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Story Start

Tiffani hugged Mouth when she was covered in spider webs in the dark new tunnel. "I hate spiders," she screamed before Mouth started freaking out as well.

"We need more light," Lexi yelled before grabbing Tiffani away from the scared boy.

Data was able to light a candle and the group froze in shock at the new sight before them. A skeleton organ was sitting in the middle of the room. "That is disgusting," Stef said as she turned her nose up at it.

"It's a skeleton organ, and it is cool," Tiffani said wishing she could play it.

"Of course, you like it. You took lessons for this type of thing," Lexi muttered glad that she did not take the piano and organ lessons.

"What does the map say?" Mikey said handing the map to Mouth. He wanted to know what they had to do next.

"We have to play the notes as they are said or we will be dead," Mouth said slowly while translating.

"Oh, let me, let me, I got this," Tiffani said jumping up and down while waving her hand.

"I don't think that's the best idea," Brand said noticing her enthusiasm.

"Who else has played piano or the organ?" Lexi asked with a deadpan stare.

"Nobody, great, let me see that please," Tiffani cheered and asked for the map. "Lexi, can we get one of these for the house?" she asked while walking over to stand at the keys.

"I doubt mom or our aunt would enjoy seeing this every day," Lexi said standing by her sister. Mikey stood on the other side of Tiffani and he gave her a scared but encouraging look.

Tiffani cracked her knuckles before she looked at the music on the back of the map. She studied the notes for a few seconds before she started playing the tune. The group jumped as a door beside them started sliding up from the wall.

"That was too easy," Tiffani said after finishing the last note, and the door was fully open.

"Hurry," Lexi said and grabbed her sister's hand so she could pull her through the new open doorway.

The new short tunnel led to a water slide. "Sweet," Lexi and Tiffani cheered, which made Stef stare at them in shock.

"This is awesome," Tiffani yelled after Brand pushed her down the slide.

"Come on," Brand said taking Lexi's hand. Stef went before on her the slide. The others had already gone down it. Lexi looked at Brand curiously before he squeezed her hand and they went down the slide close together.

"Better than a waterpark any day," Tiffani cheered and laughed at the screams of the others.

The slide eventually ended and the group was now standing in a large body of water. They checked to make sure everybody was with them before they turned around. The sight that awaited them was breathtaking.

"It's One Eyed Willie's ship," Mikey said in shock as if he could not believe it.

"We did it," Brand cheered and pulled Lexi into a hug.

Tiffani and Lexi chuckled when Stef was hugging Mouth before pushing him away from her. "One day," they thought for Mouth.

The group made their way to the ship and climbed up the wooden ladder on the side of the ship. Cobwebs and skeletons littered the ship. The beauty of the ship and knowledge of accomplishing their task made all of them feel lighter. The fear of the Fratellis disappeared for a moment.

"Guys," Data's yell made everybody run to look down at a hole that Data had made in part of the ship.

"You have to quit falling down holes like this," Lexi said with a sigh, which made Mouth and her sister laugh.

"I'm tired of falling, and I'm tired of skeletons," Data started ranting.

Data's ranting did not get any help when Brand said, "Why didn't you use the stairs?"

"It's ok, Data. We love you," Lexi yelled back as the group made their way down into the ship's hold.

"Where's the gold?" Mouth started yelling with Stef.

"Oh look, a doll," Lexi said before pulling on a rope to help her stand. She sighed when sand started falling to the ground and a trap door from above fell open. "My bad," she yelled rushing over to help the boys stand again.

"Break through that," Brand said holding his brother up so Mikey could break through the old wood. Brand pushed Mikey up through the new hole, and the group waited curiously to see what Mikey found.

Mikey was up there for a while so the group decided to climb up through the hole. They were amazed at the treasure shining in the room amongst the skeletons of the pirates. "So cool," Lexi and Tiffani thought before smiling softly at each other. They were happy that Mikey fulfilled his dream.

Mikey introduced One Eyed Willie before everybody started grabbing as much treasure as he or she could. Mikey made sure that nobody touched the treasure in the balance arms, which were a symbol of justice. He said it should stay here for Willie.

The others were grabbing treasure as fast as they could while Mikey tried to come up with a plan. His plan would have been great if the Fratellis had not appeared in the middle of it.

"All of you, outside," the mother yelled holding a gun towards them.

"I will not be taken alive," Data yelled and he started walking towards the Fratellis.

"Data, be careful, she has a gun," Lexi yelled as the others followed him with worry in their eyes and expressions.

Data tried to use the boxing glove invention, but it ended up punching him in the face. he pushed the glove back into its original position. He sighed and threw out his hand, which made the fake teeth clamp onto one of the Fratellis' son's privates.

"Bet that feels fabulous," Lexi said with a smirk.

Data used another invention, which drug him towards the Fratellis' mother, and this made her drop her gun down into the hold of the ship. Brand rushed forward to pull Data away from the criminals.

However, the male criminals kept him back with swords threatening Brand and the group. The mother grabbed Data while her sons herded the others to follow.

"Take off your jewels, all of them," the Fratellis ordered. Mouth had to spit out jewels and a chain of pearls. The others were tied up after taking off their jewels and all the treasure. Tiffani smirked a bit when she was still hiding treasure that the criminals did not know about.

"Crazy old hag," Lexi yelled after seeing how the woman was treating Mouth.

"Oh want to be smart, do you?" the woman hissed and used a sword to threaten Lexi. Lexi walked backwards toward the plank. "Time to walk the plank," the woman yelled with a sinister grin.

"She can't swim with her hands tied, you hag," Tiffani screamed in fear for her sister. "Save her," she yelled at Brand when her sister was pushed off the plank into the water below.

"Lexi," Brand yelled while he ran towards the edge of the ship to save Lexi.

"You'll pay for that," Tiffani screamed while struggling in the hold one of the criminal brothers had on her arms.

Lexi was struggling to get to the top for air, but Brand wrapped his arms around her. He pulled them up and she took in a big breath of air. "Thank you," she said and she started to think that maybe he was not so bad after all. He still had a lot to do before she would forgive him though. The others on the ship watched in worry as Mouth and Stef were being pushed towards the plank.

"Hey, you guys," an unknown shout from above made everything stop. Everybody looked up towards a sail of the ship. Chunk and the large man, who had been shackled to the wall in the restaurant basement, were sliding down a sail with a knife keeping them from going too fast.

"Chunk," all of the Goonies on the ship yelled in relief.

"He's alive," Tiffani cheered.

"Sloth, how did he get out?" the mother of the Fratellis asked in shock.

"Save them," Chunk yelled at Sloth, who was dressed like a pirate. Sloth used a rope to swing himself out like Tarzan. He grabbed Stef and Mouth, and then he swung back to set them down on the ship instead of the plank.

"Captain Chunk says let's get the hell out of here," Chunk yelled while Stef and Mouth untied Mikey, Data, and Tiffani.

"I'm so glad he's all right," Lexi said to Brand while he untied her hands in the water.

Sloth kept his family away from the Goonies so they could run and jump off the ship. Lexi and Brand swam out of the way so none falling into the water would hit them. Tiffani smirked at Stef when she saw her hit the mother. Tiffani kicked the woman in the butt so she would fall over before she also jumped off the ship.

The group swam away from the ship so they could get to where they could stand. Lexi and Brand joined them soon. Brand was smiling a bit because Lexi had given him a kiss on the cheek for saving her.

The Goonies cheered when Sloth threw his mother off the ship and into the water. They were still cheering when Sloth jumped into the water himself. "Hi Sloth," the Goonies welcomed their new group member.

Tiffani frowned when Mikey started freaking out about leaving the ship. Brand wanted them all to get out of there as fast as they could. Tiffani and Lexi would calm Mikey down after they escaped. The sisters still had treasure hidden in their shirt and pockets.

"Dynamite," was all the group heard before Brand, Mikey, and Data were shoving everybody into the water. An explosion sounded and rocks slid down into the water narrowly missing the Goonies.

A curse left Lexi's mouth when they emerged from the water and saw a large boulder hide the exit. Everybody rushed towards the boulder and tried pushing it out of the way. Sloth was the savior as he held the boulder up so everybody could go through the exit. Brand and Lexi helped pull Chunk out to the beach, which is where the exit ended.

"Over here," the group yelled while running on the beach. They saw two men on four wheelers patrolling the beach.

"We're saved," Stef cheered and hugged Lexi. Soon more officers arrived and gave the kids jackets, blankets, and toboggans. Parents were arriving shortly after the police. The kids were excited to see their families. However, Lexi and Tiffani's mom looked ready to pull out her hair.

"We move somewhere for just a few days and you guys do this," their mom screamed before pulling them into hugs.

"Is this a trend?" their aunt worried before hugging them as well.

Television crews and journalists were there taking pictures or filming the scene. Tiffani ran over and hugged Mikey when she saw how down he was. He gave her a sad smile, which made her give a sigh.

"It's ok, we still have," Tiffani started to say before the police started yelling about the Fratellis, who were making their way up the beach to everybody. Sloth was helping his mother walk across the rocks. The Goonies ran forward to stick up for Sloth. The police took the Fratellis away, but they left Sloth. Chunk and Sloth were hugging because Chunk had said Sloth would live with him.

Troy's father ruined the moment by demanding about the foreclosure issue. Troy did not help the issue by opening his big mouth. "Let me at him," Tiffani yelled glaring at Troy, but her sister held her back.

Rosalita started screaming when Mikey's dad went to sign the paper. Tiffani and Lexi smiled when Rosalita showed the jewels, and Mouth translated what Rosalita was saying. Tiffani and Lexi also pulled out the treasure they had kept hidden for the others to see as well. Mr. Walsh tore up the contract, and soon the reporters were crowding around them.

"One Eyed Willie's ship," Mikey whispered and the Goonies took a seat on the beach or stood to stare at the majestic image of the pirate ship returning to sea.

Sloth yelled before everybody let out his or her own yells. The Goonies had saved their homes. Tiffani and Lexi smiled at each other before wondering what the rest of their lives with the Goonies would be like.

"Only time will tell," Lexi thought with a smile before hugging her sister.

The End