Curley's wife was walking down the dirty path towards the bunkhouse. She saw Curley leave and smiled. She was about to meet the man of her dreams, but she didn't know that yet. As she walked into the bunkhouse she saw a tall man sat on one of the beds, he was the only one in the bunkhouse and she looked down at herself smiling at her dress. She was wearing a pale yellow sundress which stopped at her knees and a pair of white dolly shoes.

"You there!" she shouted at the tall guy.

He turned around slowly and when their eyes met they both smiled at each other and she felt a spark go through her body, one she never felt with Curley.

"w-who are you?" he asked stuttering.

"I'm Curley's Wife, Who are you sonny boy?" she asked smiling.

"I-I'm Lennieā€¦" he answered "you Purdy"

Curley's wife smiled "why thank you Lennie! How nice of you to say that" she walked over to him and sat down next to Lennie "you're quiet handsome yourself"

Lennie blushed and looked over at her "thank you" he said and then looked at her "what's your real name then?"

Curley's wife looked at him "I don't have one. When I married Curley I became known as 'Curley's Wife' I guess I don't deserve my name anymore"

Lennie looked confused "okay then."

Curley walked in a looked at Lennie "What you doing talking to her!" he shouted at Lennie

"Nothing, I said nothing" Lennie replied.