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*~*~*My Pain Is Your Pain*~*~*


It was a clear and sunny, Monday morning and the students at Paopu Academy were busily making their way in and around the hallways. A small group of four were found in a small corner, talking amongst each other.

"Hey, did you guys hear? There are two new students coming in today." A girl with dark, reddish-brown hair announced happily.

"Huh, wonder what they're like." A blond boy with dark blue eyes wondered, his hands folded behind his back. Next to him was another blonde, looking strikingly similar, except his hair was darker. He had the same wondering expression as his brother.

"How'd you know about this Kairi?" the laid back, silver-haired boy asked as he leaned against the wall.

"I overheard Principal Eraqus talking about it to some of the teachers yesterday. Sadly, I couldn't catch their names since I was kinda in a hurry to get to my bus." The red-head explained.

But right after she had mentioned that, the front doors of the Academy suddenly burst open, hitting the walls with a loud bang. Everyone's attention was now turned to the two new arrivals at the door. Standing there were two identical boys, except one had black hair and the other with brown.

"Vanitas! You opened the doors too roughly and they slammed against the wall. They could have shattered into a million pieces or something!" the brunette scolded his twin, but the raven-haired boy gave him a glare.

"Shut-up Sora, the doors are perfectly fine. I doubt they'd break that easily anyway." The other twin was obviously in a foul mood.

"They could have though!" Sora argued.

"But they didn't! Gahh, why are we arguing about this?" the twins began bickering back and forth at each other, even as they began walking down the hallway, ignoring the stares from everyone.

The group of four had their jaws slightly opened as they stared at the bickering brothers.

"So the newbies… are twins?" the silver haired boy couldn't believe there was another pair of twins at school. Ven and Roxas were enough…

"Wow, they sure are identical. Like me and Ven." The darker haired blonde mentioned.

"Except for their hair though…" his brother commented. Kairi crossed her arms, looking at the twins.

"Something tells me they aren't exactly identical in personality though…" it was obvious that the brunette seemed to have the nicer personality while the other just looked like he was the exact opposite.

The new pair of twins struck an interest to everyone…

Word count: 417

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