Hey guys , I decided to write a Fletcher/ Olive Fic

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Olive POV

One of the hardest things in life . is watching the person you love , love someone else.

I was walking to the ANT farm, when Chyna came running in my direction. "Olive olive! My dad got tickets for us , to stay at holiday resort this summer!" Chyna said while jumping up and down. Chyna's dad always included Fletcher , Angus and I on their holiday trips. "Cool" I exclaimed. "I know right, I am going to go and tell the big news to Fletch and Angus" she said while running in the opposite direction. 'Flech' , I never knew she had a nickname for him. I don't know why but that made me angry in a way… I shook it off and made my way to Science class, it was the last Monday of the semester , then it is summer break! I was super stoked. Today we got our lest reports back. I am hoping for straight A's , has usual. I sat down in my desk. Fletcher came into the classroom and sat down next to me , I was surprised that that he didn't sit next to Chyna , like he always does.

"Alright class , I will now be handing out your final reports , if you are not happy with your grades , well , I told you to study and by the looks of these cards , most of you didn't" he said while eyeing Paisley , who was very lost in the moment. He handed them out. First to Fletcher , who was going for b+'s all the way , then Chyna , who had a mix of A's and B's. Then he handed my report to me , and continued handing it out to the rest of the class. I took a deep breath. Fletcher noticed my anxiousness. "Hey its okay , you know you always do well , weve been here for like 3 years , you 15 , don't be scared" he said while looking directly in my eyes. I think I just melted. I was getting so lost in his eyes… SNAP OUT OF IT OLIVE ! I thought to myself .He does not like you , he likes Chyna..

I was so deep in to thought , Fletcher waved his hand infront of my my face. I snapped out of it. He slid my report card into his grasp. He then picked it up and looked at it , his eyebrows raised. "Its bad isn't it?" I said while groaning. He didn't say anything. "Oh no , its bad isn't it , if I did bad I might get kicked out of the ANT farm , then I'll never see you guys again! And I will miss you ! ….. and Chyna" I said , stuttering on that last part. "Yo , chilax , Olive , you did great , exceptional. You got A++++++ all the way" he said with a warm smile. I let out a deep sigh of relief. "Thanks" I said while grabbing my report card out of his hand. And I checked it out , he was right , I did do great ! I was so relieved.

The bell rang , I picked up my bag and headed to my next class… this was going to be a great day

After many classes , it was finally luch time , and it couldn't come any quicker m I was starving. I made my way to my locker , when I arrived I opened it. I grabbed my lunch , and my books for the next class after lunch. I then slammed my locker door close.

I made my way to the cafeteria. I saw Fletcher , Chyna and Angus sitting together chatting about what they are going to do at that resort. "Heya" I said while walking in their direction. "Hey Olive" they said , all at the same time. I took a seat next to Fletcher. And tried to participate in the conversation but I could not stop thinking about Fletcher. Luckily nobody realized I was staring at him….

I need help now!

Okay so guys this is the first chap , I know it is short but I will update this , and I will also update my other fics tomorrow