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1. The Bee, the Cat and the Crazed Scientist

-3PL: Soifon-

"Lady Yoruichi!" Captain Soifon called out, looking with a mild look of disgust at the ratty-looking shop not fit for a noble like Lady Yoruichi to live it.

"Yo, Soifon, I wasn't expecting a visit from you!" A familiar voice called out, happiness in it evident.

"Lady Yoruichi," Soifon said in recognition.

The Shihōin Clan leader stepped out of the shop's entrance.

"Care to come in?" Yoruichi asked, her trademark smirk on her face.

"Yo, Kisuke! We have a guest!" Lady Yoruichi called out for that annoying blond scientist who owned this shop. Soifon saw that the two children that worked for Kisuke Urahara, that annoying red-haired boy, Jinta, and the shy black-haired girl, Ururu, playing a card game in the corner.

"Hey, Ururu, do you got any sevens?"

"No, go fish," she replied quietly.

"GO FISH?" Jinta screamed, reaching across the small table they were sitting at and pulling on Ururu's bangs viciously.

"Owowowowowee!" Ururu cried out.

"Jinta! Stop it at once!" A tall, muscular, lightly tanned man, Tessai Tsukabishi, said, bursting into the room.

Soifon was unnerved at the lack of respect and discipline in the room.

"Come on, Soifon! Don't be so uptight, take a seat!" Lady Yoruichi said happily.

Soifon quickly complied, eager to please Lady Yoruichi, "Of course, Lady Yoruichi."

"No need for formalities, we're among friends," Lady Yoruichi said dismissively.


"What's this I hear about a guest?" Kisuke Urahara said loudly, whipping out his trademark fan to fan himself.

Soifon twitched. How she disliked that man.

"Soifon's come to visit," Lady Yoruichi said.

"Why Soifon, it has been far too long!" Kisuke said, sitting down next to her.

She inched away slightly. Of course this didn't escape that man's notice.

"What's the matter? I don't bite! Oh, Yoruichi!" He added, seemingly excited.

"What is it Kisuke?"

"You know that the thing I've been working on? I finished it! Could you and Soifon help me out?"

Soifon was about to say, no, she would not help nor would Lady Yoruichi ever dream to stooping to such…

"Sure! It's been awhile since the three of us have had some bonding time together!" Lady Yoruichi answered.

Lady Yoruichi…Soifon mentally cried in despair.

"Very well," Soifon said stiffly.

***POV Change***


"Oh my! Since when do I have a suspiciously large laboratory in the shop? I wonder who put it here…" Kisuke said exuberantly.

He seemed like he was going to further the joke before he sensed the hostile waves coming off of Soifon.

"Anyway~, here it is!" Kisuke said proudly, presenting a large stone gate, similar to the makeshift Senkaimon he'd used to get Ichigo and the other Ryoka to the Rukon District of the Soul Society.

"What is it, a Senkaimon?" Soifon asked, intrigued despite herself.

"I suppose it is. But it doesn't lead the way to Soul Society...or even the Precipice World!"

"Then where DOES it go?" Soifon asked, getting impatient.

"I have no clue!" Kisuke announced proudly.

"Is it even SAFE?"

"..Sure it is! Otherwise I wouldn't ask Yoruichi and you to take a quick peek at the world inside of it."

Yoruichi's eyes gleamed, "It's been a long time since I've had any fun like this!"

"Just a quick peek, right?" Soifon confirmed.


"And you'll keep the Senkaimon open until we leave?"


"And the Senkaimon is safe right?"




"Alright, let's go!" Yoruichi said, once Soifon had finished interrogating Kisuke.

"Where are we?" Soifon asked, looking around at the misty bridge they'd arrived at.

"Dunno. I've never been here." Yoruichi replied absentmindedly, examining the bridge.

"There was a battle here recently," Soifon reported, gesturing at the dried blood and something that looked like shattered glass and needles.

"Mmm. Can you feel that? The traces of spiritual pressure here are unlike any I've felt before. And it's filled with anger and bitterness..." Yoruichi trailed off.

Soifon COULD feel the spiritual pressure Yoruichi was referring to. She didn't like it at was filled with murderous intent. Of course, this being a battleground, that was hardly surprising.

"Let's take a quick look around, shall we?"

"But the Senkaimon!"

"Kisuke'll keep it up, let's go!"

"Yes, Lady Yoruichi."

Meanwhile, back at Urahara Shop...

"...Tessai! Come quick! The Senkaimon is collapsing on itself! And Yoruichi and Soifon are still in it!"

Soifon and Yoruichi walked quickly along the bridge. They were in their Soul Reaper forms so it was unlikely anyone would notice them, but just to be on the safe side Soifon insisted that they stay on guard for attack.

"Calm down, little bee," Yoruichi said, amused at Soifon's tenseness.

"Unfamiliar territory! We are in unfamiliar territory, I CAN'T calm down."

"You're making yourself look suspicious," Yoruichi said, suddenly serious, "stay on guard, but feign aloofness. Don't let your enemies know you're expecting them."

Soifon glanced at her, then nodded, taking several deep breaths.

Then they noticed a group of people coming towards them. Or rather, they SENSED. Thanks to the mist, the people couldn't see them yet so they managed to hide themselves with Bakudō #26: Kyokkō, which rendered them temporarily invisible.

They saw a bunch of villagers following a white haired man with a mask covering the bottom half of his face and a headband covering his left eye, so that only his right was visible. Directly behind him was a young girl with pink hair, a rather large forehead and pale green eyes; a grim-looking black-haired boy and a spiky yellow-haired, blue-eyed boy in an orange jumpsuit.

Soifon didn't like the look of the latter four, somehow they seemed...dangerous, almost.

The group passed by them, and Soifon felt someone nudge her in the direction Yoruichi and her had been heading. Knowing it was Yoruichi, Soifon obediently moved that way.

"Soifon," Yoruichi whispered the moment the group was out of sight, "did you feel those people's spiritual pressures? They were the same from the ones at the battlefield!"

"Yes. Lady Yoruichi, did you notice the difference about those four in front?"

"The masked man and the three kids? They were different for sure. And they even seemed battle-worthy...they weren't a threat though. If we'd shown ourselves I doubt we would've been attacked."

"...Nothing escapes your notice, Lady Yoruichi!"

Except for the fact that the mysterious spiritual pressure—chakra—had been there all along, hidden deep within the yellow-haired boy's own chakra.

Meanwhile, back at Urahara Shop...

"Damn, we lost them." Kisuke said sadly as the Senkaimon crumbled.

Sayo: You're kind of exaggerating Soifon's obsession for Yoruichi.

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