Star Trek: Pioneers


*Ahem* Anyway, I've been a Star Wars fan for pretty much my entire life. However, around 4 months ago I decided to give Star Trek a chance... I've never been so torn in my life :

Recently I thought up of my own little Star Trek crew on board the "USS Pioneer", a Nebula-Class ship stationed at the early reaches of the Delta Quadrant. I later discovered that the Pioneer was in fact already a popular fan series, much to my chagrin, so I'd like to stress that this is NOT the USS Pioneer of Travis Cannons doing D:

A brief overview of our crew:

Captain: Wallace Lestrade (Human, Male, English (Surrey))
A depressing past shrouds this man with a constant shadow. A glaring difference between he and other Captains like Picard is that he hasn't suppressed his memories, rather he lets them take control. Gladly ignoring the Prime Directive when he wishes, and putting the needs of his Crew ahead of his own, he barely has a grasp on his Captain seat under the judgemental glare of Starfleet. Few know of his past, save for rumours of sexual abuse at the hands of his own father...

First Officer: Frank Drake (Human, Male, Australian (Perth))

What could be said about Number One? He's charming, social, and polite at all times. But for reasons he doesn't understand, his Captain despises him. Drake grew up idolising the adventures of his Captain, and jumped for joy when he finally got to take a seat at his side. A skilled tactician, pilot and brawler, Drake is always ready to assist a friend in need, or even a complete stranger.

Second Officer: Antheia Valdez (Human, Female, Portuguese (Lisbon))
A theme has always followed the Valdez line: Every single first child will become an officer on a Starfleet vessel. True, Antheia's older brother became a minor officer of the famous Enterpise-D, but she instead became the second officer of the Pioneer. A master tactician and always at a serene calm, many rely on this Jack of all Trades for any situation. It's safe to say that of the entire crew, Valdez is the most steadfast and devoted.

Chief Medical Officer: Arthur Chadwick (Human, Male, English (Cheshire))
A life as the personal doctor of a wealthy Businessman shows just how skilled Chadwick is. Raised in a boring village close to Cheshire in the West Country, Chadwick has a bland calm that trails him at all times. Even the Captain admits that being near him instantly sedates him, be it his terrible jokes or his accent. So much so, it seems Chadwick is the only officer Lestrade has any hint of a friendship with.

Chief Engineer: Pierre du Fontaine (Human, Male, French (Bordeaux))
What is it about Coastal life that can change a man? Raised near the waves of Bordeaux from the cradle, Pierre has been in top physical and mental strength since he was 9 years old. Smoothly going through education with straight A's across the board, he could be seen as a master of nearly all trades. However, he then got into the drug Valhadrium. His scores plummeted when he entered the Academy, and he barely scraped a pass into the Enterprise-D as an Ensign. Following the Delta Quadrant incident and the recovery operation of the Pioneer, he was posted for repairs on the main bridge. Here he proved his worth to Lestrade, who at the permission of Picard, took him as his own Chief Engineer.

Helmsman: Thomas Gould (Human, Male, Scottish (Inverness))
A rusty rookie from Starfleet, Gould failed his entrance exam to the Academy three times. Never the less, his devotion to success and pride in his family name eventually spurred him forward, and he passed his entrance exam into the Academy. Graduating at a low rank due to the start of the Dominion War, he was hastily thrown into the Pioneer, after its previous Helmsman was assimilated during the Delta Quadrant incident. Naive and innocent, Gould has made good friends with most of the crew, save for the Captain of course...

Security Officer: Ko'Pei (Vulcan, Female)
Born on Vulcan, Ko'Pei always had an interest in the way of the Samurai. Constantly following her father on Starfleet vessels, she learnt much about the Japanese Culture and ways. She also mastered the use of the Naginata, the Nodachi and the Yumi during her youth alone. Following the footsteps of her father, the hardworking yet eternally stoic Vulcan joined the Pioneer as its Security Chief, apparently handpicked by Lestrade himself.

Counselor: Adonis (Vorta, Male)
With the Dominion War well underway, I think we can all believe that no one would trust a Vorta. These polite but dastardly commanders of the Jem'Hadaar are known for just how "trustworthy" they are. Alas, Adonis was one of a small splinter group from the Domion who transferred tactical data to Starfleet during the Battle of Deep Space 9. The small cargo ship he was on was destroyed during the battle, but luckily he was recovered from the wreckage by the Pioneer. He has since been posted as the unofficial Ship Counselor by Valdez, much to Captain Lestrades chagrin

(A/N): Images of the crew are available on my Deviantart account, Shadowfang3000. Just search Pioneer :P