1. Jenny

Jenny was a good girl. Well, as good a girl as she was before, which is still as good a girl as anyone could be. She also became best friends with Allison. She despised Deedee, but no one knew why. Both of them were so nice, so kind, so generous, so...so...ah, there aren't any words anyone can think of. Except DJ, maybe. He could even make up a song for it. Jenny liked his songs. She also liked to ride her bike into Mrs. Jules' class. The funnest way to get in, she always said. In case you don't remember, DJ's songs sort of went like this:

Myron, oh Myron
Yeah Myron, you're nice a guy
But Myron, oh Myron
I have some news you might despise

We changed some seats
Not too long ago
Now Calvin's in front of you
So just so you know
Oddly, your bird,
Ran far, far away
From you, of course
But with Calvin she stays

Just thought you'd know

Calvin, oh Calvin
Yeah Calvin, do you miss Bebe?
But Calvin, oh Calvin
You have a new friend, "Oddly"

He doesn't draw pictures
Or any of that stuff
But when I say this
Don't you think it's bluff
Oddly used to like Myron
But I guess he's changed
So the birdie came to you
Because Myron is lame

At being class president

Suddenly from the loudspeaker a booming voice banged into Jenny's ears. "Louis, please come to my office. You must leave Wayside School immediately," cried the voice of Mitchell Kidswatter.

AR: Yeah, I said Mitchell Kidswatter. I said it because I can. Because I'm awesome. Ha ha ha, ha ha ha! Oh, that felt good. I'll be excellent at world domination. But I digress.