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Story Start

"You girls will have a lot of fun living with your Aunt," the girls' mom said from the driver's seat of the car. Their mother smiled at them in the rearview mirror. Lexi gave her mom a small smile before looking at her younger sister, Tiffani. Her younger sister was currently reading a Batman comic book, which did not surprise Lexi at all.

"Tiffani," their mother questioned and the young thirteen year old looked up to the rearview mirror.

"Yes," Tiffani asked while sneaking glances back to the comic book.

"Did you even hear me?" her mom asked and the only seventeen-year-old girl in the car resisted the urge to smack her younger sister on the back of the head.

"Sorry, I was too busy reading about Batman telling Robin to get to the bat mobile," Tiffani answered before pouting when her mom reached back and grabbed her comic book. "Either I read the comic book or I pull out the works of Shakespeare and read them loudly until we get to our Aunt's house," she said crossing her arms over her chest.

"As much as I enjoy Shakespeare, just give her back the comic book. I don't think I can deal with another hour of her talking," Lexi groaned to their mom, who regretfully gave her youngest daughter back the comic book.

"Sweet," Tiffani cheered before sticking her tongue out at her sister.

"I've been stuck in this car way too long for you to be sticking your tongue out at me. I have scissors in my purse and I will use them if I see that tongue again," Lexi warned as she reached for her purse.

"I totally feel the love in this car right now. Is this because I sang the cookie monster song for five hours of the drive to Oregon?" Tiffani asked as she grabbed a pillow to use as a shield if she needed to protect herself.

"It's that and also because you waved at every single driver in a purple car, you ate way too much sugar whenever we would stop for food, and you have been having conversations with the radio, which for the last time will not answer you," Lexi said as she held tightly to the book in her hands. She loved her little sister, but being stuck in a car with Tiffani for over ten hours was torture after a while. It was even more torturous when her younger sister was hyped up on sugar.

"Well it's not my fault that you and mom were being tired, grouchy, and no fun for most of this trip. I know being stuck in a car isn't the best for a long trip, but somebody has to bring some fun to the car," Tiffani answered with a shrug before she went back to reading the comic.

"Just breathe, only one more hour, let's hope she falls asleep," Lexi thought and her prayers were answered when thirty minutes later Tiffani fell asleep because she crashed from all the sugar.

"We're finally here," their mom cheered as she pulled up a driveway to their Aunt's house. Lexi and Tiffani had never met their Aunt, but their mother wanted them to move out and live with her sister because her sister was having some house issues. Earlier when they had first entered Astoria, Oregon, Lexi had noticed that many houses around her Aunt's house were either foreclosed or looked like some problems might be happening.

"It's freezing," Lexi said as she stepped out of the car while her mother walked to the front door of the house. Lexi looked around at the houses again before she looked in the car at her sister, who was still sleeping away. She laughed when she noticed that a bit of drool had escaped her sister's mouth.

"Katie, I'm so glad to see you. Where are your two girls?" a woman's voice exclaimed and Lexi looked around to see a woman hugging her mom.

"Hey Chloe, Lexi is standing by the car and Tiffani is sleeping inside," Lexi's mom answered cheerfully before Aunt Chloe rushed towards Lexi.

Lexi was surprised but accepted the hug from Aunt Chloe. "It's so good to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you and your sister. You can call me Aunt Chloe," the woman said joyfully before pulling away and moving over to the side of the car where Tiffani was.

Aunt Chloe opened the door and she was careful so Tiffani would not fall to the ground. She giggled when she saw Tiffani's mouth was open with a bit of drool on her chin. Lexi gave her aunt a curious look as the woman's finger got closer to Tiffani's mouth.

"What are you doing?" Lexi asked before her aunt yelped and pulled her finger away.

"She bit me," Aunt Chloe said in surprise before backing away from Tiffani and the car.

"Well you shouldn't have stuck your finger in her mouth, especially not when she is sleeping," Tiffani's mom answered as she walked over to Tiffani. "I swear this kid is part piranha," she whispered before gently shaking Tiffani by her shoulder. "Sweetie, wake up or I'll Lexi create a bonfire with all of your comic books," she said sweetly and Tiffani jumped awake immediately.

Tiffani dove out of the car, opened the trunk, and grabbed the box full of her comic books. She had a scared look on her face as she clung tightly to the box. "Don't touch my comic books, I'll attack, I will protect them with my life," Tiffani said as she gave cautious looks at her mom and then at Lexi.

"She only said that to wake you up. Anyways, I would rather frame the comic books and put them around my room, that way I can admire them but you can no longer read them," Lexi said with a smirk and Tiffani glared at her.

"Never," she yelled before running into her Aunt's house with the box still clutched in her hands.

"Wait," Aunt Chloe yelled before an excited scream erupted from the house.

"Brownies," Tiffani yelled and both Lexi and her mom gave a groan of misery.

"She's already had so much sugar," Lexi said and she dreaded what the rest of the day would be like if her sister was still this hyper after crashing once from too much sugar.

"I just need a long nap and then I can stand her again," Lexi muttered before she, her mom, and her aunt grabbed the rest of the luggage and brought them into the house.

The rest of the night went by without too many incidents. Tiffani did finally crash after devouring four brownies and running around unpacking for a few hours. Lexi and her mom listened to the issue that Chloe and the other neighbors were dealing with in this neighborhood, which Chloe told them was called the Goon Docks. Lexi thought the name was quirky but in a good way.

Her mom was worried about how much she could help, but she promised her sister that she would help as much as she could. Lexi said she would go look for a job tomorrow if things were settled down enough with the unpacking. She wondered if Tiffani would be willing to babysit kids or get a paper route to help earn money to help her aunt, but she would have to ask tomorrow because Tiffani was still unconscious.

"No way I'm waking her up," Lexi thought as she made her way to her bedroom, which she would be sharing with Tiffani. Thankfully, there were two full sized beds in the room so the girls would at least have their own sleeping space.

"I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us," Lexi thought before looking over at Tiffani, who was tangled up in the blankets as if she had been fighting and lost. "Well at least Tiffani will be back to her normal self. Long car rides are not something she likes and not something I ever want to deal with again when she's that hyper," she thought before turning over and trying to fall asleep.

"Batman eat the brownies," she heard Tiffani mumble in her sleep, which was the last thing she heard before she truly fell asleep.