Okay, this is not a chapter, either. Sorry if you got all excited. I just have a couple of notes that I wanted to tell you. First of all, anyone trying to reach me at my old e-mail address, will be thwarted by internet mail demons. I'm now at if you want to mail me.

Secondly, in terms of editing, I WILL edit my story eventually, and change things, fix all the billion and a half typos that I made over the years, and all that fun stuff. But I'm trying not to fail the last quarter of my senior year, so it won't happen until the summer, I would think. I might add in a couple scenes I realized are missing from the story, but I have no idea.

Thirdly (so the whole "couple" thing was more of a guideline than anything else), I'm currently writing another story, and it would be awesome to have some more familiar names on my Review board. It's called The Princes of Shadows, and it's a Robin Hood fic. I understand if that's not your thing, but I like it (note: NOT an impartial opinion), so give it a read, if you would.

Lastly (unless something else comes to me last minute), I GOT INTO COLLEGE! Yay! So I'll be writing this from Beloit College in Wisconsin come August.

Did anyone else get the P&P DVD? I know I did! Oh, and did anyone see She's the Man? I did…twice…yeah, so Tess and I are complete dorks.

Cheers, and I hope to see you on the Robin Hood flip side.