An: child punishment ahead. Just a Pre-warning. Maybe a bit rough. Now on with the show.

Mending Time


They sat before the television. On the television was a report on the intergalactic skater's circuit. Noah pouted at the lack of Sponge bob. A young reporter with a maroon blazer and matching skirt held the microphone to Zeke's future self.

"So you have two rounds tomorrow, Zeke," she commented. "And then the finals. What do you plan to do next? After the competition."

He wore this smirk upon his face. "Go home of course, because I have unfinished business at home."

Tony shrunk into the couch at his father's facial expression. "I'm going to get it when he gets back."

Luther looked. "How do you know? He seems pretty happy?"

Tony whimpered. "That's because he knows I'm watching…and I'm pretty much in trouble. Oh, I can kiss my beautiful life goodbye. Goodbye life, goodbye stars…it was nice knowing you. Good bye Julia beautiful Julia Jewels Waffles, guess I won't ever get to take you to prom."

Jewels rolled her eyes. "Tony stop being dramatic."

"He has the 'I'm going to punish that delinquent so bad when I get home smirk'."

Zeke frowned looking over his older version smirking. "I'm nasty if that smirk says all that."

Luther nodded. "That smirk isn't a smile at all…it is like an evil demon grin."

Zeke glared at Luther who smiled. "Okay, sorry joking."

Tony cried. "He'll trade me in for sure."

Jewels frowned. "Tony that isn't funny, you know how sensitive that subject is to me. It isn't something to joke about…my family has a sad experience with that. Remember Charles? I told you that in confidence?"

Tony frowned. "I'm sorry Jewels…it is just…I'm not joking."

"Well what do we have to do?" Zeke questioned.

Tony frowned. "Well we have the holes in my house. Oh no, I'm over."

Jewels rolled her eyes. "We'll get the cleaners on the phone in the morning…have them come by tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? It could be too late."

She sighed. "All the cleaners are closed. I'll wake up early place a call. And then we can figure out how these two will get home today. Because it is important they do…they can't be out of their time for too long…it'll start messing up this future. Tomorrow the machines should be fixed."

Luther pointed at the screen. "Maybe not."

"Swirling space hurricanes plague the future tunnels. Victims of time traveling mishap trapped in vortex. Story at 9pm."

Zeke's face dropped into his lap.

"Okay, so new plan," Tony stated. "You know we should have gone to the robocops."

Jewels sighed. "You know we can't…robocops will get us for sure. They have a huge fine. We aren't allowed to bring people out of their time it is against the law."

Zeke couldn't believe his ears. "So there are vortexes and people are being sucked into hurricanes?"

Luther bit his lip. "Man…that is totally not bombing. So what now? How long do hurricanes last?"

Jewels sighed. "I read about this in science. They last about a day or two…so either by tomorrow or the next day we can get you all home. Robocops can't get past hurricanes; they get sucked in and lost in another dimension entirely. The government doesn't like wasting money….but there are some rescue teams, but they aren't allowed to risk too much. The victims will be fine…the hurricanes only affect newly time travelers."

He shook his head. "First my dad comes home probably tomorrow and then…"

A ringing sound hit his ear. He picked up the phone. "Hello? Oh mom. You are heading on a mini-spa trip with Mrs. Waffles? But…dad should be back by tomorrow evening. Yes…we are fine…no, no troubles…yes, Noah is fine, yes I'm treating Noah well. No Noah hasn't cried since you life…no what am I a monster? I do not make him cry. No I don't…okay…have fun. Actually no, could you do me a favor and come home before dad? What you heard about the fight…yes it was totally…what everything I do upsets him. Okay. Bye."

"Our moms aren't coming home are they?" Jewels commented.

"No. And my mom said whatever I did really upset my father," he groaned. "Everything I do upsets him. She told me I should watch my mouth. Why do my parents hate me?"

She gave him sad look. "Well, okay…the best thing would have been to tell them."

Tony looked at her laughing. "And what? Lose my freedom? No thanks, besides they can't do anything about it. You think the woman would come home if her precious Noah is here."

Zeke frowned at the sarcasm.

"Might as well trade me now," he whimpered. "Everybody likes Noah better."

"I think it is because he is little," Luther pointed out. "Everyone likes younger better."

Tony narrowed his eyes. "Jewels you better hold me back before I throttle your dad."

She shot a look at him. "Tony!"

"What? He never says the nicest things."

"Excuse Luther, sometimes he speaks what is on his mind," he gave Luther a look.

He currently was poking Noah in the belly. The boy giggled. He looked up at them glaring.

"Okay, what did I do?" he frowned. "At least I'm not a big jerk dad like Zeke."

Zeke's face fell. Luther sighed. "Sorry."

"You should make the call today and put it on their answering machine," Zeke stated forgetting what Luther said. "That way we will be first on their stop tomorrow."

Jewels nodded dialing the number.

"And Tony, you should relax," he commented. "When your father gets back I'll make sure to calm myself down. Only if we are still here."

Tony let out a laugh at the mere thought of Zeke's suggestion.

"Something tells me my dad will just yell at him for interfering. It'd go something like this, "Who do you think you are? Nobody yet, so don't interfere with my parenting you are way out of your league Mister. Tony is my son and not yours yet, so don't tell me what I can or cannot do I'll smack him to kingdom come if I have to…so you just sit over there and keep it quiet…you too redhead." Oh no…I'm going to die tomorrow…uh…its actually making me real sick."

He made this gagging motion with his body. Zeke rolled his eyes before smacking him on the back.

"Quit it, you are depressing me," he frowned. "I don't need to know I smack you sometimes and I sure as I heck don't need to know you want to throw up…go do it instead of telling me."

Tony sighed. "Sorry again. Well…I just need to sleep…after dinner or so…until morning…I should be okay then."

Jewels smiled. "We all will be better."

Tony awoke without much of an appetite. All he could think about was that today his father was coming home to trade him in as soon as he saw him. He spooned the cereal up to his mouth, but ended up not eating and just placed the spoon back. Noah wiggled in his chair.

"Don't want oatmeal."

"You asked for it?" Zeke frowned. "So please eat."

Noah agreed. "Okay Daddy."

He sighed relieved. Zeke smiled softly at Tony.

"Remember me as I am," he commented.

"Okay," Luther grinned. "As what?"

He reached out to strangle the taller male. Luther shrieked.

"Ah psycho boy!" he hollered out. "Help me…he is a psycho!"

"Tony, relax. Don't tell me your father gets you this jumpy?" Zeke questioned.

He nodded sadly. "I think I'm going to be sick."

He ran out the kitchen. Zeke looked over at Jewels silently eating.

"He threatened once to trade him in," she replied quietly. "Tony remembered ever since. His dad of course told him he didn't mean anything by it, but Tony thinks if he said it…he had been thinking about it. So he tries to stay out of trouble, but he can't. And when he does get caught he panics. But anyway, the cleaners should be coming in 10 minutes. They know what do to. It is a staff of robots and the rest finest human cleaners in town."

When Tony returned he looked sick. Zeke growled. No father should make their son this afraid. What kind of relationship was this? Not even his father was this way.

"Tony, don't worry, I'll give your father the biggest talk of his life."

Tony chuckled. "I'd like to see that."

Zeke decided a movie was a good idea. They relaxed and watched the movie. And they were care free up until the time read 5pm. Tony kept looking around as if his farther would teleport into the house.

"Maybe we should hide," Luther offered. "I'm kind of afraid of what, will happen."

Tony bit his lip. "You think the cleaners are done?"

"They have an hour left," she commented. "Besides our fathers will come here first. Remember as kids they spent time with each other a lot meaning they will both come here first before anything else…have some laughs."

"At my expense," Tony moaned.

"And then your dad will go home."

"Check the news for updates," she ordered Zeke.

He turned on the television. "It is still not good. Hurricanes are still not blazing. Hey a survivor of the time traveling thing. That is good. Must have been before the hurricane."

"I'm going to pick flowers for my funeral," Tony cried out.

"Sh, I heard something."

Laughter rang out from either side. He frowned gazing at the teleport station. Jewels frowned.

"They are early."

"Of course they are early," Tony commented. "They don't want to give us time to do anything. Quick Zeke and Luther hide."

"But, I'm standing my ground."

"If you don't scat I'll be underground."

Zeke nodded scrambling about looking for a hiding spot. They rushed upstairs quickly searching for a room to hide in. Their eyes widened. Mr. Falcone and Mr. Waffles glanced over the boys.

"Hey, what are we doing here?" Mr. Waffles questioned. "Hm. Bombing!"

Mr. Falcone turned to the stairs spotting Tony and Jewels waving sheepishly.

"Welcome home dad," they stated simultaneously.

"So you give our computers a virus and you think lets go pull our father from time to help us out? And then you lie straight to my face…don't forget the damage you caused to my house…yes I know about that. I'm not stupid."

Tony lowered his face. The anger blazing in his father's eyes was heart wrenching.

"Look up at me," he growled.

Zeke and Luther stood by awkwardly. They didn't like watching themselves yell at Jewels and Tony. Zeke's previous plans were thrown out the window. They were too afraid to speak up.

"And you slept over at a girl's house for over two days? Since when was that okay?" he asked. "Tony, since when was that okay?"

"Slept over?" Mr. Waffles shouted looking at Jewels. "What is the meaning of this? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"I'm sorry okay," Tony whimpered. "We didn't know who to turn to…it got bad and we needed access to things like food and stuff."

Mr. Falcone sighed. "Son…I…don't know what to say…it seems like every day you disappoint…and tell me this. Why the heck did I get a bill through my phone for ababysitting service for over 12 hours?"

Tony paled. "Because I dropped Noah there."

"Do you have any idea how stupid that decision was? And when did you pick him up?"

Tears welled in his eyes. "I didn't."

He laughed. "If you mother heard this."

He bit his lip "I'm a mess up okay, just let me wallow."

"Oh you are more than a mess up. I'm beginning to think you are a mistake. Trading you in sounds good to me now."

Zeke's eyes widened from the couch. He ran toward them eyes narrowed.

"Okay, I may not be old enough, but I do know you suck," he pointed at his future self. "How could you say something like that? Trading him in…he is our son…and we would never do that. Plus trading in is sick and messed up…kids are put to work for no money and no care for them from a parent…and you want him to be put through that pain? I mean look at him obviously he is sorry and second of all you are making this guy cry? Don't you think you've gone too far? I mean Tony is a great kid. I've talked to him and he knows what he is talking about."

His future self chuckled. "First of all you have no authority over Tony so whatever talks you had aren't meaningful and believe me with age you will understand what a delinquent this boy is. You'll know just what must be done about it."

Tony wiped furiously at his face. "You are so awful to me…I hate you."

Mr. Falcone glared. Mr. Waffles sighed.

"Okay obviously a lot of tension in the air," Mr. Waffles spoke softly. "Maybe we should all take a deep breath…"

"Forget that, look at what is going on here…our kids dragged our past selves to the future and now they can't get home," he growled. "Look at the bigger picture…if we aren't in our time…this future becomes non-existent in a couple week, days maybe even hours."

Mr. Waffles shook his head. "It almost makes winning second not enjoyable…I thought you were a lot more sensible than me Jewels. How could you let this happen?"

She bit her lip. "It was my idea and Tony came along, because he is a great boyfriend and he wanted to make sure I was okay."

"Tony, that delinquent son of yours," Mr. Waffles groaned. "Is going to ruin my daughter's chances at the good life."

Mr. Falcone looked Tony over as if he were scum. "I couldn't agree more."

He arose quickly heading for the teleport station.

"Bring your brother we are going home," he stated firmly.

Tony looked at Zeke's wide eyes.

"No, you take Noah. I'm staying here," Tony suggested.

Mr. Falcone turned around. "Don't make me smack you, get over here with your brother now."

Tony whimpered before grabbing onto Noah's little hand. Noah noticed tears in his eyes and began to cry.

"Tony, why are you sad?" the little boy cried. "Is it because Daddy got really loud?"

He nodded wiping his eyes. Mr. Falcone looked at his past self.

"You come with me too," he pointed at himself. "We have to figure out what to do with you."

Zeke looked at Luther. Luther gave him a slow butter hand shake.

"You'll be fine," Luther stated softly. "Melt his heart of stone."

Zeke grinned "Okay….maybe I will."

Jewels ran toward Tony giving him a hug from the back. He paused there sniffling taking in her caring hug.

"It is okay, he is just mad, he will cool off," she commented.

"No, he won't," he laughed sadly. "I've done it, Jewels. I've finally convinced him why I shouldn't be living here any longer."

She bit her lip before she whirled him around. "I like you a lot…and…"

She pulled him into a kiss. Zeke and Luther's eyes widened. Mr. Waffles nearly fainted. Both older males ran toward their kids pulling them apart. Jewels waved softly.

"Until another day, Romeo," she stated in reference to Shakespeare.

"I love you Juliet."

She waved him away. Luther waved goodbye to Zeke as he entered with his older self and their children. When they disappeared Luther sighed. He turned to see Mr. Waffles behind him.

"Why does he get so mad?" Luther questioned.

Mr. Waffles sighed slightly hurt. Age did a lot to them.

"Because he cares too much."

He smiled softly looking up at his red hair and gentle smile.

"Is Julia in trouble?" Luther questioned.

He looked at the girl crying in the corner. Mr. Waffles shook his head.

"Only a bit," he commented.


"Why don't you go play video games, I have to speak with Jewels."

He looked over his shoulder at the girl crying. He frowned.

"It is okay," Mr. Waffles promised his younger self.

He nodded.

Zeke winced at the slap Tony received across the face. That wasn't necessary. After all he had only said a few inappropriate words. Mr. Falcone placed his hand upon his face tears welling up. Noah had cried too much, so sent him to the playroom with the robot. But Noah insisted that "Daddy shouldn't be mean to Tony."

"You should have never had kids," Tony spoke rudely. "You are horrible."

Mr. Falcone raised his hand to smack him for that comment, but instead he dropped into his chair exhausted. He pulled himself in to his own body sighing. Tony frowned at his father's sudden change in mood. Everything about the elder male seemed to sink deep into the chair.

"All I could think about is how you two could have possibly been on the streets," he remarked. "Begging for food…or…in danger."

Tony bit his lip. "Are you going to trade me in?"

Mr. Falcone laughed sadly. "Sick enough as I already am…I had been seriously thinking about…thinking about the better family out there for you. I was thinking about the family that will understand you, because apparently I'm doing a horrible job."

Tony cried softly. "Oh."

"I contemplated it enough with your mother on our way, we discussed it," he sighed. "She stated if that was really how I felt and really best for this family and you then... And I had been too angered to say anything else but 'Yes, he is out of my house as soon as I get home'. You didn't cover anything up…mysterious bills came to my phone telling me of exactly what happened…cleaners."

He gazed at the clean house. "I just sensed something was wrong…made me even angrier…was getting ready to call them and set an appointment for you to be given away. I was thinking of sending you to the trade off agency immediately. I had the number on speed dial."

Zeke watched Tony holding his heart in pain.

"But then I realize I was stupid, I was sick," he thought bitterly. "Just age has gotten me to this dark place. Back when Luther and I were just teens about your age. It had been about skating being pro-skaters nothing else…not even a family on the mind. And then I settled and married your beautiful mother and had this son I was raising this son that wanted nothing more than to skate by my side. It does a father good to see his son walking in his footsteps, but then you stopped and it was like a cold slap to my face…a cold cold slap. Had I done something wrong? Wasn't I cool enough? What had happened to "Little Tony Hawk?"

Zeke arose…this was too personal for him. As he walked off, Mr. Falcone stopped him.

"No you have to hear this," he stopped himself.

"Dad," Tony cried. "Don't punish him too. It hurts enough knowing mom and you hated me, but don't punish Zeke too. I'm sorry Zeke."

Mr. Falcone sighed. "Don't worry…he is me…he should listen."

Zeke frowned nodding as he returned back to his original sitting position.

"And then your friends kept getting you in trouble and I was afraid," he bit his lip. "Had you gone off the deep end? Then Noah was born and you seemed to hate him more than life itself…all the arguing and yelling…and pushing. I couldn't understand…it reminded me of Ginger and I…we didn't resolve our problems till recently. And seeing you two argue and him such a young age…it boiled me. And I got angrier…and then…you grew up and got a girlfriend, Julia and hearing my best friend bad mouth you made it worse. It was like what is wrong with my son I often asked Luther…and all I could hear was you and your antics, you being a delinquent."

"I'm not dad," he whimpered. "I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time…and yes I'm mean to Noah, but only at times…it's like he gets all the attention and you just like yelling at me. Don't you remember how it is to be teen?"

Mr. Falcone frowned. "And that is wrong…I was wrong…and I owe you an apology."

Tony eyes glowed. "Really?"

"I hate to apologize, but…you were right," Mr. Falcone stated. "I do remember what it is like. Seeingmyself concerned and upset really showed me I was wrong."

"Glad I could help," Zeke commented but then quieted.

Mr. Falcone chuckled. "I was something when I was younger. How is Kojo?"

Zeke shrugged. "Annoying."

"And still annoying in his CDs."

Tony snickered. His father placed a hand upon his shoulder.

"I love you and even if I blow a fuse it is only because I love you, and I worry…and ask for your dreams," he stated. "I have no right especially of all people who got that a lot when I was younger. I have no right to tell you what you can dream. Astro pilot isn't a bad profession. I just I've seen things…and the aliens out there are brutal. The humans I have seen are experiments. They have years' worth of human life in their cells. They always are trying to figure out how we tick. Even if it means kidnapping and ambush…I saw myself hearing bad news of you being captured and I panicked."

"Dad, that is silly," he smiled. "I'm not even a pilot yet, I'm fifteen."

"I blame my age," he smiled warmly. "But obviously you are strong and I shouldn't worry. Luther and I lived in the no fear zone. It is only natural you would feel the same."

Tony bit his lip. "I'm sorry dad."

He pulled him in for a hug. "I'm sorry too just…don't lie anymore…that hurts the most."

"Okay," he sighed heavily. "I have set a robot on Noah once or twice…I lied when you came home and asked why Noah was crying."

Mr. Falcone smiled with a strain. "Just happy that you confessed…and restraining myself from yelling."

Tony laughed. "So, do you think I'm banned from Mr. Waffle's house?"

"Well you spent the night in the same house as his daughter," he chuckled softly. "Not all father's like that."

Tony frowned.

"The Romeo bit was fun to watch," he winked.

"Stop it…so what do we do about him?" Tony questioned.

They both looked at Zeke who grinned. "We let him move in until the storm clears then we send you back

"Here that? You'll be like a roomie."

Zeke sighed. "Guess that is cool. Thanks sir."

Mr. Falcone arose from his chair. "No need for sir…I'm you after all. Call me Zeke. And Tony I'm still going to have to ground you for a long time."

After that he walked toward to the playroom. Tony smiled. "I know, because you care."

"Thank Zeke," Tony smiled turning to him.

"See I told you I'd intervene."

Tony smirked. "A little late."

"Hey I'm scary."

Tony chuckled. "I hope Jewels is okay…she was on the main computer."

"And the main computer?" he stated softly. "You know what your mother says about .net .org, and .com."
She itched the back of her had softly. "It is Tony isn't it?"

She bit her lip.

"That boy."

"Dad please," she cried out. "Please let him come back…Mr. Falcone was real scary just now and I don't want him over there. He really might trade Tony in."

Mr. Waffles paled. "I'm sure my friend has restraint."

She cried. "I love him dad….and I know you don't care, but I'm growing up. You can't do this to me. You can't tell Mr. Falcone all the time that Tony is a delinquent…he takes that to heart."

Mr. Waffles frowned. "You are my daughter."

"Who is fifteen," she emphasized. "Please."

There was a pause for a few seconds. While the elder thought of his daughter's plea.

"Okay, I understand. And I assure you Tony will be there tomorrow for now you two need to calm down. And keep away from each other."

"What if he won't be there tomorrow just like Charles?"

Luther walked into the kitchen. "Who is Charles?"

"My wife's older brother," Mr. Waffles stated "She was the one who nearly caused this big intergalactic incident with her shenanigans and I believe Charles covered for her, but his father had some problems with Charles already so he was traded in. We don't talk about it too much."

"My ant said she last saw him working at some train station."

Luther looked at him confused.

"Trade in is when you trade in your kid for another or just to trade them in," he frowned. "It's trying to be banned, but government can't control it. Most of the kids end up as kid labor in fast food joints or with families that are caring."

Luther arose shocked. "That is horrifying and you think Zeke will do that to Tony?"

"No," Mr. Waffles commented. "My best friend isn't completely evil…and I know he is mad for good reasons."

Jewels sniffed. "Tony was so scared dad."

"He will be fine." Mr. Waffles promised. "Just fine."


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