Chapter 12

Note- I have got rid of Sephiria in this chapter because she was kind of pointless. Other than that, it's basically the same. Enjoy :)

Something about the girl in the photo had stirred something in Rinslet's memory. "Come on, now's not the time to get distracted!" She cursed, looking ahead of herself and trying to concentrate on running. Her legs were beginning to feel numb beneath her as she forced them to run like clockwork, her feet slamming repeatedly on the ground as she and her friends sprinted through the crowds of people. There was no point trying to take public transport now that their car was stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere: the ice had caused everything to grind to a halt. But... she couldn't shake the feeling- no- the certainty that she had seen Saya somewhere before.

"Eve, Sven!" she gasped in between gulps of air. This was important. Somehow, she knew it was really important.

"What?" Sven grunted back breathlessly.

"I recognise her! From somewhere." She replied.

"Because her eyes are like Train's?" Inputted Eve. She was right. Even though they were neither the same colour or shape, they seemed to hold some kind of similarity Rinslet couldn't place. As they were running through a deserted street, Rinslet suddenly realised that Sven was no longer running with them. Turning round, she saw that he was standing still, staring at the ground.

"Sven?" Eve asked nervously. "What are you-"

"There's no point." He said back hopelessly.

"What do you mean there's no-?!" Rinslet began angrily.

"There's no point because there's no way we could ever get there in time!" He punched the wall to the left. "We have no means of transport and we're ninety miles away! There's no way any of us could get there in a few minutes, even if Eve flew as fast as she could!"

They stood still for some time when they realised that he was right.

"But- but..." Eve stammered, and she sank to her knees. Rinslet stared at Sven and then Eve in disbelief, and found her heart sinking as well. They had let this happen. If they had just... if they had found this book before... then... and now Train was going to... to-

"Well, I didn't expect you, of all people, to just give up." A familiar voice drawled. The three of them whipped around to see a man with silver hair and wearing a blue cape (like he had during the Eden incident) leaning against a wall with his arms folded, his repaired sword tucked in his holster a rose held in his mouth.

"Creed!?" They gasped. He raised his eyebrows at them as they got into a fighting stance.

"Honestly, you people always assume my intentions are the offensive." He commented calmly.

"What do you want?" Demanded Sven, "Did you do this?" It had to be the only explanation. Creed hated Saya; they all knew that.

"No." He replied, his eyes narrowing. "But I just discovered that someone did."

"Bull-shit." Sven replied angrily.

"Do you want our help or not?" Another voice cut in, and Echidna Parrass stepped out of the shadows.

"How do we know we can trust you?" Eve asked, glaring at them.

"We helped at Eden didn't we?" Creed said, looking slightly hurt.

"That was for your own good as much as ours." Sven said disbelievingly.

"Yeah, and we all know how much you hate Saya!" Rinslet shouted at him.

"I regret what I did to that woman." Creed said, his eyes serious. They looked at him in surprise "But right now what I want to do is save Train and stop whoever these people are."

"You mean you don't know?" Sven asked incredulously.

"I only discovered these events a little less than an hour ago" He replied.

"How do we know they're are telling the truth?" Rinslet said under her breath, turning to Sven and Eve.

"We don't. But what choice do we have?" Sven replied. The previous apostles waited as the three friends had a heated discussion. Finally, they turned to them.

"We'll trust you." Said Sven.

"Yeah, but try anything and we'll-" Rinslet began, but she was interrupted.

"It's an alliance!" Creed said triumphantly. "Echidna?" he said to his lover, who nodded and drew a circle in the air with a manicured finger. There was a shining light, and a portal appeared in the air. Sounds of space and time echoed through it as it shimmered in the air, its purple and ambiguous depths carved deep into reality.

"After you." She said to them. There was a pause, and Sven, Rinslet and Eve stepped through. Then, Creed (drawing his sword) and Echidna followed. The hole closed behind them as if it had never been there, just before a crowd of children ran into the street, throwing snow at one another.

The experience was disorientating, to say the least. It was a little like feeling your way through the dark, at yet the same time with something pushing you forcefully in the right direction from behind. The ground didn't feel completely steady, or even entirely there, and random whispers echoed through the continuous and non-existent space around. Just as Sven was beginning to feel light headed, a white floor appeared beneath him and he collapsed onto it. After a few moments of brightness, a sanitised corridor appeared, and he noticed his friends were on their knees as well. Creed and Echidna remained standing. People around them were gasping in disbelief.

"Where did they come from?"

"Did you see that?"

"It's like they appeared out of thin air!"

"Hey, wait they're armed!"

The hallway was suddenly full of commotion, but none of them were interested in it. They followed an unspoken agreement to run. The sign that the corridors were not full of screams of agony meant that they were either there on time... or were far too late.

Suddenly, a figure wearing a white coat with white hair was in front of them, walking with his back turned to them.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Sven shouted at him, and landed a punch on the side of his head before the "doctor" had time to react. Creed swiped his sword at the man, but suddenly the room was full of dust as a loud noise struck the sir. Sven fell backwards. Rinslet found herself caught in a head lock. Eve tried to transform, but felt someone grab hold of her from behind and hand cuff her hands. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't change form. As the dust cleared, and struggling against the masked person who now had hold of her, she saw that Echidna was forced onto her knees and Creed had taken a heavy blow to the face. Masked figures had filled the whole corridor now, and they each had several to pin them down.

"LET US GO!" Sven yelled.

"Oh, I don't think so." Subditus said apathetically. He was holding a long and menacing scythe in his right hand, which had caused the explosion and left long and deep gash in the floor. "So, what brings this change of attitude on all of a sudden?" He asked casually, a smug expression spread across his face. "And my, my, what have we here? A the fallen Taoist and Echidna Parrass? You brought your friends to stop me did you?" He said, smirking at the trio. "Maybe after we're done here, I could use this young lady for... pleasure?" He licked his lips, stroking the blade of his weapon. Echidna glared at him.

"HOW DARE YOU?!" Creed screamed, and attempted to break free, his sword raised, ready to strike. But somehow, he was on the ground again, and the sword had slid across the floor. Echidna gasped. Subditus had almost moved faster than they could see. "Pitiful." He commented, tilting his head as he viewed the man on the floor.

"But-but how-?!" Creed began. "Creed!" Echidna shouted, and glared at his attacker, but could not escape from those restraining her.

"Make sure he doesn't try anything again." Subditus ordered coldly to the masked men in black, who grabbed hold of him.

"Doctor Subditus, what are you-?!" A voice began as its owner stepped out of one of the rooms, but then he sent Sarah flying across the room with a single blow. She landed on the floor a little way behind Eve, and gasped out in pain. The masked men grabbed hold of her too, and she looked at Subditus in bewilderment. "Sir, what's going on-?!" She gasped angrily.

"Silence, you ignorant girl!" He shouted back at her. She stopped talking, and a cold fear crept over her. "All you idiots are-"

"We know you're a fake!" Eve interrupted him. "I found this!" She held up the scrapbook she still clutched in her hands, which was turned to the photograph. "She hid it under the floor boards! You didn't expect that, did you?!" When he saw the photo, Subditus laughed at them. A cold laugh that sounded like ice. His crimson eyes widened with his grin, and he changed from a calm medical expert into someone who looked deranged.

"Finally worked it out did you?" He sneered when he had finally stopped laughing. "I have to say, I hadn't expected her to be hiding something like that. And after all the trouble I went to erasing her from existence!"

"Why?" Shouted Rinslet. "Why would you do this?"

"Who are you?" Sven yelled.

"Maybe if your friend had trusted you enough, it would be easier to explain!" The man before them replied.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!" Sven spat back, glaring at him.

"Doctor 'Subditus'! If you were civilised, cultured people, you would have known I was a hoax from the very moment I told you my name!" He laughed insanely again, "I would have thought the bio-weapon would have worked it out, at least!"

"Answer me!" Sven demanded, struggling against the people restraining him.

"The word 'Subditus' is Latin for pretending, or counterfeiting, you nescient scum!" He replied in-between bursts of manic laughter. "As for my real identity, my name is Katsuro Kobayashi. Train will remember my brother well." He paused and looked at their confusion, amusement written across his face.

"Zaguine was his name. He taught that boy the true values in this world after ending the lives of his disgusting parasites of a mother and father!"

Sarah gasped.

"He taught him that no-one in this world can be trusted! Every person you meet during your vile existence is either enemy, or prey! You must be stronger than everyone! And you must live alone! He taught him how to use a gun- how to kill! My brother spent six years drilling the truth into the head of that worthless boy, he is the reason he became the Black Cat! And then- because of that girl- he threw it all away! MY OWN BLOOD'S WORK IS FOR NOTHING!"

They stared at Katsuro as his face contorted to an expression intense fury.

"I followed our beliefs, so I therefore was the one to kill my brother!" He continued, and smirked at their horrified expressions. "But I will not allow all his efforts to be destroyed without being avenged!" He smiled a wide, joyless smile. "So, I devised a plan. I would make the child and all his insignificant 'friends' suffer. Slowly. From the inside out until you all die! It wasn't a great trouble to fool you all. I was surprised, but pleased with how quickly you believed me. To fool Train, well I had to trick him he had the condition. The medication I created made sure of that. I expect the hallucinations he experienced were quite horrific."

Train's screams began to echo through the white corridors once more. Katsuro gave a satisfied smirk. "Ahh, the sound of my contraption working. It isn't convulsive therapy, by the way. Christ, even if it was, surely you would have realised that kind of treatment is illegal?! Fortunately, it is mo matter that you have chosen this moment to get in the way. He will be dead soon enough. Let's say... his body couldn't take the strain he was under? And, seeing as I don't want any of you to go gabbling, the bio-weapon killed all of you and herself in her grief, hmmm? It would explain the injuries that caused your deaths!"

The madman raised his scythe above his head and ran towards Eve first, bringing it down. "NO!" Sarah screamed, as she broke free from the masked men who had hold of her and dived in front of Eve, shielding her as they both closed their eyes, preparing for the impact.

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