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Epilogue-ish bit that really doesn't resolve anything

"Captain, the Eureka Maru just dove into the middle that typhoon!" The A.I. spoke as if unsure whether Rebecca Valentine had impossibly saved herself or completely lost her sanity.

"Beka did what?! There's no way that hunk of junk can stand up to that kind of punishment!" Harper's voice rose to a near fever pitch.

"Mister Harper, I trust Beka is doing what she deems necessary, and I suggest we focus on those ships chasing her so she doesn't have to do it much longer. Trance!"

The red-haired woman at weapons control nodded. "Saving their sixes, aye." Dylan had to chuckle to himself as Harper looked up from his own console long enough to shoot her a very bewildered glance. Missiles, precise slashes of blue, and great sheets of green rained down to the planet below. He counted on the Dheran ships having a hard enough time dodging the indifferent strikes of the storm that they wouldn't be in any condition to try avoiding those not so indifferent, and the explosions below proved him right.

The beautiful face on the viewscreen smiled as the attack met its targets. "They're running, sir"

"Nice work, Trance. Now let's go find Captain Valentine before that ship of hers springs a leak down there."

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

They did just that, and within the hour Tyr had promised, seven beings were seated in the officer's mess: three human, two Nietzschean (though one appeared human and was relentlessly hit on by the shortest human), one android and one.Trance. After Beka introduced the dark-eyed woman as Tyr's cousin, which he didn't bother to deny as he glared ominously at Harper, the engineer started considering how to flirt with the female Nietzschean without the older man's notice; she seemed to enjoy the attention, though sadly not return the feeling behind it.

"So," Dylan asked jovially, "how was married life?" Beka promptly dug the golden helix out from where she had discovered it in her grey duffel and threw it. At his head.