So I've been getting more and more negative reviews for this story. I'm going to begin this message by saying I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. Reading over my story is a bit painful. Actually, very painful, because it was begun during my painfully awkward years, which, while not being over, per se, are at least in their death throes.

I started writing this story when I was thirteen, and posting when I was fourteen. Lizzy talks like a tween, I had no idea what a drunk person looked like when I was younger, and Darcy is not as poetic and stalwart as I imagined he was four years ago.

So if you're reading this for the first time, be warned by what I just said. If you're coming back, then you know what this story is, and I'm glad that you still enjoy it. This is not my piece de resistance, so please don't treat it as such. My other stories, which are also flawed, I know, are more recent, and therefore, I hope, somewhat truer to their source. I also have one on fictionpress that I really like.

This is my disclaimer: none of these views expressed here, and none of the writing styles, are mine at the moment. This story, while almost totally juvenile and melodramatic up until the end, is a part of my life, and though I'm not satisfied with it, I don't want to change it because it's a part of my history.

So be warned. And if you still want to read on, take it with the grain of salt I'm giving you.

Thanks a bunch, and happy hunting,