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Name: Samantha Michaels

Nicknames: Sam

Portrayed By: Jessie J

Gender: Female Age: 16 D.O.B: November the 4th, 1993

Clique: Glee club, boxing club.

Sexual Orientation: Lebanese

Audition Song: "Do it like a dude" by Jessie J

Country/Hometown: London, England.

Nationality: British

Family: Craig Michaels (father, 42), Vicky Michaels (mother, 39), and one younger brother: Talan Michaels (8)

Height: 5"8.5

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair Colour: Black

Hair style: Shoulder length bob

Eyes: Blue

Skin Colour: White

Appearance: Sam is rather tall at 5'8.5, although she enjoys this feature as she finds it easier to peer over others. Due to the dull weather usually cast in England her skin is of pale complexion. Bob like hair style that reaches her mid-shoulders.


Sam is rather open and capable of bluntness; this often can be taken the wrong way at times, even though she doesn't necessarily mean it to be taken as an insult, she's just straight to the point without beating around the bush. She's somewhat short tempered and difficult to deal with at times but that's because she tires of hearing endless rumours about her sexuality drifting throughout the school.

Once you get to know her, you can see she's genuinely a nice person who's just being held back because she knows she's automatically cast as 'different.' due to her sexuality. What you'll find surprising about Sam is the fact that she's a huge anime geek behind the 'cool', laid back exterior. In actual fact you'll often find her sat at the back of the classroom gushing over the latest manga releases.

Other info

Likes: Earl Grey tea, pizza, listening to music, watching anime (Hetalia axis powers, Black Butler, angel beats etc.), reading manga, Harry potter and BBC Sherlock Holmes.

Dislikes: Bullies, sweets, coffee, burgers, chips or 'fries.'

Hobbies: Singing, boxing, fangirling over anime and manga.

Strengths: Sarcastic vocabulary, boxing, fist fighting, English.

Weaknesses: Rumours about her own insecurities, her friends being belittled and mathmatics.

Quirks: Cracking her neck and fingers when she's getting ready to read something, mainly school work and manga.

Signature Look: Ripped skinny jeans, graphic t-shirts and combat boots to top it off.

History: Sam and her family recently moved over to America due to her Father finding a job over sea.



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