German himself.

"No pressure then" Jackson said putting his necklace back then he moved his gun slowly around the church area.

Jackson found him and pulled the trigger.

"Got ya bloody German!" Jackson shouted he finally relaxed.

The squad looked at Miller waiting for his next orders. "Good work, Jackson but next time please be a bit quicker" Miller said looking into Jackson's eyes deeply.

"So where is this girl?" Mellish asked.

"SHH, did you hear that, I think it's coming from that house" Wade said worriedly.

"What the hell are you tal- oh yeah!"Horvath shouted.

"It sounds like its coming from the house" Miller whispered.

They all ran together to the house, it wasn't that far.

"Mellish, door" Miller shouted as they were still running.

Miller and Upham went on one side of the door with Horvath and Reiben on the other while Wade stood far back because he didn't have a gun. Mellish bashed the door down with his foot and ran in wondering if he was going to be alive in the next minute. They all ran in except from Wade who waited outside anxiously. They got to a big room with a Germen holding his gun up to a girl who was huddled up in the corner of the room. Reiben shot the Germen without hesitation hoping that it was one. They all stood there watching the girl scream. All seven soldiers didn't know what to do but they knew it was the girl they been looking for.

WADE!" Horvath screamed so loud it echoed.

Wade ran in the same second knowing they needed him with all his gear at the ready.

"Who's hurt?" Wade worried looking at everyone then seen the girl and ran to kneel next to her.

"ArrĂȘtez ne me tirez pas! ArrĂȘtez ne me tirez pas!" The girl shouted. Wade looked at Upham at the same time as opening his medical bag.

Miller and Upham ran to each side of her and knelled down.

"It's okay we won't hurt yo" - "son ok nous n'allons pas vous faire du mal" Upham interrupted Miller.

Horvath, Reiben and Mellish gave each other a shocking look because they have never heard Upham speak a different language, they always thought he wasn't as good as he said he was.

"We want to save you!" Wade said struggling to keep her still.

"You're Americans?" The girl stopped struggling and asked in a clear voice looking at Miller.