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Chapter 12: Shadi's Challenge

"Penny for your thoughts?" Yami asked Yugi the next evening as he watched the boy hold his Millennium Puzzle in both hands.

"It's just what Shadi said." Yugi sighed as he glanced at a physical Yami, who was over 'visiting'. "He said that I would discover the puzzles true power, and that we would meet again after all of the judgments."

"And it's making your head hurt." Yami added, feeling Yugi's ache through their link.

"Yeah." Yugi nodded. "And then theirs Tea's strange behavior today."

"Yes." Yami thought of Tea ignoring her friend at the arcade to be a bit odd. "But I'm more concerned as to why you nearly kept getting hurt."

Yugi remained silent as he thought of some new game part nearly hitting him on his way out of the bathroom, a basketball hitting him hard on the back, and someone attempting to strangle him on the way home.

"I'm just glad you were there." Yugi sighed. "It could have ended messy."

"Oh no!" Solomon exclaimed.

"What's wrong grandpa?" Yugi asked as he and Yami raced to the living room.

"Mr. Kanekura was found dead in his office." Solomon explained as he lay down his newspaper. "He had a heart attack."

"What?" Yugi gasped and picked up the paper, Yami reading over his shoulder. "Scared to death? How is that possible?"

"I'm not sure." Solomon sighed.

"Is this a curse?" Yugi asked in a small voice, and felt Yami's arms wrap around him.

"People said the same thing when the people who opened King Tut's tomb started to die mysteriously." Solomon replied. "Back then, saying something like that would draw attention. Now I don't know."

"Okay." Yugi nodded as set the paper back down.

"But I am worried about the other person who entered the tomb." Solomon added, making Yugi gasp. "Which is why I plan on visiting Yoshimori."

"Can I come with?" Yugi asked.

"And me?" Yami added.

"Sure." Solomon nodded.

A knock on the door lead Yugi to opening it and seeing his friends.

"Joey?" Yugi questioned, seeing his friend with a bunch of random talismans and such.

"What's going on?" Yami questioned with a straight face, but Yugi could tell he was trying not to laugh.

"It happened to Mr. Kanekura, and I don't want it to happen to me!" Joey yelped. "I'm making sure I don't get hit by the mummy's curse!"

"Isn't that a 1944 horror film?" Tristan asked as he entered the room.

"Yep." Yugi nodded. "Joey, aren't you taking this a little too far?"

"No!" Joey panicked. "The curse went after the director, and it will come after us next."

"Grandpa is more worried about Professor Yoshimori." Yugi admitted. "Since he also entered the tomb. So Grandpa and I are going to visit him."

"Poor guy." Tea mumbled, speaking for the first time that day.

"We'll come to." Joey said. "Professor Yoshimori probably knows all about curses. Besides, I owe the man for showing us around the museum. He's such a nice guy."

"Okay." Yugi sighed. "But you may want to get rid of the talismans though."

"What's wrong with them?" Joey asked indignantly.

"You may give Professor Yoshimori the wrong idea, such as believing there is a curse, if you wear them all." Yami replied, still trying not to laugh every time he looked at the blond.

"Oh." Joey grinned sheepishly and tossed his extra garb in the trash. "Ready."

"Let's go then" Solomon nodded and led the way towards Professor Yoshimori's office at the college.

At the Department of Archeology at Domino College, Yoshimori was looking at the newspaper. With a sigh, he set it down and ran his fingers through this hair.

'How could this have happened?' Yoshimori questioned. 'There is no such thing as a curse. So what happened to Mr. Kanekura?'

A creak made Yoshimori turn around with a jump. Seeing no one in the dark room, he turned back to face his desk again.

'I've been jumping at shadows all day. And I'm so tired. Mr. Mouto and his grandson will be here soon. All I've done today is think and wait for friends.'

Behind Yoshimori stood Shadi. He viewed the man with a look of disgust.

'This is the other man who dared to trespass in the Valley of the Kings.' Shadi thought to himself. 'By order of Anubis, I must judge him. But first I will us the Millennium Key to peer into his soul room and find a fragment of memory to see if he is the right man.'

The Millennium Key glowed, and Shadi found himself inside a room filled with ancient artifacts, bookshelves, a desk with some photos on it, and the feeling of doom and gloom hung in the air.

'At first glance, the entire room is filled with books relating to archeology and excavating artifacts. This man appears to be obsessed with archeology. A dusty family photo symbolizes how his obsession had taken over, leading him to neglect his family. The room is gloomy, symbolizing his anxiety and dread, perhaps because of the fate of the museum curator.'

A glimmer of light faintly appeared, prompting Shadi to examine it closer.

'A small light of hope. He is waiting for his friends. Who is he waiting for?'

Shadi focused on the image. It clarified to reveal an old man, a blond youth, a brunette male, the brunette female he had made his servant the night before, and two tri-colored haired males with some subtle differences.

'The boy who solved the Millennium Puzzle and the one linked to him are coming to this building. If I use this man as a pawn before passing judgment, maybe I can draw out the power of the Millennium Puzzle. I have to do is remodel this soul room, turning the man into a puppet.'

Gripping his Millennium Key, Shadi once again called on the ancient magic that dwelt within the item as he left Yoshimori's soul room.

'It is done. This man is now my puppet. Now the second Shadow Game between the one bonded to Yugi, Yami, and myself will begin.'

"Here we are." Solomon said as the group stopped in front of the university.

"It's really dark already." Yugi noted.

"A hate the feeling of a school at night." Joey grumbled.

"You're such a coward." Tristan rolled his eyes at his friends' antics.

"Creepy." Joey mumbled when he saw a human skull sitting on the shelf outside of Professor Yoshimori's office.

"Joey, if you look like that when we meet Professor Yoshimori, you'll only upset him more." Yami glared at the blond.

"He's right." Yugi agreed. "He's bound to be upset about Mr. Kanekura's death."

"Okay." Joey dropped the gloomy look. "Let's do our best to cheer him up."

"The professor and I can share a drink." Solomon smiled as he held up a bottle of vodka.

"I don't even want to know where or when you got that." Yugi shook his head.

"Excuse me, Professor Yoshimori?" Joey knocked on the door and slid it open. "Sorry to bother you."

"Sorry to show up so late." Solomon said as the rest of the group entered the room.

"Oh, I'm so glad you came!" Yoshimori said cheerfully. "Now, come in, come in! I've been waiting for you all. Heh, heh, heh."

"You're pretty cheerful." Joey mused as he held up a white bag. "We brought some souvenirs from when you showed us around the museum."

"You screwed up already you moron!" Tristan hissed as he slapped Joey upside his head.

"Oops!" Joey covered his mouth with a mortified look.

"Yes, the museum." Yoshimori 'thought' for a second. "Unfortunately, Mr. Kanekura is dead. Heh, heh, heh."

-I don't like this.- Yami thought to Yugi, who nodded once in agreement.

"He's acting weird." Joey mumbled as he stepped back.

"What's wrong Professor Yoshimori?" Solomon asked.

"Nothing is wrong?" Yoshimori replied. "I was just waiting… waiting for Yugi."

"Eh?" Yugi questioned blankly.

-That makes no sense.- Yugi commented to Yami.

Yami didn't have a chance to respond. Yoshimori had dashed forward and wrapped his hands around Joey's neck.

"Please forgive the impoliteness of my puppet." Shadi whispered from the dark corner of the room.

-Shadi!- Yugi gasped is shock.

-He did this?- Yami questioned as he tried to pulled Professor Yoshimori off of Joey.

"Shadi, what have you done to Professor Yoshimori?" Yugi asked as he tugged on the man's arms.

"If my theory is correct, it will happen soon." Shadi replied. "The powers of the Millennium Puzzle will surface."

"Professor Yoshimori, what's wrong with you?" Solomon called.

-Is it my imagination, or are us two the only ones who can see Shadi?- Yugi asked as he and Yami tried to pull Yoshimori off of Joey.

-I think you're right.- Yami replied.

"His grip is to strong." Tristan grunted as he clawed at Yoshimori's hands.

-It's like he's been turned into a serial killer.- Yugi thought.

-Shadi told me one of his Millennium Items can remodel and manipulate someone's soul room.- Yami replied -It can also destroy their personality-

'I remodeled this man's soul room and implanted two purposes.' Shadi thought as he watched with uncaring eyes. 'To make Yugi's friends suffer, and to rile Yami into action.'

Yugi began to whimper as Joey gasped for air.

'I originally intended to find and judge the criminals who opened the tomb in the Valley of the Kings, and then leave this country. But ever since my encounter with that boy who is bound to the Millennium Puzzle, my heart has burned with the defeat he dealt me. I will not put out those embers or leave this country until I have confirmed Yami's powers, and the powers of the Millennium Puzzle. And I will do anything to make it happen.'

Growling, Yami glanced around the room for something to distract the professor. He couldn't use his magic, not wanting to explain at the moment. Spotting a heavy world globe, Yami ran over, picked it up, and smacked Yoshimori right across the kisser.

A few of Yoshimori's teeth fell out and he collapsed to the ground. Joey coughed as he regained his breath.

"Terrible sorry professor." Yami panted. "But I can't have you hurting my friends."

"Nice job Yami!" Tristan praised.

"I think he's unconscious." Yugi noted as he stood next to Yami before kneeling next to Joey. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Joey nodded. "Nice hit Yami."

"Maybe I whacked him a little too hard." Yami winced as he looked at the still form.

Yoshimori lurched up and started towards the group in zombie mode.

"He's still acting crazy!" Yugi squeaked, dimly aware that Tea had done nothing to help Joey while he had been getting strangled.

"Everyone scatter!" Yami called as he pushed Yugi out of the room and down a hallway.

'Looks like one puppet isn't enough.' Shadi noted. 'My second puppet, the girl they call Tea, will now help me.

'Her soul room was full of mirrors, showing she is very confident in herself, when I entered last night. But now she is a silent doll, obsessed with having Yami for her own, and willing to do anything to get Yugi out of the way.'

"What do you think Shadi is doing?" Yugi panted as he and Yami paused for breath.

"I'm not sure." Yami replied as everyone else ran up.

"What's with the professor?" Tristan panted.

"He's coming this way!" Joey yelped and pointed down the hallway at the zombie Yoshimori running towards them.

"What's wrong with you?" Solomon asked as he put himself in front of the group. "Don't you know who I am? We're friends Yoshimori!"

"It's no use gramps." Joey groaned as he tried to pull the old man back. "You'll just get hurt if you try to talk to him."

Yoshimori paused for a second before lashing out, knocking Solomon into a wall.

"Grandpa!" Yugi screamed, being held back by Yami so he wouldn't get hit.

"He's okay." Tristan noted the breathing. "Just knocked out."

'At this rate, everyone will get hurt.' Joey thought to himself. 'I've got to distract him.'

"Hey bird brain!" Joey teased and made Yoshimori look towards him and tapped his rear. "Yeah you, ya dumb professor! If this make you mad, bit me you moron!"

"You idiot!" Tristan yelled as Yoshimori lunged towards Joey.

"Missed me!" Joey called as he ran down the hall.

"I'll help him!" Tristan called over his shoulder as he ran after his friend and the currently insane professor.

Yugi panted as he watched Joey and Tristan disappear around the corner. Sudden pain ran through his body as he was slammed against the wall.

"He's mine." Tea said eerily. "Stay away from Yami."

"What are you doing?" Yugi gasped as Tea's hands found his throat and Yami turned from Mr. Mouto's unconscious body.

"You've had him all to yourself." Tea growled. "And now, I want him. So I need to get rid of you."

"You have good friends." Shadi said as he stepped into the hallway. "Joey and Tristan leapt into action to save you, even if it cost them their lives."

"Shadi!" Yami growled. "What is going on here?"

"Tea is my puppet." Shadi explained. "She has been since last night. She has no memories of her own, but has her jealousy of Yugi being with you amplified. She has been trying to put Yugi in dangerous situations today at the arcade and on his way home so the true power of the Millennium Puzzle would be revealed."

"You monster." Yami growled as Yugi chocked.

"Listen well Yami." Shadi replied. "Tea does everything I tell her to. Right now, she is only to hurt Yugi. But if I tell her to kill him, she will."

Meanwhile, Joey was still running from Yoshimori. Tristan was running right behind them and shouting curses at the zombie, but he only seemed to be after Joey at the moment.

"When did he get so fast?" Joey wailed as he kept moving.

"Who cares?" Tristan replied about five feet behind Yoshimori.

'Okay, enough running.' Joey smirked when he saw he was by the chemistry labs on the other side of the university building. 'We're finally far enough away from Yugi and the others to take care of Professor Yoshimori. At the next corner, I'll finish this. And Tristan will help me.'

Racing around the corner, Joey stopped and turned around. As Yoshimori rounded the bend, he ran right into Joey's fist.

"And stay down!" Joey yelled as Tristan accidently trampled the man.

"Oops!" Tristan winced as one foot planted in Yoshimori's stomach, and the other a few inches lower.

"That should hold him." Joey smirked before Yoshimori got up and lunged at them again.

"How can he ignore pain like that?" Tristan wailed as he and Joey started running again.

Yami growled. Shadi was purposely putting Yugi in danger, and he would not stand for it. The Millennium Puzzle flashed brightly in response to Yami's anger, and bolts of magic shot out into the hallway, much like the night when Yugi first solved it.

"Yami!" Yugi managed to scream out. "Stop!"

But Yami didn't hear him. The Eye of Anubis glowed on his forehead as the magic pulsed more and more.

"Yami!" Yugi managed to yell. "Please stop! I'm scared!"

Yami's anger flicked for a moment, and Shadi noticed, recalling Yami saying that since Yugi solved the puzzle he would do anything to keep him safe. Calling Tea off Yugi and having her stand next to the wall, Shadi quickly entered Yugi's mind and made him a doll.

Yugi had no memories or voice of his own.

Yami kicked himself for losing control. Looking up and breathing heavily, Yami gasped when he saw Yugi in Shadi's grasp, his amethyst eyes blank.

"What have you done?" Yami roared.

"Yugi is now my puppet." Shadi replied. "Like Tea, except he has nothing. No memories, no voice, he won't move unless I tell him. But know this, if tell him 'Die', he will die."

"Shadi!" Yami growled, barely keeping himself under control.

"Now that I have your attention," Shadi continued, "I wish to finish what we started. A Shadow Game."

"How dare you bring Yugi into this game!" Yami snarled.

"I entered your soul room and was not only humiliated, I never learned of the Millennium Puzzles true powers." Shadi ignored the interruption. "Now I will see it in the safety of reality. That is, unless you wish for this boy to spend the rest of his life as a doll, or dead."

"It seems I can do nothing but accept your challenge." Yami hissed.

"Yes." Shadi smiled evilly. "The game will begin in 10 minutes on the roof of this building. I will head there now to set up. Be there at eight o'clock Yami, or Yugi will suffer the consequences for your actions."

Yami grabbed the Millennium Puzzle from around Yugi's neck and he followed Shadi out of the room. Shadi either didn't notice or paid no mind if he did.

'Shadi has gone to such lengths to learn my powers.' Yami thought as he watched the clock tick. 'I wonder if he and his family want to capture it or get rid of it. But I don't even know what the Millennium Puzzle's true power is. It sleeps in my true room. Other than the occasional pulses of power, it seems to be waiting for the right time.'

Yami sighed and rubbed the puzzle, a habit he had picked up from Yugi.

'But one thing is clear Shadi. As far as I'm concerned, you are my enemy. I'll play your game, but I won't lose. For Yugi's sake.'

As soon as the clock struck eight, Yami stepped out onto the roof. What he saw shocked him to the core.

Yugi was standing on a board that was hanging off the roof top edge, outside of the protective fence that was supposed to help discourage suicides. The board was held up by four ropes tied to a pole that was by his side. Connected to four ropes were four small ushabiti. Another much larger ushabiti hung above the four and was connected to the Millennium Key.

"Let the game begin." Shadi smirked. "This is the 'Trial of the Mind'."

"Is this part of your game?" Yami demanded angrily.

"Correct." Shadi nodded. "If you lose, the boy dies."

"Grr!" Yami snarled in anger.

"Before I explain the rules," Shadi paused briefly, "there is something I would like to say concerning the Millennium Puzzle. I have no idea how or why the Millennium Puzzle came into Yugi's possession, or why after 5,000 years he would be the one to solve it. You might think of it as coincidence, but it was not. The Millennium Puzzle chose him. My family was also chosen by the Millennium Items."

"Don't start telling me we're buddies because I want no part of you little group." Yami snarled. "Explain the rules of the game already."

"You are frightened." Shadi said.

"What?" Yami gasped and recovered. "What makes you think that?"

"You are frightened by the power hidden in your soul." Shadi replied. "The unknown power of the Millennium Puzzle. That is your weakness. As proof, look over to the ushabiti."

Yami turned his head in time to see one of the four statues crack, and then shatter. The rope it had been connected to came loose and the board Yugi was on wobbled.

"Yugi!" Yami called, concerned for the boy. "The ushabiti spontaneously cracked? But how? And why?"

"In case you hadn't noticed, the game has already begun." Shadi said.

"What?" Yami growled, starting to get extremely pissed off.

"Yugi stands on the 'Bridge of Life', which is supported by four ropes, each tied to an ushabiti. And since ushabiti means 'answerer', those statues will reveal the state of your mind. Each time you show weakness, the ushabiti will break, reflecting your mind. You have three left. If they all shatter, the boy will fall to his death."

Severely annoyed, Yami wondered how much trouble he would get into if he just 'Mind Crushed' Shadi and got things over with.

"However, should you win." Shadi paused again to re-gather his thoughts. "The ropes supporting the 'Bridge of Life' also hold my Millennium Key, and a rope attached to the ushabiti representing my mind is holding it."

"I see." Yami stopped Shadi's talking. "If I break your ushabiti before my remaining three do, I win."

"Correct." Shadi nodded. "If that happens, the Millennium Key will slide down the rope to his hand. If he touches the Key, my remodeling will fade and his true nature will be restored. Understand? The one with the weaker mind and heart will lose this game."

'The purpose of this game is to find the weaker one.' Yami thought, his eyes trained on Yugi. 'Weighing my mind and heart against Yugi's life.'

"Let us begin." Shadi said, and the wind picked up.


'How do you plan to test me Shadi?' Yami wondered.

'Prepare yourself Yugi.' Shadi thought. 'Here comes the first game.'

The ground all around Yami began to crack and hands appearing through the cracks in the ground and grabbed him.

"What are these hands from the ground?" Yami gasped as he tried to get away.

More hands appeared from the ground, dragging rotting corpses with them. The moaned and groaned as they crawled over to Yami, covering his body.

"This is the first game meant to test you." Shadi called. "I ask you, 'I crawl from the earth and clings to a pillar. What am I?' Answer this riddle."

'Crawl from the earth and…' Yami struggled against the hands. 'What could that mean?'

'You are seeing an illusion.' Shadi thought as he held back a sigh. 'The illusion will force you to reveal any weakness in your heart, and the ushabiti will shatter. But if you overcome my illusion, you will see the answer.'

'This is one of Shadi's illusions.' Yami realized and held still. 'But now that I know, why isn't it disappearing? Shadi asked, 'What am I?' If I answer correct, will the illusion disappear? Concentrate, try to remember.

'Crawls from the earth and clings to a pillar. The crawling things must be these corpses, and then that means the pillar is me! Think backwards, something that could crawl from a pillar to the ground.'

"The answer to your riddle and the true form of this illusion is my Shadow!" Yami proclaimed confidently.

The illusion corpses disappeared with a gust of wind, leaving Shadi and Yami glaring at each other once again.

"You have cleared the first stage." Shadi said as he noted that none of Yami's remaining three ushabiti had shattered, or even cracked. "However, the next game will be much harder. Will you be able to stay strong?"

The ground in front of Yami cracked again, and a pair of glowing red eyes appeared.

"What is that?" Yami gasped and backed away. "It's huge!"

A pair of hands popped out behind Yami and grabbed his arms, holding him in one spot. Looking behind him, Yami was greeted with the sight of an ugly crocodile like head.

"You are not allowed to run away." Shadi scolded. "This is a shadow game you know."

"I know." Yami growled. "How do I get croczilla off of me?"

"The only way to escape from Ammit's clutches is to win this next game." Shadi replied.

"This has to be another illusion." Yami said.

"Correct." Shadi gave a nod. "The demon you see is an illusion. But even though it is an illusion, should it eat your soul, you will die. Though Ammit has already gouged on the soul of the museum's superintendent."

"So you killed Kanekura." Yami muttered to himself, his suspicions confirmed.

"In order to survive this game, you must dispel Ammit's illusion." Shadi continued. "Now I shall explain the rules to you."

Nine stone plates with a question mark on each on appeared in front of Yami.

"This is a game of concentration and memory." Shadi explained. "Behind those plates before you are pairs on the same picture."

"But there are only nine slates." Yami pointed out. "Even if I pair all of the slates, there will be one left."

"Correct." Shadi nodded again. "The one in the middle would be left over. Do dispel Ammit's illusion you must say what the middle slate is. But you are not allowed to turn any of the slates over."

"What?" Yami gasped.

"You have five minutes." Shadi continued. "If you fail, Ammit's illusion will devour your soul. I will tell you the key to the riddle. Those slates are a mirror that reflects Ammit."

'A mirror that reflects Ammit?' Yami raised an eyebrow. 'I think the mirror would break at the sight of such an ugly reflection.'

"Now shake off your fear and solve this puzzle." Shadi demanded.

'What's drawn on the center plate?' Yami puzzled over as he began to sweat from nervousness. 'I'm just about scared out of my wits!'

Some cracking caught Yami's attention. Turning, Yami saw one of the ushabiti beginning to crack, but it didn't shatter.

'Dammit!' Yami cursed himself and squashed his fear into a deep part of his mind. 'If I weaken the ushabiti will break. And then Yugi will die! I can't let that happen!'

Back with Joey and Tristan, still running from zombie Yoshimori.

"Damn!" Joey cursed. "This guy doesn't quit!"

Rounding another corner, the two friends came to a dead end.

"Uh-oh." Joey mumbled.

"I've got an idea." Tristan said as he walked over the wall. "Distract him for two seconds, okay Joey?"

"As long as I don't get killed." Joey replied as Yoshimori rounded the corner.

Yoshimori lunged for Joey and got a face full of fire extinguisher foam from Tristan, who had found the item on the wall.

"Take that!" Tristan grinned.

Yoshimori didn't even notice the foam. Lunging threw the mess, he grabbed Joey by his jacket collar and pushed him backwards. Towards the open window.

Joey started falling backwards, but managed to grab hold of the curtain and held on for dear life.

"Jerk!" Tristan's voice came through the window, followed by a thud. "Come and get me you zombie freak!"

"Thank you Tristan." Joey sighed as the footsteps left the room.

Getting ready to climb back in, Joey glanced up to see…

"Yugi!" Joey exclaimed upon seeing his friend standing on a board hanging off the edge of the university roof, not even batting an eye. "What are you doing up there?"

"You have one more minute left." Shadi said, unaware of what was happening below.

'Think it over again.' Yami growled to himself, keeping Shadi's voice away from his concentration. 'Nine slates, and they are a mirror reflecting Ammit. And most mirrors reflect you face. So that means that there are four pairs of body features you can see in a mirror.'

"Thirty seconds." Shadi called.

'What things exist in pairs on this monster?' Yami wondered. 'And what does it only have one of? Wait, I've got it! The pairs are the ears, eyes, nostrils, and hands.'

"Five seconds." Shadi warned.

"The only single thing is Ammit's mouth!" Yami proclaimed.

With a gust of wind, Ammit released Yami and disappeared. The same gust turned over the slates in front of Yami, showing the carving. A pair of eyes, hands, ears, and nostrils greeted him. The singular item was the mouth.

"Well done." Shadi had to admit. "You've passed the second game. But the final game makes the other two easy in comparison."

Joey had to wonder what he was thinking. He was currently trying to scale the outside of the building to get to Yugi. Why hadn't he gone inside? Oh yeah. There was a crazy professor on the loose.

"Hang on Yugi." Joey growled as he got closer. "I'm coming."

"You passed the last two tests surprisingly easily." Shadi said with a glance towards Yugi. "There are still three ushabiti left, but this next test will break them all."

'He sounds pretty sure of himself, as if he can see my weak points.' Yami noted. 'But no matter what he has planned, I can't lose. Yugi's life is on the line! In order to save him, I have to get the Millennium Key to his hand, and that will break Shadi's spell. But how can I break his ushabiti? What's his weak point?'

"If you're trying to find my weak point, give up." Shadi said, having noticed the calculating expression Yami's face. "My mental strength is like a diamond. Yours is weak, like chalky alabaster. You will learn this well in your next game. Meet your opponent!"

A flash of smoky shadow magic later, Yami found he was staring at Yugi. More like the spirit form of Yugi. He was somewhat transparent.

"The final game is a game to the death and you must play it with the boy." Shadi said as the roof dropped and became a sheer fall into nothingness on all sides of Yami and Spirit Yugi. Spirit Yugi reached forward and took the Millennium Puzzle off of Yami's neck.

"Your playing field is the Valley of Cliffs." Shadi explained. "You two will use the Millennium Puzzle as a dice. When the player drops the puzzle as a die, their opponent must take two steps in the direction its pointing. Whoever falls off the cliff first loses."

"I'm not playing this game with Yugi." Yami replied.

"And why not?" Shadi smirked.

"Because Yugi would never want me to do something so dangerous." Yami replied with a strong glare. 'This is either and illusion or Shadi has managed to remove Yugi's soul from his body. But I doubt that.'

"You have no choice." Shadi snapped back. "This is a Shadow Game. Now begin."

"I can't believe you lied to me." Spirit Yugi said to Yami. "You had plenty of chances to tell me where you had come from, and yet you waited until someone's arrival forced you to speak."

Yami gasped at the harsh words. Cracking reached his ear and he turned in time to see two of his ushabiti shatter. Yugi now had only one ushabiti making sure he didn't die. The board wobbled but didn't tip.

'He's still safe.' Yami sighed. 'Shadi must have come across my fears when he entered the Millennium Puzzle the last time we met. And now he's using them to shake me up. I have only one ushabiti left. If I hesitate again, I'll lose.'

"I challenge you, unless you're to chicken to play." Spirit Yugi sneered. "So I'll go first then."

Rolling the puzzle like a dice, Spirit Yugi pointed in the direction Yami was to walk after it stopped moving. Yami walked the two paces without complaint.

"Your turn." Spirit Yugi said.

"I won't throw it." Yami replied. "I won't play this game with you Yugi."

"My turn again." Sprit Yugi tossed the puzzle again, the point landing in the same direction Yami had walk earlier. "You're on the edge. Next time I roll the puzzle you'll fall."

"I pass." Yami said evenly.

"What?" Shadi shouted, not understanding Yami at all. "Are you quitting the game and admitting defeat?"

"No." Yami responded. "I believe in the one I love. He doesn't want this either."

"You believe…" Shadi shook his head. "You lose then. That is the lesson of this game. To believe in others too much is a weakness. Trust is easily broken. Believe only in yourself, and you will find strength. Now toss the puzzle once more and finish this game."

"No." Spirit Yugi whispered with a small smile on his face. "Yami is right. I love him too much to do this."

Spirit Yugi handed the puzzle to Yami and disappeared with a gust of wind. The floor returned to normal as Shadi gawked in surprise.

"Do you understand Shadi?" Yami asked. "Yugi and I are bonded. With the magic of the puzzle and with our love. We believe in each other and our friends, and in turn, they believe in us as well."

Creaking caught Yami's attention and he snapped his head to the board Yugi was standing on. The last rope was fraying, very close to breaking.

"Got it!" Joey shouted as he situated himself under the board, making sure Yugi wouldn't fall and get hurt or killed. "I'm here now Yugi! Everything will be alright!"

'It's impossible!' Shadi gasped. 'These people are supporting each other.'

Cracking gathered the spirit's attention. His ushabiti was starting to break.

"Standing alone is not true strength." Yami said as he walked over to the fence. "The power of trust between friends is true strength."

With a loud crack, Shadi's ushabiti broke.

"Shadi's ushabiti broke!" Yami cheered. "Now the Millennium Key can slide down the rope to Yugi!"

The key slid down the rope and touched Yugi's hand. He blinked his eyes and glanced around, trying to figure out where he was.

"Where am I?" Yugi asked and then looked down, seeing he was four stories off the ground. "AAAAAHHHHH!"

Yugi's legs gave out and he fell onto the board, clinging to the edges for dear life. Joey grunted at the sudden change but still held on.

"Yugi, get back onto the roof!" Joey called. "I've got you supported!"

"Joey?" Yugi looked to see his friend. "What's going on? I'm too scared to move!"

"You have to Yugi!" Joey replied. "I've got you and Yami is waiting on the roof."

"It's okay Yugi!" Yami called. "I'm right here. Come to me."

"I'll try." Yugi whispered and began to crawl back. "Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look down."

"Joey look out!" Tristan called from a window down a story and one to the left of where Joey was. "The professor has a vendetta for you!"

Looking down, Joey was greeted by the sight of the zombie Yoshimori.

"Hurry Yugi!" Joey yelped as his legs were grabbed by the still foam covered man. "Can't hold it for much longer!"

Yugi moved as fast as he could but it wasn't fast enough. Yoshimori's movement upset Joey enough that the board tipped.

"AAAAHHH!" Yugi screamed as he began to fall.

"Got you!" Yami proclaimed as he grabbed Yugi's wrist.

Yami had secured the Millennium Puzzle to the fence so he could reach out and grab Yugi without a high risk of falling himself. Pulling his light up, Yami held Yugi close once they were both standing.

Turning his head, Yami saw Tristan had distracted zombie Yoshimori by yanking down his pants. Who knew zombies were modesty freaks?

"Yugi's safe." Joey sighed and glanced down to see Tristan yank down zombie's pants again. "Now what are we supposed to do with this guy?"

"Joey, take the ankh and touch the professor's hand with it." Yami called down as he helped Yugi scale the fence.

"Got it!" Joey called back and did what Yami had instructed.

Yoshimori blinked in confusion. How did he end up outside? And why were some of his teeth missing? At that moment, Mr. Mouto came up onto the roof with a confused expression on his face.

"You okay gramps?" Joey asked as he, Tristan, and Yoshimori scaled the fence.

"I was just knocked out." Solomon replied. "Anyway, it looks like everyone is okay."

"Yami, you have passed every test." Shadi spoke to the crimson eyed male. "I am utterly defeated. I used some of the Millennium Items to show you illusions that would tempt you to darkness. Yet to me, it seems that even in my illusions your friends were there to help you. Perhaps my loss isn't too bad after all."

"Shadi, I think I understand the power of the Millennium Puzzle." Yami said as he placed the puzzle back around Yugi's neck. "Even when separate, all of our friends were working together. Our group is stronger than when we are alone, just like pieces of a puzzle. The Millennium Puzzle's power is the power of Unity."

"Hey, turban guy." Joey came up next to Yugi and Yami with Tristan. "This is our territory. You're not welcome here."

"Yes, that's true." Shadi agreed and turned to leave. "Yami, despite my defeat I am happy. My family has been searching for people like you for a very long time."


Leaving the rooftop, Joey blinked at the whole there and then not there.

"He didn't even explain himself." Tristan grumbled.

"That's okay." Yugi sighed. "I'm just glad we're all okay."

"How about we go get something to eat?" Solomon offered. "My treat."

"Burgers!" Yugi cheered.

Laughing at Yugi's choice, no one noticed the board he had been standing on disappear. The Millennium Key fell right into Shadi's hand on ground level.

'Yugi and Yami.' Shadi thought to himself 'One day, we will meet again.'

Turning, Shadi touched the Millennium Key to Tea's hand, and disappeared.

Tea blinked and glanced around. She was all alone. Where was everyone? Had they left her? Well, she would give them a good lecture the next time she saw them.

But the German Shepard on the sidewalk, Ringo, had other ideas for the girl. More specifically, she was his restroom before running home to his owner.

Tea screamed at the top of her lungs, which prompted Ringo to bite her. Tea had to go to the hospital and get stiches. She stayed home for three days feeling humiliated.

Yugi laughed as Yami tickled his sides.

"I give!" Yugi giggled. "I give! Please stop!"

"Alright." Yami yielded.

"I'm glad grandpa let you stay over tonight." Yugi smiled as they cuddled on his bed.

"I'm here every night." Yami smirked.

"You know what I mean." Yugi rolled his eyes.

"You're right." Yami smiled. "It is nice."

Both males looked at each other and leaned closer. Yami could smell Yugi. The vanilla sugar and rose scent smelled nice.

'Are we really going to..?' Yugi wondered as his eyelids lowered.

'I love him so much.' Yami sighed as he closing his eyes decided to go for it.

He brushed his lips against Yugi's, being gentle since this was Yugi's first kiss. Yugi's lips were soft and smooth, just like how the boy's skin felt against Yami's fingers.

Yugi eagerly responded, thrilled that his crush was actually kissing him. Breathing heavily through his nose, Yugi smelled a blend of cinnamon and myrrh. It was a wonderful combination that was uniquely Yami.

When they pulled away, they both smiled, and kissed again. This time, Yugi wrapped his arms around Yami's neck to deepen the kiss. Yami hummed and wrapped his arms around Yugi's back to bring him close. Nothing else mattered except each other.

They did this a few more times before they fell asleep in each other's arms.

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