Respect… such a simple word, and yet so complex. Steve knew what they all thought, knew they looked at his weak body, at all the physical limitations, and saw little beyond that. Bucky looked deeper but even he could never quite understand the craving that gnawed away at Steve's heart, that would not let him rest, would not let him give anything less than his very best, what drove him to become the man he was, fueled his passion, his courage, his tenacity. The day he walked into the battered camp with the rescued soldiers at his back still sticks out in his memory as the best day of his life. When the heady drug of self-respect ran through his veins and left his body tingling and tears pricking at his eyes. When at last he could look his fellow man in the eye and hold his head high. When he felt that at last, oh God, at last, he had earned his place, earned… respect.