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Arthur poured over maps of the forest. He was trying to calculate how the bandits would move, and how Merlin would flee given the chance. You know Merlin was in no condition to escape, a tiny voice in his head admonished. He might even be dead. Arthur shook himself. He needed to stop his thoughts from being so dark.

He looked up at George. Arthur's first impression was that this servant was duller than a box of rocks. But first impressions weren't everything. Besides, most servants avoided giving Arthur any indication of wit. They were afraid that matching a royal's mind in any way would be seen as offensive. That was probably why Arthur liked having Merlin as a servant. That man wasn't afraid to speak his mind. George just might need a little nudging.


"Yes, sire?" said George, clearly trying to sound dignified. Instead, Arthur thought he sounded pompous.

"Tell me joke." Arthur knew he was making an odd request, but he needed to lighten his mood. Also, asking for joke suggested that George was allowed to be clever.

George looked taken aback but didn't protest. After thinking for a moment he answered, "Why did the brass spoon turn green?"

Arthur shrugged. He had no idea were this was going, but he didn't like it. Maybe he'd be pleasantly surprised.

"Because, he was jealous that the brass fork was getting more polishing."

Then again, sometimes first impressions were spot on.

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