~ I Need You Now ~

Summary: When Betty comes in with a new look, a more beautiful look, it makes Daniel see her in a newer light, it heightens his feelings for her and he's on the verge of expressing those feelings-but what happens when he discovers she's leaving his presence forever and moving to London? Based off of Lady Antebellum's "I Need You Now" song.

~ Betty ~

When Betty walked into the Meade office, she felt all eyes on her-again. It had been a week and a half since she had came in without her eye glasses and braces and her tacky clothing. Thanks to Hilda, Betty was given a new makeover, to get her ready for her new job in London in two weeks. She had on a nice, short, form fitting skirt and a black, halter top on, with her long, black, shiny hair falling down on her shoulders. She looked like the beautiful actress, America Ferrera. As she sat down at her desk, she noticed three big folders on her desk. She knew what they were, it was work that she didn't get a chance to finish up on yesterday. She sighed as she took a sip of her Espresso she brought in with her and began to get to work.

~ Daniel/Betty ~

Daniel closed the black portfolio on his desk and sighed with a headache that was increasingly growing with each passing minute. He grabbed the portfolio and got up from is desk, about to leave his office for a meeting, when he stopped-he saw her. Betty, she looked even better than she did the day before. For some odd reason, seeing Betty, especially the way she was looking at that moment, was making his heart flutter. In fact, for the past week and a half, Daniel had been realizing that he was truly starting to feel something for Betty, something he couldn't describe, something that was growing stronger within him each passing day, something that had always been there deep inside him but had only come to beginning realization a week and a half ago. He scoffed and smirked.

"God, she looks-beautiful," Daniel thought to himself as he stared at her. "Actually beautiful, how could I have not seen this in her, in all her years working here?"

Daniel looked down and laughed briefly with a shake of his head.

Daniel walked out of his office and over to her desk. He looked at her almost with a warm smile.

"Morning, Betty." Daniel said in a low, soft tone.

Betty looked up at him and smiled.

"Daniel, oh hey, morning, is it time for the meeting with Donna Karan already?"

Daniel nodded as he briefly looked away from her with a brief, faint smirk.

"Uh, yeah, you ready, come on."

Betty nodded and got up and walked with him away from the desk.

As they walked down the hall towards the big, spacious meeting room, Daniel couldn't keep his eyes off her. She was almost as beautiful as the many women he used to date and even go to bed with. I mean, she was breathtaking. When she caught him looking at her, he looked away quickly. Daniel sighed.

"Betty, you look beautiful." Daniel said in one breath, almost in a blurting out manner.

Betty laughed and glanced over at Daniel.

"Thanks Daniel." Betty said with a smile. "Yeah, Hilda-did all this."

Betty quickly shut herself up. She knew she hadn't told Daniel about her new job offer in London and she had no idea how she'd be able to tell him.

Daniel nodded with a serious look. He wanted to just express what was racing through him for Betty at that moment but he couldn't, for some reason he couldn't. Daniel shook his head and stepped in front of her. She looked at him with a confused smile. Daniel looked at her with seriousness and a hint of nervousness.

"Betty um, Betty, do you want to um-have lunch with me?" Daniel asked almost hesitantly. "I-I mean, I-um-there's-there's this project I want us to go over."

Betty scoffed and smiled with a nod.

"Sure Daniel, I'd love to." Betty said with a smile. "How can I say no to you?"

Daniel looked down and blushed lightly with a brief smile.

"I'm glad you can't say no to me, Betty." Daniel said in a low voice with his usual, charming smirk.

Betty laughed and walked away and Daniel stared at her with affectionate eyes.

Daniel was glad when the hour and a half meeting with Wilhemina and Claire and everyone else at Meade was over, because in all honesty, his mind was not all the way there. Half his mind and his vision was on Betty. Even with her new looks, she had begun to act different. She was beginning to act with more confidence, with more sex appeal and with attractiveness. It was a sex appeal and an attractiveness that Daniel was picking up on, they were things Daniel couldn't get out of his mind. As everyone was walking out of the meeting room, Daniel looked at his watch and sighed with an eyebrow raised. It was lunch time, which meant he was about to go out to lunch with Betty and he couldn't have been more eager to. As he saw Betty walking out of the meeting room while talking with Amanda. Daniel walked over to her and cleared his throat almost loudly.

"Betty, you ready for lunch now?" Daniel said with a faint smirk.

Betty looked at Amanda briefly and smiled while looking back at Daniel.

"Oh sure, let's go." Betty said almost enthusiastically.

"Ooh, can I come with?" Amanda asked with a brief smile. "I'm hungry for Chinese or Tofu."

"Uh no, I just want to talk with Betty alone, Amanda, sorry. Maybe some other time." Daniel said as he took hold of Betty's arm lightly and walked away with her.

Amanda stared at them with a disappointed smile.