Mending Time


Zeke fumbled with some loose pieces of paper in his hands. After perfecting a circular object from the papers he began to raise his body. Zeke hoisted his upper body by his elbows. When he was at the right angle he tossed the sphere toward a wastebasket beside his door. Luther twisted a piece of dental floss between his fingers as he chewed on one end. Both boys let out a heavy sigh. Water droplets pounding upon the roof of the house filled the room. The weather had been bright and sunny up until this afternoon. Otherwise they would be down at ramps. Luther came over shortly after the weather got bad complaining about his big lonely house. Zeke gladly invited the red head in. Now they shared the boredom together. So much for summertime.

"This is so boring," Luther moaned. "Why did it have to rain all of a sudden? And I had chores early this morning."

Zeke nodded saddened by the occurrence. Both boys had worked away until the afternoon…and then the weather changed drastically. It was as if the weather wanted to mock them personally.

"A boy and a girl are at the door to see you," Ginger stated.

Zeke looked up to find Ginger leaning upon his bedroom door. He was surprised by the lack of an insult, but he remembered the weather. Ginger was abnormal in bad weather. He guessed it was because she couldn't sell random food on the sidewalk. But he knew it was also because Zeke and his best friend couldn't skate at ramps.

"Tell them to come upstairs."

Ginger gave him a look. "It is raining and they are soaked. I don't think mom would like that."

He sighed. They didn't want to be bored, so this was their answer. Slowly he arose from his position on his bed. Luther looked up at Zeke curiously.

"Do I come too?" he asked still chewing on floss.

Ginger sighed. "Yes…they are here for both of you."

Luther shrugged before getting up from the desk chair. He headed over to Zeke's door following after his best friend. They slowly ambled down the stairs.

"Whom do you think they are?"

Zeke shrugged. "Possibly from ramps…just as bored as we are."
"Ah, I can't take too much boredom in one place," Luther frowned.

As they approached the front door Zeke spotted two teens. One was a girl slightly on the short side. She had long red hair. She fashioned jeans shorts and a pink frilly tank top. At this point he figured she would be shivering if the weather was so bad, but she seemed fine. The boy taller than her wore kakhi shorts and a purple tee. He had short brunette hair that he combed his fingers through every few seconds.

"I'm sure they understand what its like," the boy with brunette hair spoke. "I mean why can't I hold your hand."

She ran her fingers through her red hair. "Because…we want them to focus on the problem at hand…not the problem at hand."

He pouted. "I'm a problem?"

She giggled giving him a sweet kiss upon the lips. "No silly. I mean you know the real problem."

Zeke coughed loudly feeling uncomfortable with their display of affection. Luther snickered.

"Oh," she blushed. "This is what I meant…Tony."

He looked at the boys in the den and a little red showed up on his cheeks.

"Hey," he waved embarrassed.

"Hey," both boys waved.

"Hi I'm Jewls short for Julia," she smiled sweetly. "And this is my…boyfr…I mean and this is Tony."

Tony frowned at her slip up, but he instead smiled.

"I'm Zeke and he is Luther," he pointed. "Do we know you?"

Luther frowned. "Yeah…did you both just move in or…?"

Jewls giggled happily. "No…but we would like to discuss this in a more secluded area."

Zeke looked over the teens drenched in water. He bit his lip. He disappeared quickly leaving Luther in the den with the strangers. After he returned with towels.

"Dry off, leave your shoes, and then we will go to the kitchen."

After they toweled off all four teens headed into the kitchen. They settled into the chairs surrounding an oak table.

"So who are you two?" Luther asked.

Jewls bit her lip. "How do we explain this in the most delicate way possible?"
"We are your children," Tony blurted out like a dirty belch.

Luther turned to Zeke who began to snicker.

"Oh really?" he eyed Luther.

"No its true," Jewels frowned. "I'm your daughter, Luther,…and Tony…Tony is Zeke's son."

Zeke snickered. "And next you'll tell me that you are from the future."

Tony smiled. "We are…without permission…but we are."

Luther nodded. "Right…if you are my daughter…what am I thinking right now?"

All three of them stared at him. Jewels sighed.

"I'm not a mind reader."

Luther chuckled. "And you expect me to believe that you are my daughter without proof."

Jewels sighed heavily. Zeke looked his friend over before pulling him to the side. Both boys headed out into the den. There they spotted Ginger sitting before the television. He turned to Luther.

"Okay, this is a bunch of crap. They must be a prank from Kojo to mess with us."

Luther smirked. "Yeah…Kojo. Well what do we do?"

"We humor them…and then when their guard is down we surprise with an interrogation."

Luther grinned excited. "I'll be the bad cop."

"Uh…okay…" he stated. "First let us get back to the kitchen."

Luther nodded firmly. "Right back to the kitchen where the pranksters are."

Zeke followed in a smug look upon his face. Luther followed slowly after a grin upon his face. They spotted the two teens holding hands. Before they could relinquish their hold the two boys got a good look. Jewels broke the hold and smiled sheepishly.

"So you are our children from the future," Zeke began. "What brings you here?"

"Yeah why are you here?" Luther questioned slamming his palm to the table angrily.

Zeke frowned. "Relax Luth, remember they are our guests."

Luther narrowed his eyes. "Right…guests…from the "future"."

He sat down slowly eyes still upon the teens.

"I should have thought this out a little better," she commented.

Tony agreed. "Couldn't we have just gone a few hours in the past to fix this all?"

"Yes, but unfortunately we need more than just four hands and you know security is tight," she sighed. "Our parents are at a very highly important intergalactic meet and we can't interrupt. Plus, they have no service in the deep outer space."

Luther furrowed his eyebrows. "Makes sense…astronauts don't own cell phones."

Zeke rolled his eyes. "You never answered my question…why are you all out here, especially in this weather?"

"We didn't realize it would be raining, we just chose the place and time…" she trailed off. "But besides the point. We need both of your help see….

"Cut the crap," Luther barked. "We know Kojo sent you…so you can stop pretending."
Luther laughed triumphantly at their surprised faces. He frowned at the look on Zeke face. He thought they were going to interrogate them.

"Kojo?" Tony chuckled. " Does he mean the rapper/singer, Kj? Why would he send us…wait do you know him? Cause I have all his CDs…my dad doesn't like them…but…I secretly buy the new one every time they come out. Hey if you know him…do you think I can get an autograph…my friends back home would be so jealous."

Jewels gave Tony a look, which instantly silenced him.

"I see we aren't getting anywhere with this," Zeke frowned. "If you are with Kojo we don't have time. We are bored enough…and when you get back to where ever you came from…let him know that his prank failed."

Jewels sighed frustrated. "We can't do this waiting game any longer. We only have a few seconds left on the public time machine…We have to get back…and you are coming whether you like it or not."

Luther eyed them. "Maybe we should go…the girl is turning a little red."

"We aren't going anywhere, besides I can't leave Ginger here alone."

Ginger entered the kitchen. "Called poochi heading over to her house…mom insists you take me there. So let's go."

Zeke growled. "But of course."

He grabbed his umbrella and accompanied Ginger to poochi's house. Luther followed after. The two "Timetravelers" followed closely behind. When he confirmed Ginger was in side and out of the rain he turned to the teens.

"Why are you following us?"

She frowned. "I'm sorry, but this is way important."

Zeke rolled his eyes as they headed back to his house. As he was about to go up the path he noticed a strange crater size hole in the ground. Luther went to step in it, but let out a howl. A rectangular box took up residence in the spot where the hole was. Inscribed on the side was public time machine. A slot for coins appeared on the left side. Tony began placing four dollars in quarters into the machine.

"Its ready, we have to go."

Without forewarning she pushed both boys into the machine. The other teens followed in after. Inside was a railing around the walls. It looked like the inside of a elevator. Except it had strange inscriptions on the inside. Luther chuckled pointing at one.

"Hey look Zeke," he pointed as the machine began to buzz softly. "This says robocops suck butt."

He laughed wildly. Zeke narrowed his eyes turning toward the door.

"We are leaving."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Tony remarked. "It says keep body within at all times…or else you could be lost in time. Happened to one of my best friends once. He ended up in the ice age…robocops had to retrieve him."

"I'll take my chances," he went to push open the doors, but Jewels held him.

And the whole machine began to rumble. He felt it lifting and bolting like a rollercoaster going down a hill. Luther threw his hands up excited by the ride.

"This is so awesome…best prank ever!" he hollered.

"What did you do?" Zeke gripped onto the side. "What is happening?"

Tony chuckled. "Don't worry pops…we aren't under attack."

He glared. "You do know this is like kidnapping?"
Soon after the elevator like machine began to slow down. Jewels walked toward the doors and turned around to look at them.

"Okay before we stop I have to warn you," she explained. "You can't act like you don't belong here. It is very important."

"But we don't belong here!" Zeke hollered out

"And don't say things like that," Tony offered.

Zeke and Luther watched the doors slowly open. In the background a crackling grew louder.

"Thank you for using time public transportation, if you'd like another session please insert an additional 4 dollars, have a nice night."

As the doors pulled open slowly both boy's eyes widened. The station was grand like a hotel lobby. People hustled about either leaving the machines or entering. The large room was circular and lined against the walls were rectangular machines. In the far corner there was an opening. The two younger teens walked ahead leading them through the huge opening.

"We will have to go it on foot," she spoke. "We aren't old enough to drive."

"Even if we were we wouldn't be able to get to the cars anyway," Tony explained. "We aren't programmed into the system."

The night sky began to appear above their heads. Stars twinkled and the moon shone brightly. As they walked along the sidewalk older teens on hover crafts zoomed past. Luther's eyes widened.

"So cool," he whispered nudging Zeke who grew slightly agitated.

"I know it is cool," he replied. "But what is happening now is uncool."

Luther agreed. "I agree, but it is cool first."

Zeke rolled his eyes. Up ahead a dead end became visible. Street lights hung above head signaling cars to stop. Jewels looked around her before she took a right. They followed after. A sign reading "Now entering Village" passed by them. Both boys whistled at the large houses on either side of them. Jewels stopped in front of one on the corner of the street. She shuffled through her pocket. After retrieving a key she shoved it into the key hole.

As soon as she opened the doors the whole home brightened. In the far back a computer rested between two large staircases. She pressed the enter key upon the keyboard.

"Julia Jewels Waffles."

Luther looked at the girl. "Hey my last name is Waffles. Cool."

Tony snickered. "What a coincidence."

"Miss Waffles, welcome back, may I interest you in some pepperoni pizza?"
"Not now if you please…"

"What?" Luther hollered out battling his grumbling stomach. "I'd like some pizza."

"Mr. Waffles, you have returned home early."

Luther looked around curiously. "Who me?"

"Your voice is rather odd…may I interest you in a throat drop?"
"Uh…no just pizza."

"Very well," the computer like voice sung out.

Jewels frowned. "But we don't have time."

Tony looked to her. "It is too late and Ginger won't be in the office right now."

She sighed rubbing her temples. "Right…okay…fine…yes pizza please."

"Pizza should be ready in the kitchen," the computer responded.


They entered an even bigger hall. In the kitchen there was a fridge and a oven in front of them in the far back wall. On the left of the entrance was a sink and dishwasher. Upon the table was four boxes of pizza. Luther rushed to sit in a chair.

"I'm starved…this is great."

" This is pretty good," Zeke commented sitting down slowly.

Tony shrugged grabbing a seat in front of Zeke.

"Well I guess as long as we are here I'll explain fully the problem we have," she reached for a slice. "And then tomorrow we will figure it out."

"Tomorrow?" Zeke exclaimed almost choking. "Oh no…see I have to get home…Luther has to get home. We can't stay any longer than that."

"But you have to," she whined. "We can't do this without you all."

"If you have such an emergency…why would your parents leave you home with out any help or anything?"

"Well, because we have these advanced computer systems…its almost like a baby sitter," she explained. "They look after us ask of our whereabouts…sometimes send out robots to find us if we don't answer…only younger children have baby sitters, since we are fifteen the computer is all we need."

Luther looked around. "Where are the drinks?"
"In the fridge," She answered. "Anything particular? Just ask the computer."

Luther nodded arising from his chair and heading toward the fridge. He opened the fridge slowly.


"Welcome Mr. Waffles," a voice greeted.

He backed up suddenly before answering. "Hello?"

"Would you like diet coke?"

"Diet? Ew no, you got anything like…dr. pepper?"

Suddenly all the items in the fridge moved out of the way. In the far back was a dr. pepper. He picked it up and thanked the fridge.

"Don't know what you are worried about, this house rocks."

Tony smiled. "The future rocks."

"Future?" Zeke looked at them.

"Yes see we are in the future," She remarked. "I thought it was obvious by the gadgets and the time machine."

He frowned. "We have to go back home."

Tony looked at jewels.

"You can't until this is all resolved please."

Luther looked at Zeke. "We can say you are spending the night with me…because I'm alone for the weekend you know."

"For the weekend?"

Luther nodded. Zeke pulled out his cell phone dialing his home number. Ginger picked up chewing him out, but soon his mother got on the phone. He explained his case and she was relieved that her son wasn't lost.

"Okay…done," he placed his cell phone down upon the table. "This better be good or I will be annoyed…cutting into skateboarding time."

"Are you spending the night here, Tony?" she questioned.

Tony sighed. "You know I can't. Besides do you have any idea what your dad would do if he came back and I was in your guest room?"

She rolled her eyes. "My father isn't so bad…you are just easily intimidated."

"Well…" he looked around. "Maybe if I ask him now?"

Jewels looked at him strangely. "Oh…but…that isn't right."

He shrugged. "Mr. Waffles."

Luther was currently playing with a string coming off of the table cloth. He looked up at him.

"Who me?"

"Yes, may I spend the night."

Luther chuckled. "Not my house…so…whatever I guess. Oh and the name is Luther."

"I'll take that as a yes," Tony smirked.

"And for the record, it is your house," Jewels commented. "This is the future…I'm your daughter in the future…this is your house in the future. Wait right here."

She dialed a number upon the back wall. A digital album appeared on the wall.

"Why else would I have pictures of you here?"

"Whoa…" he looked at her. "Whoa."

She smiled softly. "Yes whoa."

Zeke sighed. "Yes very whoa…but why are we here?"

Jewels sighed. "It is pretty hard for me to say…and I'm embarrassed but…it wouldn't be fair."

Luther frowned. "It must be big."

She frowned. "It is."

And they awaited for her tale.

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