Chapter 16 people this is gonna be epic thecoolj is really pumped showing you all awesomeness and I own nothing this belongs to Sega and Hasbro.

We find ourselves with Super Sonic witnessing the nightmare he thought would never happen. Doctor Eggman has finally created the Eggman Empire and Sonic's friends were nowhere to be found. Super Sonic powered down to go check around.

Sonic: Oh man Eggman finally did it, but now I'm back got all seven Chaos Emeralds and ready to kick some butt.

Just as he was about to start running the EggRobo appeared and popping out of it was the Eggman himself.

Eggman: Well well well if it isn't Sonic the Hedgehog finally making his return.

Sonic: Eggman really that's the robot your gonna fight with. I mean how many times have I beaten that thing.

Eggman: Aww don't worry hedgehog this robot is not meant to fight you but this one is here to finish the score with you for good.

Coming to aid Dr. Eggman was his most powerful robot Metal Sonic.

Sonic: Oh what's up shell head. Eggman before I beat you again all I gotta say is where are my friends?

Eggman: Don't worry hedgehog your friends are nice and safe in my pods, for now that is.

Sonic: What are you going to do to them?

Eggman: Oh that is a surprise and Sonic I don't want you spoiling it, but don't feel bad Metal Sonic will have his fun with you.

Sonic transformed into Super Sonic and was preparing for a fight.

Super Sonic: Now tell me, were you expecting this Egghead.

Eggman: Oh yes I already planned for you to go Super. Haha all according to plan but tell me hedgehog were you expecting THIS!

The evil Dr. Eggman snapped his fingers and Metal Sonic transformed into Metal Overlord thanks to all the machines around him.

Metal Overlord: I am the METAL OVERLORD!

Super Sonic: *Gulps* Well no I wasn't but I will still beat you.

Super Sonic flew to the sky with the Metal Overlord following him. Super Sonic used his Super boost to charge at the metal monstrosity to end this quickly but the robot responded by using his Black Shield. It sent Super Sonic back with a lot of force.

Super Sonic: Ughhh hey you couldn't do that before.

Eggman: Oh did I forget to mention I improved that. Now Metal Sonic finish him!

Super Sonic: Gotta act fast Chaos-

Metal Overlord: *Wrapping his claws on Sonic* CONTROL!

Both Hedgehog and Metal Hedgehog created a warp and a flash of light they were gone.

Eggman: Oh well Metal Sonic won't fail me. Now for that other "hedgehog problem".

Elsewhere Super Sonic and Metal Overlord were hurtling through time and space.

Super Sonic: I need to hurry if I'm gonna save everyone but first I need to take care of you. *Sigh* I really hate to bring the fight to their world but I'm gonna need help beating you.

Super Sonic was taking them to a familiar place but will he be able to defeat his robotic doppelganger with help from his new friends find out next time.

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