Chapter 10 Marvella POV

I'm lying face down by the stack of hay; I can feel my hands throbbing from the machine gun. I thought about today Horvath and Reiben; I can hardly remember their faces, I wish they were here now. I could hear Wade talking to Jackson I looked up above my arms that where lead in front of me.

"It's not your fault Wade" Jackson whispered. I looked at Wade it looked like he had been crying. I carefully but my head back into my arms I moved my head to look at the hay that was now in my face, I spotted a silver necklace reflecting from the sky outside I picked it up slowly. It had a small charm in a shape of a heart, I moved my thumb around the heart quickly I felt small bumps. I sat up so I was facing Jackson and Wade, I looked more closely the heart had writing on it

Tiffany&Co, New York, 1837

It was beautiful. Jackson seen there was something in my hand.

"What have you got there?" Jackson asked along with Wade looking

"I found it in the hay" I got up and sat closer in front of them both

"Your hands" Wade said. Jackson and I looked at my hands then at each other.

"It's from the machine gun" I said. Wade unzipped his bag and got out a cloth he then picked up the necklace and gave it to Jackson

"Hold it for a minute" Wade said he then wiped my hands seeing if they were infected.

"Arr wow! This is a Tiffany necklace" Jackson said moving the charm around his hands. Wade spotted Jacksons hands to so he gave him a cloth giving the necklace back to me.

"What's a tiffany necklace" Miller asked with Upham and Mellish looking, obviously they were listening. We all looked at Jackson.

"I'll tell you" We all nodded as there was nothing better to do around here.

"The shop Tiffany was first called Tiffany and Young which were invented by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City by 1837. By Far it's the most expensive jewellery that for the first few months they only made $4.98. Just 16 years after opening Charles Tiffany gains control of the company and renames it Tiffany and Company. Ever since he took control the shop made more money around $27,000 a day, but no one knows what happened to Teddy Young"

"Charles bought out other partners leaving Teddy young out of it" Upham said. We all looked at him; I wonder how he knew that.

"Reiben told me" He added. I felt my heart sink, of course Reiben would have known as he is from New York.

"When?" Mellish asked looking a bit confused

"When I asked h-him about his bracelet... It was like a sliver chain" Upham said

"You should keep that" Upham said to me

"Yeah and when this war is over you could sell it and get loads" Mellish said smiling

"Well if you do, come and find me we'll share the money" Miller chuckled looking back out the window.

"Yeah and me" Jackson said grinning

"Wait, I can't take it, it's someone else that's payed loads for it. I probably couldn't even afford what someone else has" I said looking down at it.

"Just take it" Wade whispered putting his hand onto my knee.