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After the twins' fight, they decided not to have any music playing and the group sat on or near Sora's bed, having a conversation.

"Your mom seems really nice Sora." Xion mentioned as she was nibbling on a cracker.

"She's awesome! Super nice and everything. She's the best mom ever!" Sora bragged happily and popped a cracker in his mouth. "Even Vanitas thinks so too. He can be a mama's boy sometimes." the brunet snickered.

"I am not!" Vanitas snapped, smacking his head. "You're the mama's boy."

"I was just kidding..." Sora rubbed his head a little from where Vanitas hit it.

"What about your dad? What's he like?" Ven asked, looking at the twins curiously.

"Our dad is pretty cool." Vanitas scoffed with a "sometimes" after Sora said that. "But, he usually has us do a lot of work in the house. And he makes us practice our sports. Oh, and he always makes sure we do good in school and everything." he explained briefly.

"He also grounds us a lot..." Vanitas added with a sigh.

"Sounds pretty interesting. So, does your dad have brown hair or black hair? I clearly don't see any blue on either of you." Sora laughed at Roxas's comment, but Vanitas rolled his eyes.

"He has brown hair. That's where I get my hair from!" the brunet grinned, pulling lightly at his spiky brown hair. But, they now looked over at Vanitas, having confused expressions on their faces, even Sora.

"What?" he growled.

"Uhh... your hair comes from who exactly?" there was an odd silence in the room.

Well, that is, until Sora spoke. "Where does your black hair come from Vanitas?"

"It doesn't matter! Can we please move on to a different subject!" he yelled, clearly angry and not wanting to answer the question. Another awkward silence filled the room as the others were thinking about another topic they could discuss. Vanitas smacked his forehead. "What are your guys's parents like?" he asked, breaking the silence.

"Ohh! Good one, Vani." the raven-haired twin shot Sora an evil glare. "I-I mean Vanitas..."

"Hmm... well, our mom is mostly cool, and she's really tough. One time, she broke the wall of Roxas's door by punching it." Ven said, and Roxas shivered a little.

"That was scary..." he mumbled.

"Yeah, she can be pretty scary too..." thinking about it, the blonde twins had fear clearly displayed on their faces.

"Oh right, I remember meeting your mom... She's really strong." Xion mentioned.

"That's cool. Maybe your mom and my dad could have a sparring fight. Our dad is really strong too." Sora smiled, looking at the still scared blonde twins.

"I don't know..." Roxas started.

"Mom can get pretty intense, even with sparring." Ven said. "She sparred with our dad once... It turned into an intense all out fight." he added.

"What's your dad like?"

"He's strong too, but he doesn't talk too much. He's still really cool though!" Ven bragged about his father with a big smile.

"Cool! I wanna meet him!" Sora jumped up excitedly, making his friends laugh some. Vanitas glanced at Xion.

"What about you?" the others' turned their attention to the only girl in the room.

"Oh, um... Well, they're both really nice. My dad can be funny sometimes and he's pretty protective over me." she said shortly.

"Yeah, Xion's parents are super nice." Ven and Roxas said together.

"I'd love to meet your parents too, Xion!" Vanitas suddenly smacked Sora's head. "Owww! Vanitas!"

"Sheesh, why not just meet everyone's parents, Sora." he said with mock sarcasm in his tone.

"I'll drag you along with me, Vanitas. For always hitting me all the time." Sora stuck his tongue out at him.

"Ha! As if I'd let that happen." his twin laughed, very sure of himself that that wasn't going to be happening any time soon.

"Not unless I have mom take you." and this made Vanitas stop abruptly, while everyone laughed. Vanitas sighed.


Word Count: 657

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