6. Kathy

"Let's save Wayside School!" These were the first words that Kathy heard out of Ron's mouth in a while. Kathy wasn't one for saving things, but she supposed her thoughts weren't everything. She didn't like the others, but she just couldn't let them die. Kathy nodded, took Ron's hand, and ran into Mr. Kidswatter's office. "Mitchell Kidswatter, I demand you give Louis' job back!" Mr. Kidswatter was sobbing of what has happening to his school. "No! Never!" "Then I'll have to kill you." "I'LL DIE ANYWAY! DON'T YOU IDIOTS GET IT?"

Mitchell was right. They would die anyway. But that didn't stop Kathy. She dialed this number on Mr. Kidswatter's phone.



"Hello, this is Louis Sachar!"
"Louis! We need you!"
"No! Even if I wanted to, I couldn't. Kidswatter fired me!"
"Then tell him you were innocent! This is your last chance!"
"-pause- How far down is Wayside?"
"The 24th floor. The floors are starting to topple!"
"-pause- Where do I get in?"
"Um, there is a hatch on the 26th floor. If you can open it, you can get in!"
There was a grumbling noise and a long clank before a reply. "I'm in! Now what?"

Kathy smiled and ran up to the 26th floor. She motioned him to come down to the first story while Ron was thinking of a plan. Finally he gleamed and looked over to Kathy. "The falling will stop once the floor droppings get down to the 14th story. That's how far up the holes are. If we can get down to the 14th story before the falling gets too far we can get to safety." "Run!" Louis said behind them. Kathy looked behind, and saw thirty men with torches and pitchforks heading right for Louis.

"Geez, man! What have you done?" Ron yelled. "I was so angered about getting fired that I left a note and angered a few people at the restaurant I was at," Louis screamed back. Kathy said, "Look, we can't leave you behind! Come on!" Louis looked back, then to Kathy, then ran. The floor droppings were getting close behind them. "We're almost there!" Ron said on the 16th story. The armed men were on their tails. They landed on the last step, looked at the 15th floor starting to fall. They jumped right when it fell.

The world was silent. Kathy turned around to where the thirty men were. Every single man was gone. Ron sighed in relief. "One more step and we would have been toast!" Louis said. "You're telling me!" Kathy groaned. Maybe life would be back to normal. But it wasn't. It wasn't normal. Mrs. Jules, 15 floors, and most of Mrs. Jules' class was gone.