Would You Give Me Away?

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Rated: T

Word Count: 529

Summary: Drake has a question for Josh about when/if he gets married. A little conversation. D/J Slash of course.

A/N: This is just a little conversation. This is nothing major but I do hope someone enjoys it. Sometimes you have to forgive me for where my mind goes with these two : ). I wrote this over 3 years ago (when I was actually active in the fandom). I came across it today and thought I would post it.

Would You Give Me Away?

"So, hey Josh," Drake said in that way that Josh knew he was in trouble, because when Drake sounds like that he just knew he was.

"What is it this time?" Josh asked smiling.

"Well I have a question," Drake told him.

Of course he has a question. It always starts with a question doesn't it, Josh thought. "Okay, go ahead."

Drake walked over to their couch where Josh was sitting. He stood in front of him. "Would you give me away?" He asked.

Josh looked at him confused "What do you mean would I give you away? Give you away to what, charity?"

Drake looked at him and rolled his eyes.

"Okay, sorry, what do you mean give you away?" Josh asked.

"Okay, well, like I mean I know we're not girls and everything but I was still thinking as close as we are and everything and well if I got married would you give me away?" Drake asked.

Josh would have made fun of this question if Drake's expression wouldn't have turned serious. "Do you mean if that was like a position in a wedding to give the guy away would I do it, like would I?"

"No, like I said I know it's a girl thing in an actual wedding so I don't mean it literal. I just mean if the time came, would you do it? Would you give me away to someone, like hand me over, let me go or whatever?" Drake asked.

Josh hated this question. He would rather Drake want to talk about what if we were drunk questions and the other moderately uncomfortable ones, not ones like would he give him away to someone. "Drake, uh, I mean well, you know if you decide to get married that decision is up to you. Giving you away isn't up to me. It's all up to you."

"No Josh, I was just thinking, and you're the one that always does things for me and you know everything and just if it ever happened, would you do it?" Drake asked again this time climbing onto and straddling Josh's lap. "Not just would you I guess but could you?"

Josh looked in Drake's eyes. No he couldn't do it. He couldn't do it. That is one tie Drake would have to cut himself. Josh could never willingly give him to someone else. He always hoped that somehow he would be the one who would end up with the job, like he had it now.

Drake smiled at him and Josh knew then he was going to answer. That perfect smile he couldn't resist. He got as serious as Drake did when he explained what he meant, "No Drake and I think you know that," Josh told him. Drake put his arms around Josh's neck and looked at him.

"Uh," Josh said, "You're not getting married are you?" He asked.

Drake shrugged "You're not asking are you?" Drake leaned forward and kissed Josh.

So, Josh thought, he rather enjoyed answering this question. Maybe, just maybe one of these days he actually would have a question to ask Drake and turn the tables a little, but for now, he decided to just enjoy kissing Drake.