[Author's Note]

This story is fueled by music. As a tribute to my inspiration, each chapter is named for the song I was listening to when I started. Also, I don't own any of these characters. That pleasure goes to Masashi Kishimoto.

Chapter 1 — Hips Don't Lie

Gaara stood in the corner where he'd been most of the night. The music wasn't as loud there.

Kankuro was stupid.

The red-haired youth huffed at the thought. What the hell had made his brother think this was a good idea?

"Liquor" he answered himself, almost immediately.

Regardless of the reason, he was stuck here now. They'd only taken one car, and Kankuro wasn't going anywhere until he was too hammered to know a guy from girl AND had gotten laid by at least one of the above.

It didn't really matter which.

Sighing loudly, Gaara reluctantly walked over to the bar, hoping that, by some miracle, his brother was ready to leave.

"Heeeeeey there, buutiful."

"Found him..." thought Gaara. "Great. He's already slurring. Looks like I'm DEFINITELY driving...". This gave Gaara some semblance of hope. However, that simultaneously got better and worse when he realized just how bad it got.

"Lemmme buy you a drink." Kankuro slurred, trying to be suave as he leaned what Gaara considered to be scarily close to the individual.

The individual was a man.

"Oh no... I don't drink.." stammered the young man as he batted away Kankuro's hands.

"Awww, come on..." Kankuro murmured, leaning into "Shit's about to go down" territory.

"No, really, I don't drink..."

"Jus' one won't hurt—"

"He doesn't drink, Kankuro."

Kankuro's eyes grew wide. Gaara's voice wasn't loud —it didn't even carry— but it was effective. The low tones seemed to linger in a way that held the authority to command even the earth itself.

"Heh heeeey, Gaara. Girly here and I 're jus' talkin'."

"That's not what it sounded like."

"Whatever." Kankuro muttered. He staggered off into the mob, slurring something about "fuckin' little brothers".

Gaara rolled his eyes, turning back to the raven-haired man.

"Hey, look, I'm really sorry about that...it's just, when he's drunk..."

"Thank you so much for your assistance. I would've walked away, but it wouldn't have been very youthful to so bluntly reject someone..."

"It's okay. You're not the first one I've saved." Gaara said, mentally adding that he was just the first male. The corner of his mouth tugged into a slight smile.

The young man smiled wide, nodding in affirmation. "My name is Lee."

"Gaara." replied the redhead, sitting down with Lee.

Maybe they'd have something to talk about.