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"I don't know what to do Harry, it's been 6 years…6 whole years…" Hermione was choking back sobs the best she could manage. It was a pretty Saturday in London, and she never expected such a beautiful day like this would end up so ugly.

"If it makes you feel any better, I told Ron he was a right prat," Harry tried his best to console her. He adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose as his new wife, Ginny Weasley came back into their living room and handed Hermione a cup of tea.

"My brother is an arse," Ginny said softly. It had been 6 years since the battle at Hogwarts, 6 years since Voldemort was gone. And 6 years since Hermione and Ron started dating.

"I had everything planned. Our kids' names, the wedding. I hoped…" she bit her lip to stop some tears, "I just can't believe he would cheat. I don't even know the girl. I don't…"

She was inconsolable. Ginny rubbed her friend's shoulders lightly and Harry tried to tell some poorly timed jokes that did anything but brighten her sullen mood.

"He said I could stay in the apartment with him, but of course I can't! I can't put myself through that torture every day!" she groaned. She had packed her things last night when he had told her he had been cheating on her for a few months. Her bags were waiting and ready to go, but she didn't have enough money saved to put anything down on an apartment so soon. She just hadn't expected it.

"Well…" Harry looked cautiously up at his wife. She shrugged noncommitedly. Hermione caught their look.

"No. No no no. I will not stay with you. I won't be responsible for ruining another relationship! You two just got married, you don't need me hanging around. I'll figure something out," she sighed. She had interviewed for a position as a Professor of Ancient Runes at Hogwarts a few days ago. She hadn't heard back yet. It wasn't her dream position, but it was better than her gig as a Healer's assistant at St. Mungo's and Headmaster McGonagall had promised her that if she got the job, she might be able to swing something else too.

But she hadn't heard back yet, and there wasn't a paycheck in her hand. She needed to get out of her and Ron's old apartment as soon as possible, before he brought whoever he was sleeping with back home.

Harry thought for a moment. Most of their friends were married. Or had new babies. Hermione certainly wouldn't want to inconvience them too. And he knew staying at the Burrow wasn't an option. Too close for comfort there.

"What about Sirius and Remus' place? They have a ton of extra rooms. I'm sure they wouldn't mind having you crash there temporarily," Harry looked up at her hopefully. This wasn't exactly what Hermione wanted to hear, but it was a solid option…

"Stay at their perpetual bachelor pad? I doubt they'd want me there. It would interrupt all of their…erm…shenanigans," Hermione tried to refuse as politely as she could. She didn't want to turn down a good offer, but it was Sirius and Remus he was talking about. She didn't know if she could get cozy there.

"Well, do you want to stick around and see the witch Ron brings home or not?" Harry asked her. She knew he was right. They were all mad at Ron, but it was out of their hands. And she needed a safe place to sleep until she could figure out her money. She couldn't believe she had let her savings go into fixing up that crappy apartment, and helping Ron out when he was tight on funds. It seemed like such a waste now.

"Okay, I think I can manage a few days or so," she gave Harry and Ginny a weak smile.


"Just got a letter from Harry," Sirius said, deep in thought as he read the piece of parchment. He walked into the kitchen where Remus was sitting with a plate of eggs and bacon.

"Oh? When is he going to let Arthur set him up with a muggle phone? Much more convenient," Remus grinned.

"I know, I know. Boy is stuck in his ways. Just like James was. Look…this is an interesting proposal," Sirius sat down next to his friend at the long, highly polished, mahogany kitchen table and set the parchment in front of Remus. Sirius could barely contain the laughter in his voice. Remus mused over it for a moment, still eating. He then placed his fork down, sat back and chuckled.

"Hermione Granger, move in with us? Ridiculous isn't it?" Sirius couldn't help it anymore. He just started laughing, filling the whole room with his hearty voice.

"Sirius, it's just a few days till she gets on her feet," Remus re-read the letter and was starting to consider it. He always had a soft spot for the young witch, starting from Hogwarts on. He knew how rough break-ups could be—particularly at the moment. He was more than sympathetic.

"Remus you have to be joking! She'd come in here with her smart mouth and criticize everything! And probably try to clean!" he threw his arms up in the air as if that were the worst thing in the world.

"This place could use a good sweep, and it's much too big for the both of us any way. You and your money, you just had to buy out the entire floor of this building and make it a bloody penthouse," Remus gave his friend a sarcastic grin.

"I tried to give half of what I have to Harry but Merlin knows the boy's got half of Gringott's in the bank. I can't live long enough to spend it!" Sirius fake-apologized and Remus read the letter again for the third time.

"A few days, Sirius. She's Harry's best friend. We've known her for ages. She's just one little witch. How bad could it be?" Remus shrugged, looking at his empty plate with apathy. He was so hungry, but too lazy to make some more. Maybe they did need a woman in the house. They were both starting to fall into the role of languorous bachelors without a care in the world. Well, at least Remus was. Sirius had been there for years.

"Fine, fine. I'll send him a bloody owl back telling her to come over tonight," Sirius grumbled, getting up and walking out of the room, fussing about how stupid owl correspondence was now. And Remus just laughed at his friend.


Hermione was nervous as she carried her one humble little bag up the steps to the apartment complex in the heart of London. She hadn't been here yet. She tried to avoid muggle living as much as possible. But Sirius and Arthur Weasley had become so close the last few years, and even devout Sirius was now touting all of the amazing things that muggle living had to offer. She gave a 'good evening' to the door man and got into the elevator, entering the code for the penthouse floor that Harry had given her. She wasn't sure what to expect, but when the elevator doors opened again, she saw Remus Lupin's smiling face.

"Good to see you Hermione, it's been ages, let me take your bag…" he offered quickly, grabbing it from her. She walked into the gloriously beautiful space and was left without breath for a moment.

"Thanks…this place is beautiful," she couldn't help but admit that it wouldn't be horrible to stay here for a few days.

"This is so light, is this all you brought?" Remus set the bag down on the nearest table.

"It's magicked," she reminded him.

"Brightest witch of our age. C'mon Moony did you really think she wouldn't think of everything?" Sirius Black's voice caught her off guard. He had just walked into the room, arms crossed, surveying her. She always had felt scrutinized under his look even though he had never been anything but nice to her.

"Of course," Remus blushed.

"Professor, how's Tonks?" Hermione asked. He shook his head at the formality but knew it was engrained in her to be so polite. She always had been.

"We're on and off," he told her vaguely.

"Off, definitely off," Sirius smirked, interrupting. Lupin colored and changed the subject.

"I'll show you to your room?" he offered.

"Alright. Thanks for letting me stay here for a few days. I promise I'll be gone as soon as I can. It's just with Ron and…."

"Don't worry, stay as long as you want," Remus gave her a genuine smile, picked up her bag and led her through the spacious living room done up in all black leather to the hallway.

"Oh, wonderful," Sirius mumbled. He truly hadn't expected to feel this way upon Hermione's arrival. He had always admired the girl, but in her younger years had found her grating and gangly. Now – well now was different. And he could tell Lupin felt it too.

Remus led her past both his and Sirius' bedroom to the last guest room of the hall. It was done in soft shades of lavender. Hermione briefly wondered if they had made this girlish room up just for her. Remus caught her look and paled.

"Um, Sirius usually doesn't like to actually sleep with the women he sleeps with," he said softly. Hermione's cheeks flamed and she did not want to know that much information. Nor did she want to know that she was sleeping in the same bed as many others had… but it was a soft, quiet, safe place. And she was thankful.

"I can tell Sirius…"

"No, this is fine, thanks," she walked in and sat down on the edge of the bed. Remus sat her bag down and took a second to look at her when she was looking elsewhere. She had grown up. He saw her occasionally, holidays and such. But he had never truly looked at her. He couldn't help but see she was beautiful. Her hair that was once a bushy mess back at Hogwarts was sleek and smooth today, and long—reaching the middle of her back. Her face was flawless, her eyes bright and her lips a nice rosy shade. Her body had filled out nicely too, although he was embarrassed for looking.

"Need anything else?" he asked, breaking the silence. She looked up at him gently.

"No, thanks. Goodnight Professor," she smiled. He returned it and closed the door gently behind him, walking back down the hall. Sirius was sprawled out of the biggest of the black leather couches in the sitting room, flicking through muggle tv on his ridiculously large flat screen. That was one thing Remus didn't care for. He much preferred his books.

"Well, this is going to be interesting isn't it Moony?" Sirius asked, not looking up at his friend. But they could both tell exactly what the other was thinking.

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