Luke left almost immediately after arriving home; he had something he wanted to take care of. No something he needed to take care of. "Hurry Daisy, I got to take care of something in town, and I know for sure that you don't want to be late for work darling" "Oh Luke, would you relax a bit." Daisy kissed her uncle and cousin before leaving with Luke.

In the General Lee, Daisy had a question that she was dying for an answer too. "Sugar, since we ain't at the farm now; and I know you didn't want Bo to know what your plan is. Would you tell me what you got cookin' in that brain of yours?"

Luke glanced at Daisy before turning his attention back to the road. "I wanted to have a little chat with Sarah-Beth is all" "Luke don't you think that should wait"

Luke sighed, he wasn't too sure of it himself; but he weren't going to let this go unnoticed. "I suppose you're right darling. I'll let it be, only for a little while though. Talk to Cooter or Enos and see if they'll bring ya on home later, I need some thinking time to myself" After Luke dropped Daisy off he sped down the back roads, until he met the spot he wanted to be at; the Pond.

Hours had passed and Daisy returned back to the farm with a lift from Cooter. Luke hadn't returned yet, and Bo was getting frustrated with his new 'set of wheels', he was trying his best to co-operate with his wheel chair so he would be allowed to help with chores.

Cooter had stuck around and helped out; with Luke out over-thinking they needed a little extra help. Daisy did her chores and helped as best as she could with the left over tasks usually done by Bo and Luke. Cooter noticed something in Luke's eyes before he left after dropping Daisy off. It was something Cooter hardly ever saw in Luke's eyes; emotion.

Balladeer: Luke has been through a lot of stuff during his life, and learned to keep his emotions in control. Maybe things were harder for him, than anyone thought they were to be. Let's find out, I am a might bit curious myself.

Luke was still thinking, looking out upon the small body of water. He was fairly upset that Bo may never walk again, which killed him inside. If Bo couldn't walk, he couldn't drive. Driving was Bo's pride, along with girls and family. Not being able to do the things he loved would break his heart; and seeing Bo with a broken heart would surely break his own heart.

"That's what Uncle Jesse calls Faith, Caring and definite True love." Luke sighed; his Uncle would've been right about that for sure. Only one thing left that Luke had thought about repeatedly to himself all day. "And it was all because of some dang girl too"

It was getting late and Luke didn't want to worry anybody so he headed to the Boars nest. He knew Daisy had a double shift that day, to make up for all the ones she had missed; she would've started around four thirty and would get off at around nine. It was eight thirty according to the clock in the General and Luke hadn't eaten so he decided he'd eat and follow Daisy back to the farm once she was off work.

Luke walked in, to find Daisy wasn't there working. Spotting Boss, Luke trudged on over, confused as heck. "Hey Boss, have you seen Daisy?" "Sure did Luke" Boss replied happily. "Why she got off her second shift about half an hour ago."

Still confused, Luke decided to ask another question. "Boss what time is it exactly?" "Nine thirty" Luke explained that he said the time must be off in the General Lee. Boss followed Luke outside to see if he was correct. "The clock says nine thirty three Luke. Are you feeling alright?"

"I'm fine Boss; I am really late to head on home though. Do me a favor and give Uncle Jesse a shout for me and tell him the CB ain't working and that I'd be home soon. I probably have them worrying to death by now" Boss agreed with Luke, he was in a good mood; and with the previous situations that had been going on lately, he didn't want to be the one to be a bad guy by getting involved.

Jesse met Luke outside. Luke practically fell over from exhaustion as soon as his foot touched the gravel. Bo had been lying down on his bed, in the room he shared with Luke slowly drifting off to sleep when he heard Daisy and Jesse talking.

"Lukeā€¦? Luke, Come on Sugar wake up" "Daisy help me get him on the couch." Jesse pleaded. Once on the couch, Luke slowly came around to opening his eyes. "Good to know I made it home in one piece. I am starving and exhausted."

Daisy was about ready to smack Luke for being so inconsiderate. "Luke you scared me out of my wits!" She exclaimed. "Daisy I was at the pond and lost track of time. Oh by the way we need to get the CB and the radio in the General fixed. I was going to pick you up from work and get a meal, but I was apparently so tired that I read the time wrong and ended up half an hour late."

"Figured as much from you cousin," Bo spoke softly as he wheeled himself out of his room. "I'm just glad you're safe"

Balladeer: Shouldn't it be the other way around? Luke worrying about Bo; anyways don't blink just yet, you might miss what's coming next.