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Chapter 4 : Jealousy

"Hey" I said. Fletcher smiled. "Uhhh yeah I couldn't sleep either, bad dreams" I said trailing off. "Oh , about what?" he said. I had to make something up. "Uhhh umm dying…" I said. "Oh" Fletcher said looking rather confused. "Umm why couldn't you sleep?" I asked him. "Well the thing is I was thinking of life and stuff' he said. "stuff?" I asked. "Uhh yeah stuff' he said. I nodded. "Hey you wanna go back to the hotel and maybe watch a late night or should I say early morning movie" Fletcher said. "Id like that" I said. "Well then of we go" Fletcher said while mocking the British accent. I laughed. He puts on the cutest British accent.

When we got to his hotel room I saw angus snoring on another bed, Fletchers bed was neatly made up. "Umm well maybe we could go and watch the movie somewhere else" I said. "Good idea" he said while heading out. "But how and where?" I asked. "Umm we can watch it on my ipad and we can find somewhere" he said while taking is ipad out from his bag. "OK" I said while smiling. We walked down the hall when it hit me. The closet. Yes. The closet! "What about the closet or janitors room" I asked hopefully. "Good idea" Fletcher said while opening the janitors door. The room was empty. "Come-on" he said. I went in and we closed the door. We sat on the floor and Fletcher took out the ipad and started playing a movie. "What movie is it?" I asked. "A classic , the Blair witch project" he said with a grin. "Oh okay" I said whole leaning back against the wall.

After half of the movie was done I was terrified. I was leaning on Fletchers shoulder and every time something scary happened I through my head against his chest. He laughed every time. how was he not scared!? "You have got to be kidding me Olive , this isn't that scary" he said. "Yeah maybe for you cuz you've probably watched it a million times!" I said. "Maybe he said. we continued to watch the movie. After a while his hand was around my waist. And my head on his shoulder. I liked this. Its just I don't think Chyna would approve of me doing this with her 'boyfriend' , I rolled my eyes at the thought.

When the movie was done Fletcher got up and looked at his watch. "umm I have to go" he said. 'Uhhm yeah me too" I said while standing up.

We walked out together. Then suddenly Chyna came running up and gave Fletcher a bear hug. "Omw I missed you so much" she said while kissing him. That make me through up a little in my mouth. "Well I will leave you too alone" I said while walking away.

When I got back to my hotel room I picked up my phone. I texted my cousin Riley, she was the best , I always can talk to her if i'm having a problem.

She wasn't replying to my texts so I decided to call her. I dialed er number and it rang for a while until she picked up. "Hello? Olive?" she said. it was a bad connection. 'Yeah did you get my text?" I said. "Oh I didn't I probably didn't hear my phone vibrate." She said. 'Hey look it's a bad connection and I cant hear you , I will call back later" she said while immediately hanging up. I sighed. I put my phone down and laid on my bed , I seriously thought I was going to cry. Then their was a knock on the door. I got up and wiped the tears form my face. I opened the door and saw Fletcher standing in front of me. "Olive" he said with concern , "Why are you crying?". I sniffed a little. "Don't worry" I said. "I do you know , I worry a lot about you" he said. 'You say that as if it's a good thing" I replied with . he laughed a little. "No seriously tell me what's wrong" Fletcher said. I rolled my eyes and went back inside my room and sat on the bed. Of course Fletcher had to follow me back in. "Look you can tell me anything" he said. "No I cant" I said. He sighed and walked out. After a few minutes of him being gone , I stood up and closed my door and went back to my crying. I wish I could tell him that I love him and I have for a long time. I wish I had the guts. I wish I was beautiful like Chyna. And I wish I had confidence .

After a good hour of wallowing in self pity, I decided to get up and actually do something. It was around about 11 In the morning so I decided I would go for a swim. I dug in my suitcase for my bikini. I pulled it out. It was a red polka dot top piece and the bottom piece was red. I got undressed and then slipped on the bikini. I grabbed a towel form the bathroom along with sun cream, my sun hat and my cell phone. I walked out of my room into the hall where I saw Chyna sitting on the floor crying.

I rushed over to her. "Chyna what's wrong?" I asked with concern. When she looked up her whole face was red and her eyes were full of tears. "Fletcher broke up with me" she said before she started crying again. To be honest I was happy but sad that I had to see Chyna this way. "Wow.. Why?" I asked while comforting her. "He said he likes another girl" she said. "But that's crazy ever since he was 12 he had a monster crush on you" I said. "Well people change I guess" she said while getting up. "Where are you going?" I asked. "I just want to be alone" she said while walking into the hotel room. I nodded and went down to the pool area. I was still in initial shock from the break up. I mean I cant believe that they broke up. I am sort of happy but that shouldn't be my attitude.

Once I got to the pool I saw Fletcher on one of the sun chairs. I rushed over to him. "FLETCHER ! HOW DARE YOU BREAK CHYNAS HEART FOR SOME OTHER GIRL HOW COULD" I was cut of with Fletchers lips touching mine. I felt sparks going through my body. He cupped my cheek and we kept kissing. "OLIVE" said a familiar voice. I broke away from the intense kiss to see Chyna standing in front of us with tears filling her eyes. "How could you"