This is something I wanted to do for a while. Now we all know Sonic is owned by Sega and My little Pony is owned by Hasbro so that means no sueing.

Note: This is my first story to be in chapters

My Little Sonic part 1

As are story begins we find Sonic the Hedgehog fighting his enemy Dr. Eggman, who has all 7 chaos emeralds.

Sonic: Give it up Eggman, don't you get I'll always beat you there nothing you can do from keeping me from beating you.

Dr. Eggman: Ohohoho so true hedgehog you maybe able to stop me on Mobius but that all changes here.

Sonic: What's that supposed to mean.

Suddenly Eggman pushed a button that put a glass dome over Sonic.

Sonic: What, this won't stop me!

He says trying to break out of the dome

Dr. Eggman: Gotcha this time Sonic ever since our time in Station Square our learn their our more worlds out there and thanks to new machine you'll be sent to one random world, and thanks to this special "glass" material you'll be the only one who will be going.

Sonic: No can't let him do this. (Sonic thinking to himself)

Dr. Eggman: Goodbye Sonic the Hedgehog for the last time.

Sonic: Well if I'm going I'm taking a few things with me.

Dr. Eggman: What are you talking about?

Sonic: (Touching the glass with both his hands) CHAOS CONTROL!

With that said a bright light came a disappear in a instant. So was Sonic.

Dr. Eggman: Well with him gone I can use these emralds to, WHERE ARE THE CHAOS EMRALDS?

The emeralds were gone Eggman expected to be with Sonic.

Dr. Eggman: Clever hedgehog, but I can still conquer Mobius without the emeralds HaHaHaHa.

We now go to Sonic who is hurtling through time and space.


As it looks like Sonic was going keep on going he was tossed straight through a portal. It finally ended for Sonic who was in the air and saw the chaos emeralds scatter over this new world.

Sonic: Heh, there they go again, wait a minute I'm falling.

Sonic then crashed right to the ground next to a castle. Then some guards came and took him in to show their princess.

Guard: Princess Celestia we found a hedgehog that has came from the sky.

Princess Celestia: How interesting a hedgehog falling from the sky.

Sonic then gained consciousness and saw ponies all around.

Sonic: Whoa where am I?

Princess Celestia: Amazing you can talk.

Sonic: Thanks, wait a minute you can talk.

Princess Celestia: Where are my manners I am Princess Celestia and you are kind sir.

Sonic: I'm Sonic the hedgehog.

Then after a long conversation on how he got here and his battles with Eggman and his acts of heroism.

Princess Celestia: Well Sonic the hedgehog you sir have nothing to worry my guards and friends across the world will help in finding these chaos emeralds.

Sonic: Thank you Princess Celestia I appreciate it.

Princess Celestia: Oh and for you place of will be in Ponyville until you can return home, there will be a little dragon named Spike you will find and then when you find him you will find very good friends.

Sonic: Thanks again Princess see ya.

Then in a split second he was.

Princess Celestia: My what remarkable speed.

Sonic then running had finally found Ponyville then he began his search for the Dragon named Spike. Sonic then started to run all over Ponyville until he finds a dragon burning scrolls.

Sonic: Hey little man do you know where I can find Spike?

Spike: Your looking at him and you are?

Sonic: Sonic the hedgehog, Princess Celestia said if find you I will meet new friends.

Spike: Cool I can't wait for you meet the gang but it's it will take a while to walk there.

Sonic: Walk heheheh (grabs Spike's hand) hold on tight Spike.

Spike: What do you MEAN! (Spike screamed as Sonic accelerated to Twilight's house).

At Twilight's house the ponies were there waiting for there new friend that Princess Celestia sent a message about him.

Pinkie Pie: Can't wait Can't wait do you think this Sonic guy will be funny, cool, or both.

Rainbow Dash: With a name like Sonic he must be cool not as cool as me but cool.

Applejack: Hopefully he is not as hyper as Pinkie Pie.

Rarity: I hope this Sonic has a sense of fashion.

Fluttershy: I just hope he'll like us.

Twilight: Don't worry Fluttershy from what we heard Sonic can get along with us easily.

As soon as they were done talking the door open and coming inside was Sonic and Spike.

Twilight: Spike your looking a little green.

Spike: I know, if anyone needs me I be on the ground passed out.

Applejack: Whoa what happen to him?

Sonic: Oh nothing. So who are you guys.

Pinkie Pie: Oh my gosh you must be Sonic, HI I'm Pinkie Pie.

Apple jack: Nice to meet ya I'm Apple jack.

Rarity: Rarity, and I must say i love your color.

Fluttershy: Hi I'm Fluttershy i really hope we can be friends.

Twilight: Hello it's nice to meet you I'm Twilight.

Rainbowdash: And the best for last sup I'm Rainbowdash.

Sonic: It's nice to meet you all.

Sonic then explained his predicament to the ponies.

Twilight: Wow Sonic that's incredible so is there anything special you can do.

Sonic smiled and just told them to come outside with him they all came out and watched Sonic standing next to a tree.

Sonic: Alright listen see that mountain I race to the top and back here in tens seconds or less.

Rainbow Dash: Ha yeah right there is no way yo-

A split second Sonic was gone, the ponies stood in awe when they saw nothing but the blue blur race up that mountain and back.

Pinkie Pie: Whoa, how did you do that?

Sonic: Oh it was easy because I'm the fastest thing alive.

Rainbow Dash: Actually fella that title is already taken.

Twilight: Oh man I smell a race.

Applejack: Boy howdy this is gonna be good.

Rarity: This is going to be a magnificent race.

Fluttershy: I just know something bad gonna happen.

When Spike came to Pinkie Pie asked him for help passing out flyers to ponies that the race of the century Rainbow Dash vs. Sonic.

Everypony was there even the Princess they were all on bleachers on the side line getting ready to see the race.

Spike: Okay guys one lap you will see the checkpoint that's when you come back.

Sonic & R.D.: Got it.

Rainbow Dash got in her stance and Sonic used super his peel out move.

Rainbow Dash: Fancy footwork "Chronic".

Sonic: Thanks "Dashie".

Twilight: Wow you can just feel the tension.

Spike: Ready. Set. GO!

They were off with Sonic taking the early lead with Rainbow Dash trying to catch up. Sonic then begin running backwards watching Rainbow Dash and decided to use the 3 words that make people more competitive to him.

Sonic: Hey "Dashie".

Rainbow Dash: What?

Sonic: Your too Slow.

Rainbow Dash: ... (In her it repeated in her head "Your too slow")

As both hedgehog and pony have passed the turn Rainbow Dash decided to end by using her Sonic Rainboom she then passed Sonic and was halfway to the finish line.

Rainbow Dash: Ha told you I'm fastest.

Sonic: Heh I'll admit you have some speed but time I end this.

As Rainbow Dash look she was going to win Sonic uses his Sonic Boost to past her. And he passes the finish line.

Spike: Sonic wins.

The end of part 1