Author's Notes: This was written during a drabble tree challenge with the sentence prompt: He'd waited too long already.

Return to Work

The burns on his back itched beneath the bandages. Greg shifted uncomfortably and pressed his shoulder blades back in an effort to calm his injuries.

He'd crept into the locker room an hour before his shift, hoping to get to work before the CSIs arrived. He had yet to see the remains of his lab, something he didn't really want to do but couldn't avoid forever. Rebuilding would take months.

Now he sat on the bench in front of his open locker, staring down at trembling hands, wondering if he had come back too soon after all. He'd been offered up to two extra weeks medical leave, but he'd grown bored in his apartment almost immediately. Once his concussion had cleared and the doctor had given him the clear to go back to work, cabin fever had him climbing walls. When Grissom asked if he was sure about coming back so early, Greg had been almost desperate in his insistence. He'd waited too long already.

With forced resolve, Greg stood and closed his locker. He'd share a lab with Archie until the new lab was done. At least it wasn't Hodges. Things could always be worse.