Bo Duke was driving around Hazzard County with his older cousin Luke. The boys were on their way to the Boars Nest for the Saturday Night Dance. Luke's girlfriend Candy Dix, took a break from touring and was going to the dance with him. While Bo on the other hand was free, and had his eye on Sarah-Beth. Once the boys got to the Boars nest, Candy met up with Luke, while every girl in Hazzard County, except Sarah-Beth, was trying to dance with Bo for the night.

By the time the dance was half over, Bo had shot down almost every girl in two counties down, hoping that Sarah would agree to dance with him at least once. Sadly Sarah looked the least bit interested in Bo, knowing that Bo tried his best at everything he knew, besides driving, to get Sarah-Beth to notice him, yet it seemed he was failing.

Bo Duke was stressed out when he and Luke returned home. Bo had also been drinking to try to get Sarah off his mind, so Luke had to drive home, which he didn't mind; he had wanted to drive Candy back to the Hazzard hotel anyways so it just made things a lot easier, seen as Bo had been thinking too much to notice that Luke and Candy kissed.

When they had finally gotten home, Luke had gone straight to bed; he was exhausted from dancing with Candy all night. Bo grabbed a drink of moonshine and laid in bed, wide awake thinking of ways to get Sarah to go on a date with him.

When morning came, Luke had gotten up and noticed Bo had fallen asleep with a bottle of shine beside him. Luke had seen the despair and heartbreak in Bo's eyes the night before, so decided to let him rest. Besides Luke had wanted to do some extra chores today anyways and give Bo some rest. Jesse and Daisy had gone to Capital City for some seed for the field and said the chores were to be done before they all got home.

The next thing Bo knew it was 10am, Jesse has never let him sleep in, and he wondered why Luke hadn't woken him up. Bo got up, got dressed and went to the kitchen to find a note that explained why Jesse and Daisy weren't home, thinking that unless Luke had the General he must still be on the farm somewhere, Bo decided to go sit down.