I'm giving up on Rade, it looks like only one type of Rade fanfiction does well and unfortunatly I don't wanna write those.


Robbie chewed harshly on his bottom lip as he nervously paced back and forth across his bedroom floor. He brought the cell phone from his ear to redial the number he had been calling again.

"Pick up," he chanted running a hand through his messy bed hair. "Come on, pick u- Beck!" He yelled relief flooding his being when his friend answered.

"Robbie…" The boy sighed tiredly. "Do you have any idea what time it is, Robbie?" He asked. "It's five in the morning and its Sunday. Please tell me this isn't abo-"

"When is Jade's birthday?" Robbie interrupted.

"What…?" Beck stammered a taken back. "It's… well, tomorrow, the 5th. But why are you asking, Jade hates birthdays, especially her own."

"She's turning seventeen, right?"

"Yeah… Robbie, what's going on?"

Robbie hung up without bothering to answer and closed his eyes. He couldn't believe how late he remembered this time. They must be on to him, he realized. They didn't want him to come up with a plan that could actually save her this time. They wanted him to keep killing her, over, and over, and over again.


Robbie tried to get in contact with Jade the next morning but of course none of his calls were answered. Despite the gloominess of his situation he found it amusing. This was the very first time he has been in this sort of situation, he being a social-awkward nice guy, and Jade the mean girl. Don't get him wrong, she had always been mean-spirited and cynical but this Jade was certainly different from the ones before.

This Jade was a lot less trusting, which he liked. He could help think his constant betrayals had something to do with it. This Jade also had no interest in him, which could make things easier for him. All he would have to do is keep her safe from any slayer that would come, and they would come.

First he had to find her before night-fall and her transformation, keep her from tasting human blood. During his years he had read up on the 'beast' he was destined to kill, as long as she went with-out tasting blood she couldn't end the world.

He finally decided around noon to put on some clothes and simply go to her house, and try to draw the original Jade memories out of her. She wasn't home unfortunately and not with Cat. He would have to cut it close and wait until nightfall. Pain and instinct would drive her away from civilization and likely to the nearby Desert Mountains.

He gathered a blade and found a way to bless it while he waited; he had no plans to use it this time, but he had to be ready. He also blessed a thick chain. He completely dressed himself in black and removed his glasses since they wouldn't be needed anymore. With his memory had come his vision.

He found her just as she collapsed in the brown earth the moon the only light around. Her screams were loud enough to make him worry someone would hear her, even though she was far out. Robbie approached her quietly sinking to the ground beside her, as her body twitched and shook.

Hesitantly, he rested his hand on her shoulder and she quickly jerked away turning to face him her eyes glowing gold briefly before flashing back to blue. Her screams had ended when he touched her, likely frightening her. He could already see the fur spurting from her skin, and she turned paler as the loud popping of one of her bones snapping sounded. Her eyes glazed over and she collapsed back into a fetal position again.

Robbie hated seeing this, but it wasn't like he could look away. He reached for her though, and pulled her into his lap as she began her screaming again. He willed strength onto himself as he felt ever bone in her body move and the wings tare through her shirt. Forcing himself, he removed his backpack from his shoulder and got out his chain. He began wrapping it around the withering body which was slowly becoming not very human. He moved from her and watched the rest of her transformation, his blade gripped tightly in his hand.

Soon, they body stopped it's twitching and the anguished yells. The chain wrapped around her rattled as the wings strained against the bindings. Then he was looking into a pair of golden eyes again. The beast hissed and lunged at him but fell flat because of the chains.

It growled demonically and snapped at him with white fangs. Robbie only watched with a blank expression. An hour later the beast began to tire as its struggles ceased and soon its golden eyes disappeared behind eyelids and the fur began to recede, as well as the wings. The bones went back together easier and soon the beast was girl once more.

Her eyes sprang open a moment later meeting his. Her face turned unreadable and she looked down at herself and the chains around her.

"What are you doing?" She questioned tugging at the chains, and looking around. "Why in the hell…?" He could tell she remembered transforming then because her eyes widened and her brows furrowed. "Why…"

The boy swallowed and quietly sighed. "You are the end-time beast as in the reason the world will end." Robbie began explaining. "I am your slayer, Robert. I'm destined to kill you every time you return."

"You're a lunatic." Jade looked very disturbed.

"You remember turning don't you?"

"I…" She trailed. "I told everyone you'd loss it."

Robbie gently shook his head and moved forward and removed the chains from around Jade. "You have to listen to me." He told her as helped her sit up.

"Take me home."

Looking at her, he realized she looked out of it, understandably so. "I can't until I tell you exactly what's going on."

Jade rubbed her bruised arms and looked around some more, avoiding looking at Robbie. "How about you explain when I have a shirt on?" She wrapped her arms around her naked chest.

Robbie nodded in understanding looking sheepish. "Of course… yeah let's go."